American Style Bungalow

There are various features of the bungalow according to the weather and location of the owner of the house. Just like the American style. The house is one or one and a half story; living rooms are on the ground floor, low-pitched roof and horizontal shape, connecting rooms without hallways, with built-in cabinets, shelves, and seats. The Californian style, one or one and a half story, sloping roof supported by sturdy beams, spacious front porches, exposed brackets and other Craftsman details and Spanish-inspired details. Spanish style feature is low-pitched or flat roof, red tiles on roof, parapets, stucco-siding, usually painted white, cream, or tan, carved wooden doors, arched windows or doorways, decorative wrought iron railings and windows grills and decorative glazed tile.

In the year 1600s-1740, an England colonial residential style feature a second story protrudes over first story, saltbox roof shape that slopes down in the rear, massive chimney placed at the center, and diamond-paned windows. The Dutch colonial style (1625-mid-1800s) feature a one or one and a half story, stone or bricks constructed, door can be opened independently, wide, and gambrel roof with flared eaves. The typical German style, two-feet thick walls made with sandstone, reinforced stone arches above the first floor windows and doors, hand hewn beams pinned with wooden pegs, exposed half-timber, flared eaves and massive wishbone-shaped chimney.