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Natural-Based Dermatologist Approved Cosmetics

Natural-based cosmetics are dermatologist-tested products that are proven safe on all skin types. Because they do not contain synthetic chemicals, the hypoallergenic cosmetics promote good health. Deborah Lippmann is an award winning luxury line of foot and nail care products that are free of dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. Long lasting, the nail lacquer is as nurturing as it is attractive. Most of the ingredients are natural based which provides healing. Common ingredients used by this cosmetic line are vitamin E, coconut oil and jojoba oil.

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Dr Jart is a cosmetic line that specializes in dermatological cosmetics. The complete line includes creams, lotions, toners, scrubs, make up, serum and eye, lip and sun care. In an effort to ensure product safety, each product is test on every skin type too determine the skin’s reaction to a particular product. Dr Jart’s goal is to improve the skins condition with the use of moisturizing agents, hydrating solutions and natural herbs. Get these useful Skincare Tips For The Winter Season.

Korres offers the best buy cosmetics. Manufacturing hair, skin, body and sun care, the Korres products are natural and organic based. Because the ingredients do not contain mineral oil or other synthetic ingredients, the user is not left with a greasy film on the skin. Their gentle products such as the yogurt face cream, is useable on every sensitive skin type. The make up removing wipes soothes the skin while reducing redness and irritation. Also, offering a wide range of lip glosses, natural blushes and lip butters, this product line exceeds the overall expectations.

Mario Badescu is a line of skin care products that is unlike any of the other cosmetic brands. Each product is based on a person’s skin type, skin condition as well as daily regimen. Offering a range of cleanser, moisturizers, eye creams, night creams, sun products and serums, this Mario Badescu treats a variety of conditions. Some conditions include acne, eczema, hyper pigmentation, and pregnancy related-skin problems. This line also provides help for razor bumps and lip care.

The Sleek Makeup provides high fashion quality with reasonable prices. It is the only company that caters to all skin tones with 30 shades of foundations. Offering a range of face bases, concealers and finishing powders, the available shades range between light, medium and dark. The face contouring kit, unique to this brand, combines an illuminating highlighter and dark matte pressed powder that allows the user to sculpt their features.

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Choice of British International Schools In Malaysia

The country of Malaysia has had an increase of British International School programs in the past few years. These schools attract international elementary students who wish to learn a full British curriculum in an environment that can stimulate academic and real world learning and is focused on nurturing students as individuals. Each school is designed around a fun loving environment, where the student is encouraged to challenge themselves with current events each day. Most British International schools in Malaysia will follow the successes of some of the top English schools, such as the Prince of Wales at, where they reinforce the British curriculum and students have a passion for challenging themselves in an international environment.

Garden International State
Garden International State is a British International school, with three campuses located in Kuala Lumpur. The curriculum is based on the British national standard and is therefore designed to meet the general academic needs of international and native students. Once students graduate from Garden International State, they are fully prepared to communicate very well with any English speaking native internationally. Garden International State primarily runs on a holistic education model beginning with the nursery school to preschoolers. This holistic education approach is what Garden International State believes that students need more than just academic learning to succeed, years after they graduate. The concept of real world, hands on learning.

Dalat International School
The Dalat International school is a unique private school in Penang, Malaysia where the curriculum ranges from preschoolers to high school. Dalat has established itself as
one of the leader of international schools in Malaysia with hundreds of students from over 25 nations enrolled. The school operates fundamentally on a very welcoming environment that is grounded in biblical studies, preparation for college along with the standard curriculum.

The Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia welcomes international students with it’s highly dedicated professional faculty and staff. Most of the staff are very familiar with the British curriculum from their years of experience teaching in the UK. Alice Smith holds two classes for preschoolers, five classes for ages 1 through 6, with each of these classes holding a capacity of 22 children. The curriculum consists of children learning art, music, extracurricular activities and bilingual skills. The staff is fully dedicated to assisting both parent and child with any additional classes or after school help that is needed.

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