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Tips for TOEFL Prompt Writing Task: Start with a Great Outline

You’ve been caged inside the TOEFL iBT testing room for the past few hours with only a few minutes of break for reprieve.  Just when you finished what you thought was the toughest section of the TOEFL yet (integrated writing), the computer screen flashes:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is more beneficial for students to go to college straight from high school than to take a gap year.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

You now have 30 minutes of intense outlining, drafting, and editing to look forward to. You realize that as with most writing assignments, your score on the TOEFL prompt writing task will depend heavily on the quality of brainstorming and outlining you do before you even type one word. The first few minutes of the half-hour you’re given might just be the most important;

Fear not! We’re giving you a step-by-step guide on how to tackle this seemingly daunting task.

Step 1:
Fold a blank sheet of scrap paper into half (or simply draw a line down the middle). At the top of one side, write “Take a gap year.” At the top of the other side, write “Go straight to college.”

Step 2:
Now, you’re going to quickly jot down what is beneficial about each path choice. To potentially save yourself some time in the brainstorming process, start with the option that you are more inclined toward. Take “Go straight to college,” for example.

What might be the benefits of not taking a gap year? Many argue that going straight to university allows students to not waste time and get to a career quicker. Certainly, some feel that students may fare better academically if there is no break in their studies. If most college-bound students in your home country do not take gap years, following the flock would allow you to “keep up” with your peers.

If you’re satisfied with the benefits you came up with, STOP. There’s no need to waste time thinking about the other point of view. Instead, note down an example or further details under each benefit.

For the sake of illustrating effectively the brainstorming process involved in the TOEFL prompt writing task, say you’re dissatisfied with the benefits you came up with of continuing with no break to university.

In this case, utilize the other column to jot down the benefits of taking a gap year. Taking a year away from school wouldn’t be wasting time if you take on a full-time fashion internship, complete a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate, volunteer in China for a wildlife conservation organization, or learn Spanish and travel independently throughout Central and South America. If you use your gap year constructively, then you can gain important skills you might not otherwise gain. At the end of the year, you might find that you have matured greatly and are more ready to get as much possible out of your university experience. You might even have discovered more about your career interests, allowing you select a more appropriate university course.

Step 3:
Now that you’ve determined on which side of the original statement you stand, you’re ready to note down examples and details supporting your reasons for your stance. Perhaps you are currently a university student, are acquainted with somebody who took a gap year, or know some general facts about the gap year or university students. Dig through your experiences and knowledge for examples and details that support your stance.

Here’s an example of what one side of your scrap paper should now look like:

Taking a gap year

Reason 1: Gain skills
Example (or detail) 1: My cousin’s research internship experience

Reason 2: Gain maturity
Example (or detail) 2: My university experience without having taken a gap year

Reason 3: Gain stronger career direction
Detail (or example) 3: American college students change majors 2 or 3 times. Time exploring career interests = less vacillation.

Congratulations! You now have an essay outline. Of course, you’ll need to begin your essay with an introduction and end it with a conclusion, but your outline should guide you through the writing process.

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Cathodic Protection Systems

Within the realm of engineering, Cathodic Protection Systems are extremely important. These systems are specifically designed to protect underground storage tanks from corrosion. Such protection is essential because many of these tanks often contain harmful materials. There are two types of Cathodic Protection Systems that are allowed to be installed: Sacrificial Anodes and Impressed Current.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Sacrificial anodes are metal attachments that contain a greater electric charge than the metal of the underground storage tank. This greater electrical charge allows the corrosive effect to be deposited onto the anodes and away from the underground storage tank. Once the sacrificial anodes are corroded they have to be replaced.

Impressed current systems are used as the preferred way to protect larger underground tanks that are too big to be protected using a sacrificial system. Impressed current systems work by connecting anodes to DC power from a nearby AC system using a rectifier. Impressed current systems work by directing the current into metal bars buried in the ground via an insulated wire. The current prevents the system from becoming corroded via the current.

Once installed Cathodic protection systems must be inspected by a qualified inspector. Additionally, systems have to be carefully maintained and inspections are conducted every few years. The proper maintenance of these systems guarantees that erosion does not occur (also see Advanced Water Treatment Systems for Large Boats).

All Underground tank systems are required to have one of the aforementioned anti-corrosion systems. Various engineering services can install this type of system. Environmental agencies are adamant that such systems greatly reduce pollution by preventing harmful materials from entering the air and the ground. The absence of such a system or the failure of an anti-corrosion system could prove disastrous.

Cathodic Systems play an important role in ensuring the safety of underground tank systems. In the years to come it is likely that new and innovative systems will be developed for cathodic systems. For additional information on these systems is an excellent and informative resource. Engineering Services Engineering Services


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Why Private Schools Continue to Compete with Public Schools

The debate has been ongoing year after year – what school will be a better fit for my child, a private or public school? Despite the ability to send your child to a public school for free, which the majority of parents decide to do, private schools are still continuing to compete with the public schools. 

The biggest difference between a private school and a public school is simply money. Whether the money comes from the government (in the case of public schools) or from the parent of a child in the form of tuition. Many people will say that the perks to public schools are the more “real life” experiences that their child will get when it comes to student diversity. The availability of extra-curricular activities such as athletic clubs also tend to be a driving force that public school proponents like to use.

The biggest issue many have with private schools is also the reason why a lot of people like them – tuition. If you are paying for your child’s education, you can feel as if you have a say in their experience at that school. As our global population continues to become more and more competitive, you want to set your child up for the best option for success, even if that means paying for it. One of the best aspects of private schools is that they, unlike public schools, are uncomplicated and usually well funded. This characteristic allows these private schools to avoid being influenced politically, something that is constant with public schools.

Private schools in Malaysia are starting to be significantly more successful than the public schools that are in the area. One of the top English schools, which can be found at, has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its successful scores students have been posting.

Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS)

Whether you are a proponent of public schools of private schools, the private schools are showing continuous success rather than having the ups and downs that public schools tend to see.

Explore Why Private Schools Have Advantages Over Conventional Schools.

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Facelift Solutions For a Younger You

Finding a way to a younger you has become increasingly popular among many people these days. Cosmetic corrections are a normal everyday thing. People are more concerned about finding a reliable clinic to go too. One that they can trust with such a life changing experience. Now, when people think of cosmetic corrections they automatically think they are heading under the knife. Although that can be an option for some people it is not for everyone. Because of this technology has aloud technicians to come out with more machine based treatments.

Some of these new age machine based treatments are called Electroporation. This is basically a facelift without the use of knives or sharp objects. It is a non-evasive treatment that helps improve your skins texture, brightness, and enhances your collagen synthesis. The good thing about Electroporation is that there is no downtime for this procedure. It is a great age management treatment. Another type of treatment is called RF Treatment (ST and Triniti). RF Treatments ST is a skin tightening process. Another machine based facelift. This helps your skin from aging signs such as loss of elasticity and textural irregularities. Triniti on the other hand is a little more in depth. This procedure calls for three different treatments. Basically it involves the use of one machine with three different applicators. Each applicator does something different such as intense pulsed light, Refirme ST, and Matrix IR. The use of these causes bipolar radio-frequencies to penetrate the deep dermis layer of your skin.

There are many types of solutions to get that younger you available today. There is also Botox and Dermal fillers, which have been used among many people as a quick easy solution. Some people even do peels and lasers to get the skin they would like to achieve. Laser Revlite is used to help with skin pigment and can easily make those dark blotches go away. Treatments are done every four to six weeks. Others have used a procedure called Scarlet RF. What this procedure allows to happen is it has tiny micro-needles that deliver heat to stimulate the remodeling of your collagen. Doing so allows your skin to become more lifted and firm. Usually you do this once a month for three treatments.

Many people have turned to this type of procedure mainly because of how quick and effective it is shown to be. They also are satisfied that they can continue on with everyday life with minimal downtime of having to heal. If you are looking for a reliable clinic or more information on the above procedures visit

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