Getting Around Singapore via Public Transport

Singapore offers a wide range of public transportation options, making it effortless to travel around the city. There are myriad of modes of transportation, in an attempt for residents and visitors to minimize their use of private transportation. With all the options of public transportation available, over half of the population of Singapore depend on public transportation daily.

Most modes of public transportation are land based, but there are options to travel by sea, both the ferries and boats used commonly for international services. The Land Transport Authority, monitors most land base services, and regulates fares and fees for travelers.

The bus service in Singapore is one of the more widely used modes of transportation, with over 300 scheduled bus services. The bus service offers multiple stops and a flexible schedule, making it a convenient service for Singapore residents and visitors.

The rail system in Singapore offers both local and international services, making it the next most popular means of transportation. They are continually expanding the railroad lines, to provide a variety of stops available for railroad transportation. Taxis are another dependable mode of transportation, and highly used for the wide array of areas they can travel.

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