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5 Tips For A Business Owner Looking To Rent An Office

When renting an office, most business owners sign a new lease without taking the time to think about what they want. When this happens, an entrepreneur will end up in a situation that may not suite his or her needs. Fortunately, one can find the right office without wasting valuable time searching. Here are five tips to find that perfect office space.

Think big: When running an organization, most people want to grow their customer base. When this happens, one will have to find new employees. With this growth, one must prepare by having an adequate sized office. Remember, when looking at locations, think about the future. Without thinking big, one will experience plenty of headaches when hiring new workers.



Occasional use: Some entrepreneurs get a massive office so they can hold corporate meetings. While this is an ideal way to use space, it can be expensive. If a business holds meetings occasionally, the owner should consider a small office space for their employees. Then, when the time comes to have a meeting, the company can rent a meeting room. Without a doubt, a Servcorp meeting room for rent will be easy to find and inexpensive when compared with renting a massive building.



Negotiate: When looking to sign the paperwork, one should try to negotiate the rent or the security deposit. Of course, this method will work in areas where the economy is still stagnant. When doing this effectively, one can cut their lease cost significantly or get more upgrades to the property. Right now is the perfect time to negotiate and a smart business owner must do this if he or she wants to save money with little effort (also see Servcorp Malaysia Offers 30-Day Trial Virtual Office Package Obligation-free).



Consider clients: Some entrepreneurs, in a bid to save money, rent a place far from customers and business partners. Unfortunately, this can result in a business losing or aggravating their clients. Instead, one should move their company headquarters to a convenient and accessible location. With this, the organization will not lose current and potential clients.

Short term: When signing a lease, some business owners sign multi-year leases. In one way, this is a good thing since a long-term lease will have more favorable terms for the company. On the other hand, when in a long lease, one will have a difficult time in leaving the building. Sadly, some entrepreneurs feel that they will never make any changes to their operations and stick with an outdated or inconvenient site. Luckily, one who thinks ahead can navigate the real estate market and find the best deal for his or her business.

When following these five tips, one can get a great deal on their office space without expanding too much effort.

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Unique Recipes For Sparkling Orange Summer Drinks Using Basil, Sherbet and Yogurt!

Are you looking for a few sparkling orange drink recipes that will cool you off during a hot summer day? For decades, adding citrus flavor to carbonated beverages has been an ongoing trend. However, if you want to get a break from the same old sodas and Mimosas, you will not regret these unique nonalcoholic drinks.
A citrus drink with basil?

In case you have not noticed, one of the biggest new trends is to add basil and orange flavor to tequila. Several celebrity chefs have come up with their own gourmet recipes for this combination, but anyone can try it at home. The basics you will need to make this recipe are equal parts juice, sparkling water, sugar and basil.

To make the drink, add one teaspoon of sugar and a few leaves of fresh basil to a glass. Use a spoon to crush the basil into the sugar. Top it off with the juice and sparkling water. If you do not like the bits of basil, use a wire mesh tea strainer to remove the particles. For keeping the pulp in your drink, wait to add the juice after the drink has been strained.




Sparkling sherbet punch

One of the easiest ways to create a party punch is to add sherbet to certain types of soda. Instead of making this on a grand scale, consider adding a dollop of your favorite orange sorbet or sherbet to a glass of plain carbonated water. You will get a little bit of sweetness from this drink and creaminess as well. A tablespoon of ice cream in a glass of carbonated water is also a great way enjoy the taste of your favorite dessert with fewer fat and calories. Before you add a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten the drink, squeeze some lemon or lime juice into it and see if it adjusts the taste.


Citrus energy drink with a zip

There are several products on the market today that allow you to add fizz to your water along with several vitamins or electrolytes. While some people enjoy the taste, others find that it is medicinal. If this is an ongoing problem, you might avoid this problem by not drinking it at all. Regardless, some people find success when they drink it with a splash of fruit juice. The end result of this recipe is a sparkly drink with citrus flavor, and the extra benefits of electrolytes or vitamins.


Citrus Iranian iced yogurt soda

Do you love Italian sodas? These days, everyone is excited about yogurt. If you are looking for an additional way to expand on your passion, consider making a popular beverage from the Middle East that will remind you of an Italian soda with cream. In the country of Iran, people regularly enjoy a cold beverage that is made from carbonated water and yogurt. In Iran, this drink is usually manufactured in mint or plain flavor. Many Persian people will add black pepper to the plain yogurt drink after opening it.

On the other hand, most Americans do not appreciate this beverage because it has a somewhat bitter taste in either flavor. Nevertheless, Americans do appreciate the drink if it has any other kind of fruit flavor added to it. For this reason, do not be afraid to explore this recipe to give a new spin to your favorite sparkling drink. To make this recipe, combine two teaspoons of sweetened fruit flavored syrup, carbonated water and two teaspoons of your preferred brand of yogurt.

Info source: How Is Sparkling Water Made and What Is It For?

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Make Up Brush 101 Guide

This article will serve as a make up brush guide for enthusiasts who want to know what kind of makeup brushes to look for, where to find them and how to properly maintain them will find those answers within the contents of this article.

The Essentials 
A typical make up brush set consists of eight essential brushes: a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a powder brush, a blush brush, a highlighter brush, a contour brush, an eyebrow brush and an eye shadow brush. Depending on the brand name and grade, these brush sets can cost less than $50 or more than $200. They can be purchased online or offline via specialty shops, drugstores and some supermarkets. For example, Sigma brushes can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.



Natural vs. Synthetic Brushes 
It could be argued that the pros and cons of using make up brushes made out of natural and synthetic bristles are equal. The final decision, however, is always based on personal preference and budget. For example, synthetic brushes are typically cheaper and sturdier than their natural counterparts because the bristles are man-made. They are also popular with vegans and individuals with certain allergies. Traditionalists and some professional make up artists prefer using brushes that have natural bristles, which are made of animal hair, because natural fibers are purportedly better for creating “layered” looks. Amateur make up enthusiasts would do well to purchase a synthetic version of the aforementioned essential brush set, which can be purchased for less than $40. One professional grade makeup brush made of natural fibers can cost more than $40.



Both synthetic and natural bristle make up brushes require regular maintenance; thankfully, there are a number of economical ways to clean the brushes in good shape. Generic shampoos and conditioners as well as astringents such as alcohol can all be used to keep the brushes free of makeup and oils. These items can be purchased online and offline for very little money. Building a professional make up case can cost hundreds of dollars. Make up aficionados on a budget will be glad to know that they have options. For example, shoeboxes that would ordinarily be discarded can be converted into chic makeup cases via a little imagination.

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HOW TO: Deep Clean, Disinfect & Condition Your Makeup Brushes

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