How To Choose The Best Organic Skin Care

organic skincare

Your skin is the most delicate part of your body and also happens to be the most important. Any little skin trouble becomes immediately noticeable. It is not even a matter of vanity but you have to give your skin the best care possible because of its health and sensitivity. This is the reason why most people turn towards organic skin care. However, not everything natural is organic.

When you walk into your skin care store, you will find the word “natural” being shoved at you from every corner. Putting a bit of Aloe Vera or some common natural ingredient in a chemical laden product does not make it organic. Everything is mostly synthetic and if you have decided to go for organic skin care, you have to be careful with your choice of brands and products. Don’t just pick up anything with the words “herbal” or “natural” but use this guide to make an informed decision.

All That Screams “Natural” Is Not Organic – Buying your skin care products is when your reading glasses should always be on. The manufacturer’s word should never be taken at face value. Instead, turn the product around and go through the ingredients list. Make sure that you read everything thoroughly and are indeed buying organic skin care products. If you have confusion regarding some ingredients, run an online search and find out more about them.

Look for USDA’s Seal – For organic products, there are many requirements that have been prescribed by USDA and thus, all genuine organic products would have their seal of approval. This seal is a sure assurance that the product subscribes to USDA’s safety standards and has been properly tested. When you buy your organic skin care products, make sure they have the USDA seal.

Ø 95% Organic – USDA Seal for pure organic products.
Ø 70 – 94% Organic – Made with organic ingredients but is not pure organic.



Know About the Natural Seal – The latest certification system of Natural Products Association certifies products on the basis of their natural ingredients. This natural seal is not a seal for the product being organic but signifies that your product is mineral or plant based (largely).

Visit Your Local Organic Store – The safest and easiest way to buy organic skin care is to shop from your local organic store. It is true that they might not have a huge variety of products but whatever items they keep would be organic and would have the USDA seal. This is because these stores cater specifically to people who require organic food, products and other things. They would have a skin care section and you can browse that area for more information. If you need a specific product, you can ask the store owner/manager about it and pre-order as well.

Going the organic way is great news for your skin’s health. You can also buy organic skin care @ My Life INC and all the pointers mentioned above can be easily checked in the product description. Buying online would also ensure a variety of choices. What Does it Mean When Something is Organic?


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