4 Sound Advice for Students Entering Boarding School For The First Time


Going to boarding school can be an interesting and even challenging time for some students. While some students may jump at the chance to travel and go to a school that is away from their home, others may feel that it is more of a punishment. However, boarding school offers plenty of opportunities for a child to learn and grow as an individual. Based on Getting Students Acquainted With A New School Abroad, here are some tips and advice for children entering boarding school.



Accept It

For whatever reason your parents have chosen to send you to boarding school, the chances of you being able to change their mind is probably pretty minimal. So instead of being frustrated or disappointed by the transition, it is easier to accept things and make the most of it. The longer you are confused or unsure about your transition to boarding school, the more you’ll miss out on what will actually be a great time of your life.





Learn From It

Going to international boarding schools (such as POWIIS) is something that not many children in the world get the opportunity to experience. Some people hardly leave the town they grow up in during their entire lifetime, and yet boarding school students get the chance to live abroad during their early years. When you travel and study abroad at an international boarding school it is the perfect time to learn about new cultures and customs. As you get older, you’ll realize how valuable your time abroad was and you’ll be happy to see that you immersed yourself into something new and different. This will also help you learn how to adapt to new changes throughout the rest of your life as well.



Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia.


Make As Many Friends As Possible

Part of learning from your experience with an international boarding school should also include making new friends. These aren’t necessarily students that you grew up with or lived in the same neighborhood with for many years of your life. Instead, they are a group of people who have come together from all walks of life from around the world. Just as much as you can learn in the classroom, you can also learn from these people. If you do your best to make friends, you will make some connections that will last you a lifetime. And because you and your classmates will already have the experience of living and traveling abroad, you never know what adventures that might take you on together.





Take Classes That Interest You

Most boarding schools that you attend will afford you the opportunity to take classes that may not be typical to certain school curriculums. Instead, you’ll get the chance to take part in classes that truly interest you and will help you work towards your future. Going to school at a boarding school is a great way to try out different things to see what you like most and what you could possibly make a career out of. Instead of the alternative in public schools, which is when you are likely to be force-fed a district program that you may have no desire to care for.



private school


Going to a boarding school should be looked at as a great adventure. After all, there is a reason that it’s not offered to just anyone. Be sure to absorb as much knowledge and experience as you can during your time in boarding school, and you’ll be able to look back on it for the rest of your life with satisfaction and enjoyment.