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4 Ways ESD Boxes Organize Your Tools

ESD box on wall

When a person wants to organize his or her tools, they should buy the right items and pack them intelligently. When doing so, a tool owner will have an easier time finding their items and avoiding problems. However, it is not enough to come up with a solution or buy cheap boxes. No, with an ESD box, one can organize tools in a number of ways. Here are four ways an ESD box can help one organize their tools.

Carrying: Often, if a person needs to work on their items, thy will need to carry their tools with them. This is true whether an individual owns a motorcycle or need to work on stuff at a friend’s house. To get the most out of it, one should organize their tools in the right fashion. To take this further, when carrying the right sized case for the situation, one will not have to worry about missing out on their equipment. Simply put, with the right ESD box supplier (see here), one can find the best solution for their needs. With this, a tool owner will not have to scurry around to find his or her favorite tool.


ESD Tools Case


Big boxes: Now, most people want to own a lot of tools. Whether a homeowner or a car enthusiast wants to get the most, he or she should use an ESD box. With this, it is easy to throw dozens of tools into the box. At the same time, with so many compartments, one will not have to worry about misplacing their items or finding a place to put that perfect tool. Simply put, when one wants to store dozens of items, they must look at their options and consider the latest and newest ESD boxes.


big esd box


Small trays: Other times, a tool owner will want to use a small tray. This is perfect for storing small and hard-to-find tools. Think about it, when a person wants to store their small wrenches or other items, it is easy to do so when looking for small trays. Then, with a small label on the outside, one can find any item quickly and without rushing around frantically. This is important for people who run their own shop and want to avoid problems with finding their favorite and most important tools. Remember, with the right sized small trays, a person can store their items and avoid misplacing them.


ESD trays


Hang on the wall: Finally, if a person wants to organize his or her tools quickly, they should consider ESD boxes. When using the right one, it is easy to hang items on the wall. Then, a homeowner can run to his or her garage and find the right item. Without a doubt, this is a great way for a person to remain organized throughout the year.


ESD box on wall
With an ESD box, a person can organize his or her life without trouble. Not only that, when coming up with a plan and using the best solutions, it is easy for one to avoid any problems with their organization.


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5 Best Romance Authors in Modern Times

Each year more romance novels are sold than books of any other genre, and the industry adds new life-long fans each year. This billion dollar industry has its major stars and many romance authors write for several decades and gain millions of fans in the process. Today, some of the best romance authors sit atop major best seller lists like the New York Times and their names are known worldwide, even if a reader isn’t a romance fan.

Here are some of the best romance authors of modern times:


1. Danielle Steel

Conservative estimates suggest that Danielle Steel has sold over a half-billion romance books during her career. Writing since 1978, Steel is in her 60s and is known to write several stories at the same time. Incredibly, every single novel she’s ever written has gone on to become a bestseller. She often uses the same “woman in distress” formula where a wealthy family is threatened by some major predicament.


2. Debbie Macomber

Having written over 150 novels since she began her career in 1983, Debbie Macomber is an exceptionally prolific writer and has won multiple awards for her writing. Amazingly, Macomber has only a high school diploma to her name and is dyslexic. Her first books were written on a rented typewriter, and it took her 5 years to find a publisher who would accept her work.


3. Catherine Coulter

Writing since the late 1970s, Catherine Coulter has offered romance fans stories in many sub-genres like suspense, contemporary, and regency romance. Born in Texas, Coulter eventually relocated to northern California. She rises early each morning and writes for several hours. One of her greatest skills is capturing the life and times of other eras. Her historical novels have covered everything from early medieval times to Victorian England.


4. Lisa Kleypas

A lifetime love of books led political science major Lisa Kleypas, who was studying at Wellesley College, to write her first book during a summer vacation. She was a published author by the age of 21 and was even crowned Miss Massachusetts in the mid-1980s. Kleypas has sold millions of books around the world and her novels have been translated into several languages. She’s conquered the historical sub-genre and has also written a popular series of contemporary mystery and suspense.


5. Diana Gabaldon

Originally earning a bachelor of science in Zoology, a master of science in marine biology, and a PhD in behavioral ecology, Diana Gabaldon’s life took a fascinating turn when she decided to write her first novel, which was published in 1991. Her “Outlander” series has, thus far, spawned eight books about a time-traveling couple in Scotland. The series is even slated for a television debut as a miniseries in England.

Each of these authors probably owes their present-day success to trailblazing author Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. She wrote what was likely the first modern romance novel in 1972 called “The Flame and the Flower.” Although she passed away in 2007 after a battle with cancer, Woodiwiss’s legacy lives on as romance novels continue to sell many copies each year.


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How to Shop Smarter for Groceries: Save More Time And Money!

American families throw away an astonishing $1500 of food on average every single year. That’s a quarter of all grocery purchases ending up in the garbage! Groceries are the third largest annual household expense. By taking a few simple steps to shop smarter, you can prevent wasteful spending and even save yourself valuable time.


Plan Out Your Meals in Advance

It may seem like a daunting task at first, but a little organization goes a long way when planning out meals. Knowing exactly what ingredients you’ll need for the week will cut down on excess purchases and save you from repeat trips to the grocery store. Save your weekly meals in a spreadsheet or folder to have easy access for future planning.


Take Stock of What You Have

Is your pantry or refrigerator looking a little cluttered? Before compiling your grocery list spend some time reorganizing your shelves. You’ll be amazed by what you already have (and what needs to be tossed because it’s past the expiration date!) By taking an up to date inventory and staying organized, you’ll cut down on repeat purchases.


Make a List and Stick to it

A surefire way to waste time and money at a grocery store is to go in without a plan. With so many distractions in everyday life it’s easy to forget items you need (sending you on repeat trips to the store). Walking in without a plan will also lead to impulse purchases. In fact, grocery stores are designed to entice shoppers to leave with more than they may have intended on buying. If those delicious cookies that are beautifully displayed weren’t on your original grocery list, then in the display they remain. By having a list and a plan you’ll be less tempted to toss non-essentials into your cart.


Take it Online

Can you use an extra hour or two a week? Of course you can! Forget your weekly trip to the grocery store and head to your computer instead, where you can now purchase groceries online from the comfort of your home. Many grocery chains and independent retailers now offer grocery delivery right to your doorstep. Their easy to navigate online programs let you select exactly which items you’ll need and in what quantity, giving you a clear overview of what you’re spending. Your purchase history is saved online, so you can easily reorder items or alter future quantities to avoid wasteful spending.


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The Right Nutrition Stops Hair Loss Naturally

hair care

There are several reasons that can cause both men and women to see more and more hair in their brushes. Thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiencies, menopause and the natural aging process are some of the culprits.

If you suspect your hair loss is due to a medical condition, you should seek the advice of a doctor. However, a metabolite occurring naturally in the body called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the cause of male and female pattern baldness. In this case, a hair loss clinic can be of great help. There are some ways to control hair loss naturally, and if you have ruled out a medical condition, read more medical advice for hair loss info here.



Nutritionists who specialize in advice for healthy hair and skin believe that people should get nutrients such as vitamins and minerals from the foods they eat. A surprising number of people really don’t eat a very good balanced diet each day. Protein is an important nutrient for hair. It promotes growth and strengthens hair.

Vegans, vegetarians and others may not get adequate amounts of protein. Three servings of meat are recommended daily to ensure that you are taking in enough protein for optimal health. If you don’t get protein from meat, eat four to five servings of a combination of beans and dairy. For other nutrients important for healthy hair, eat a variety of foods including at least six vegetables and two different fruits. Don’t get in the rut of using almost the same menu each day. Fish, nuts, seeds and eggs are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 reduces inflammation in the body, leading to a healthier scalp.





Hair Loss Through Breakage

Hair should be handled gently. Some of the daily wear and tear can cause hair breakage. This is like “salt in the wound” for thinning hair, and detracts from the healthy look of hair that is not thinning. Some of the things that cause hair breakage are chemical processes like dyes, perms and highlighting kits. Styling products like hot curlers, hair dryers, curling wands, straightening and crimping irons and rubber bands can be hard on the hair. After washing, let hair air dry until it is just damp. Then finish with the hairdryer and other styling tools.

Do not brush the hair too much or wash it too often. Use gentle shampoos and conditioners. If your hair is thinning, don’t stop styling it altogether. This can lead to dissatisfaction and stress, the next culprit of hair loss. Keep hair short and try parting it on the side. This will distract a thinning crown. Hair extensions can be purchased that boost volume. There are also body-boosting hair products available.


Hair Loss Through Stress

Physical and emotional stress can cause hair loss. Try to reduce or eliminate stress in your life. Learn ways to deal with the stress that you cannot eliminate. The problem of hair loss can be stressful in itself. Don’t let this become a vicious cycle. Some hair loss is normal from time to time, so you may be worrying for nothing.

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Four Key Principles to Trading Forex


The Forex market is attracting waves of new investors who are looking for a more level playing field than the traditional securities market. Forex is also open 24 hours a day, which is much more convenient for the modern day trader.

Although the Forex market contains many opportunities for the savvy and lucky trader, there are some things that everyone should know before beginning to trade on the highly volatile market. Below are four of the major tips to keep in mind when trading the Forex market.


1 – Limit your trading to the currencies and the countries that you know.

The way to succeed in the Forex market is to cut down on the amount and the types of trades that you do, not increase them. The best traders focus their efforts on the types of trades in which they have a knowledge, either from previous trades, holding employment that tipped them to cues within that industry or a great deal of independent study. That knowledge gives them the competitive advantage that they need in order to execute with slightly more precision and profit where others might miss the opportunity.


keep-calm-and-trade-forex-362 – Only trade in the markets in which you have a legitimate interest.

The amount of research that is necessary to accurately begin to predict the Forex market is immense. There is little chance that you will be able to complete the research for topics in which you have no interest. Do yourself a favor and limit your research to topics that interest you!


3 – Going for the next “hot tip” is usually suicide.

Once you start trading on the Forex market, you will notice that there will be no shortage of people who will attempt to sell you information about the next hot thing to hit the market. Most of these people have a hidden agenda or a complete conflict of interest. You must be incredibly tight about the sources you accept information from.


4 – Get a good execution strategy.

Even if you have the right instincts and the right research, Forex trading requires a very precise execution in order to work. Make sure that you trade through a reputable firm that gets your orders out when you want them. You are competing against computers that trade in the milliseconds with no loss in accuracy. You need similar accuracy in order to have a chance at success.

Some of the best Forex methodology by Online Guru Trader is available by newsletter or message board. Be sure to keep an eye out for true professionals that provide you with legitimate information!

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