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The Protection of Modern Metal


Cathodic Protection


While metals are always vulnerable to corrosion and degradation when left unprotected and exposed to the elements, they face particular risk when left exposed for long periods of time underwater. Companies making use of steel and other metals for applications that involve long-term submersion have developed techniques to fight off metal corrosion using a process known as Cathodic Protection (CP). This treatment of metals is most commonly seen in manufacturing processes that involve producing metals for applications that include piping, shipbuilding, production of concrete-embedded steel, and various marine applications.


Applying Cathodic Protection to any metal involves an electrochemical process. The metal surface of the product is altered by making the actual exposed surface the cathode of an electrochemical cell. The corrosion protection comes into play thanks to the creation of an added layer of protection that this process induces. The protective layer that is created is actually more susceptible to corrosion, allowing it to act as an anode or “sacrificial metal” that guards the primary metal surface of the product. While it may sound as if this complicated process would be reserved for advanced metals that are only involved in expansive construction projects, this technique is present in homes and small projects all over the world.


Galvanized steel is generally protected using this process. The steel is given a coating of sacrificial zinc that corrodes more easily in order to protect the structural integrity of the steel itself. The CP process is also commonly used to protect metals that are used to produce water heaters in homes and storage tanks on small properties that are used to contain petroleum or natural gases. Projects that require industrial-level production for this treatment in order to ensure the long-term safety of their applications include off-shore oil rigs and reinforced concrete in large-scale buildings and housing developments. Steel and other metals that are put under strain for extended periods of time while exposed to harsh elements have been known to suffer from stress corrosion cracking when this type of protection is not put into place.


The actual anodes and sacrificial metals that are used in the practice can vary based on the project, the conditions where the metal will be used, and the underlying metal that requires protection. Among the most common anodes are zinc, aluminum, platinum, and carbon. The anodes are also designed to increase the efficiency and performance of the metal based on the given application as well. For instance, galvanic anodes are the most common solution for fighting corrosion on ships thanks to its flexibility in regard to shape and production standards. It can be outfitted to provide corrosion protection while also minimizing the drag produced by its interaction with moving water.


Applying CP protection to metal surfaces is typically done after the metal itself has been shaped and fabricated. However, the process varies slightly when it comes to protecting steel that is embedded in concrete. In these instances, the protective technology is applied at the time of manufacturing, being embedded in the concrete along with the metal itself. It is also possible for cathodic protection to be applied to the interior of metal products as well. These strategies are most often used when constructing pipelines that transport hazardous materials or when constructing storage containers for water, including conventional water heaters.


The process was first refined using iron and copper sheathing on the bottom of boats and large vessels. However, the rudimentary technology first resulted in the increased growth of marine life, posing a completely different problem for engineers. The incorporation of an electric current and the allotment of outer corrosion soon proved to be effective on all fronts, quickly leading to the cathodic protection methods that we use today. Go to for more information on this indispensable technology used in modern metals.

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Perfect Your Pout: 4 Tips for Amazing-Looking Kissers!


Eyeshadow, foundation, mascara and bronzer are all tools that you apply with little fuss. However, when it comes down to your pout, you run into a bit of a problem. So many different products exist, and each of them seems to exude a different vibe. Starting with a smooth base allows your lips to shine whether you choose a gloss or something more mature.



Prepare Your Pout

Before you apply any sort of makeup to your lips, you should make sure they are ready. By taking a toothbrush with warm water on the bristle and gentle rubbing your lips, you can exfoliate dead skin cells. This action helps to prevent cracking, and it can make your color application go more smoothly. Add some lip moisturizer on afterwards and let it dry before you move to the next step.


Rest Your Lips

Constantly putting on lipstick or lipgloss can dry your lips out, especially if you consistently use formulas that are meant to plump up your kisser. On days when you are going to the beach with the girls or don’t have any important meetings lined up for work, apply a light gloss or moisturizer throughout the day.











Then, your lips will be all ready for clubbing with the ladies on Friday night or heading to a wedding with your beau on Saturday.

Gloss or Lipstick

When you were a teenager, you always turned to lipgloss, and now, you still have a tendency to do so. Plenty of glosses provide you with a mature and sophisticated look, but some can be a bit too poppy for a sophisticated event. For those extra special nights where you need to look a bit more formal, choose a lipstick. You can also use a lipgloss over a lipstick to make the look less dry and to help your lips feel better.


Selecting Colors

If you are wearing a lipstick, you’re going to have a much bolder color than with a lipgloss. Make sure the color works with the rest of your makeup. For example, pairing a bright pink lipstick with bright blue eyeshadow is not considered fashion-forward right now, and you might look a bit immature. Instead, let the colors balance one another out. Random guest review on the web: Shakura Review

Starting with the basics as well as choosing the right colors and techniques will help to give you lips that match the rest of your beauty.

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Diet Tips that Models Do not Want to Disclose


The weight loss merry-go-round is a ride that virtually every person who has every want to lose weight has experienced, at one point in time. Even though there is a group of people that tend to stay thin wherever you see them. Many of them are featured in magazines, commercials and they may even have a leading role on popular television shows and movies. Better known as super models, their claim to fame is sporting the perfect body. So, what is it that distinguishes this group from you and me? While there is a sector that may never disclose their secrets, others are genuinely happy to help others with their battle. In fact, here’s a few basic tips(provide by London Weight Management) from the super model community that you can benefit from when seeking to drop those extra pounds.





You Should Eat, Don’t Starve

In the past, many celebrities had major battles with keeping the weight off since past practices in many Hollywood settings advocated cutting the calories to minimum to keep the weight off. Today, the health and diet industry has changed dramatically since the key to losing weight today is eating more instead of starving. Based on recent creditable scientific resources, one of the best ways to lose weight is keeping the metabolism moving throughout the day. In order to do this effectively, the dieter will need to make sure that they are eating a certain amount of food on daily basis. In fact, based on the latest findings, people who do not eat will stop their metabolism in its tracks.




Eat Small but Frequent Meals

Some of the big names in the super model industry are sharing their top secrets with you. So, it is up to you and others to follow suit. By eating small healthy servings every three hours, you can boost your metabolism and keep it moving so that you can lose weight and become healthier too.

Carbs are Legal for Energy Instead of Lethal

Even though some diet programs will only allow you to eat a certain amount of carbs per day, this is not the case on many of the popular diet programs that the supermodels follow. Instead, some carbs are being used to maintain their energy level throughout their day in order to support their busy lives. So, they may be seen eating a wide variety of different healthy nutritious carbohydrates on their shoots for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks too.


Healthy Diet Tips for Models

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Platelet Rich Plasma: Skin Treatment Using Natural Elements For Beauty



Today, a natural appearance is important for professional and social life. A young rejuvenated look exudes a sense of youthful energy and accomplishment. To look younger, skin treatments have been an important part of the solution for many people. The two types of skin treatments are natural based and artificial based. The artificial treatments are costly for the short time they last.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is for treating sports injuries suffered by professional athletes. It is works as a clinical tool to provide medical treatments for nerve injury, tendinitis, muscle repair, and more. It is also a form of tried and tested aesthetic clinic treatment. The Platelet Rich Plasma is a natural product from the body. It is the portion of the blood separated from the red and white blood cells. The remaining plasma is the clear fluid. These platelets rejuvenate skin at a beauty clinic specializing in skin care and beautification. PRP serves as an element used by an aesthetic treatment clinician.




Platelet Rich Plasma beauty treatment requires to be carried out by certified professionals who are licensed to conduct procedures to enhance skin rejuvenation. PRP skin rejuvenation works to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the yes. It soothes out the fine lines around the eyes. The procedure works to firm the skin to melt away the look of sagging aging skin around the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. A PRP skin rejuvenation professional makes skin tone healthy and firm.



Before and after PRP treatment.



The way PRP works is it helps tissue heal and grow new cells resulting in new rejuvenated skin. The PRP substance injected in the skin promotes a person’s own collagen to grow and regenerate new tissues. Naturally smooth tightened skin forms with this natural occurring process. The skin has reduced wrinkles and has a smoother texture and tone. The skin therapy is complex and performed by a dermatological professional knowledgeable about Platelet Rich Plasma beauty treatments for the skin.


Rejuvenate your skin with Platelet Rich Plasma


The use of PRP is a more advanced aesthetic clinical procedure. It works by stimulating a person’s collagen to grow tissue rather than traditional artificial wrinkle improvement methods. Traditional methods are the injections used to numb and puff facial features that temporarily reduce wrinkles. PRP is a natural biological element to enhance the natural growing process of the skin. This more natural procedure has a more natural looking result. It is longer lasting and more effective than artificial methods.

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