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Tips for Incentivizing Your Office to Increase Productivity

A challenge that office managers have to face is keeping a workforce motivated and driven to succeed even in the face of adversity. It can be tough to maintain a happy office when work volumes are unexpectedly high and people are fighting. You need to take action as quickly as possible to preserve productivity. Here are a few tips for incentivizing your office to increase productivity any time of the year.


Defuse Office Conflicts Immediately


office conflicts


The first tip is to defuse office conflicts immediately. Nothing can drive your office into a state of low morale and disenfranchisement faster than a workplace filled with arguing and hostility. You want to stay informed about conflicts in the office and do everything possible to ensure coworkers are getting along. This might even mean enacting new policies or separating teams to maintain order.


Communicate Frequently With Everyone

You want every employee in the office to take ownership of his or her job. The way to do this is through frequent communication with everyone. Keep the office workers informed about the state of the company and upcoming plans for changes. Ask for feedback so that employees feel like part of the decision making process. Having your employees as active participants in the larger business can improve productivity.


employee communicate


Ensure the Office Has All Modern Conveniences

officeFrustration and apathy can become real problems if employees are working in a space that does not have the tools needed to do the job. You want to combat this by ensuring the office has all modern conveniences. An easy way to achieve this goal is by renting serviced offices that already have everything in place. Your employees will be more productive and happier in that type of office. You can learn more at renting a serviced office for your business.


Run Contests and Games

Giving your employees larger goals in the office can work to promote better productivity. Running contests and games is one way to do this. You can encourage friendly competition between coworkers. Offer rewards for people who are doing an exceptional job. Provide awards to people who are making a positive difference. Contests and games will keep employees in the office engaged with the job and business.


Divide Workloads Realistically

Every employee in the office has limits when it comes to how much work can be done in a day. Being constantly overwhelmed can lead to low productivity, high error rates and stressed workers.


low productivity


The key is to divide workloads realistically. Make certain that large workloads are spread across many employees. Have overflow plans in place just in case work volumes spike. This will allow each employee to be as productive as possible without feeling overwhelmed and disheartened.

Good office productivity is an important element when it comes to the success of any business. You need to effectively manage individual employees and the office as a whole to achieve this level of success. You can use these tips to improve the overall morale, productivity and mood in any office setting.

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Fun Ways to Help Kids Learn Math Faster, Easier

There seems to be almost nothing as important as children’s education, working full-time and being an involved parent can get pretty exhausting. Especially if your child learns differently than you do, sometimes reading information over and over again just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. The hardest subject for most kids is math, some kids just simply cannot see the numbers in their heads. Here’s some cute learning tricks to make math for kids a bit easier.

Use images: some kids are visual learners in need to associate certain things with a picture. This can help your child better visualize the numbers and keep track of them in their head.

make math for kids

Songs and rhymes: putting the multiplication table into rhymes are songs can help children better count in their head if they can you can keep up with a little tune.
Take the road less traveled: there actually different ways to go about solving a math problem. There actually multiple alternatives into solving a multiplication problem such as the grid method, gelosia method and the Japanese multiplication method. Remember what works for woman doesn’t always work for the other, everybody’s brains work differently.

Destress: sometimes children psych themselves out into thinking that they are bad at something. Always reassure your child that they will get the hang of it eventually and not to put too much pressure on them. Telling yourself that you’re bad at something is the best way to make sure you will always stay bad at something.

Another subject that some children can have a tendency to have problems with are reading and spelling. Simply writing over and over again just won’t do the trick for some, it’s not because they’re not paying attention. Some children learn by sounding out the word some just literally memorize every single word, while others need to see the word in their head.

Flash cards: This method will never go out of style especially to visual learners. Writing the word out in a fancy or creative text can help your child with some more difficult words.
Clapping: Using the playground a favorite of hand clapping games to make spelling fun can help your child learn how to sound out words and if they have siblings, help them bond.
Have them teach: Yes you already know all these things but teaching is the best way to solidify knowledge. Let your child teach you or teach younger siblings what they have learned.

These are only a few methods and helping your child get a hold of some difficult subjects. Be careful not to cross your child off so quick as lazy or having their heads in the clouds all the time. Everyone thinks differently and your child is no exception, happy learning!

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