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The Swipe Era: Top Credit Card Options for Students in the Year of 2017

We are living in a new era. One where science and technology thrive to make our lives easier and better. And so, gone are the days that only professionals and entrepreneurs use credit cards. It comes without a surprise that in a country with a currently healthy economy like Malaysia, even students use credit cards. Whether it is for paying your bills or settling loans, numerous options like the charge cards and cash back credit cards in Malaysia are now openly available to anyone who qualifies for it. Here are the top credit card options for the students of today.


  1. The Standard Credit Card

Also known as the “plain vanilla” credit card, this is probably the most user-friendly card on the list. It’s the most basic card of all. It offers no perks such as reward points and cash back opportunities, but it is easier to understand and use anytime you want. It is also a viable option for those who would want to carry balances for they usually do not charge as high interests. For a new card holder who seeks to learn the ropes first in using swipe cards, this is one way to go.


  1. The Student Credit Card

It is always a good idea to start young in managing your finances. One way to do this is to apply for a student credit card. Aside from its easy to use features, some companies also offer a variety of perks for students who would apply for such. Some of them offer fraud protection; others offer miles or store points, and most of all some provide services on how to track your spending to further help you in getting a good credit score, something that you could use after your school years.


  1. The Charge Card

Much like the plain vanilla credit card, it is also easy to use but quite harder to apply for. However, this card will offer you higher spending limits, sometimes even unlimited. It is usually a ‘no interest’ card, but every user is required to pay the billing when the statement arrives, usually by the end of the month.


  1. Prepaid Credit Cards

Probably one of the best cards for students, the prepaid credit card allows you to pay for things, but instead of charging them into debt, you are paying for the item with the money that you put into your account. Basically, it has to be loaded and reloaded for use. It gives you a space for money security while at the same time giving you a realistic check on the money you can or cannot spend. This way, you are only using the money you have, without the hassle of carrying around the cash with you.


So these are some of the best options for credit cards for students who are looking to start young. There are still others out there, and some companies still offer reliable services and perks like the various cash back credit cards in Malaysia. So now, choose and spend wisely with these card options.

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