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Just a Juicer? – 4 Juicer Hacks That Will Bump Up Your Healthy Lifestyle

With the call to adopt healthier lifestyles at an all-time high, most of us have headed out in search of tools that could help make living healthy easy and convenient. That’s why new kitchen innovations have become such a hit, promising to give us access to delicious recipes and dishes without taking away too much of our precious time.

Among the most coveted kitchen appliances for healthy living is the humble juicer. Able to extract natural juice from virtually any fruit you can think of, lots of people use this device to create organic fruit juices that support a healthy lifestyle. But did you know that your juicer can do much more than that?

Find out how your fruit juicer can bump up your healthy lifestyle by checking and trying out these uncommon juicer hacks.


  1. Salsa Dip

Just love indulging in those spicy salsas, but don’t want to deal with the dangerous additives found in store-bought jars? No worries. Your juicer can help you create delicious salsa dips that do without the preservatives, flavorings, and other added ingredients that take away from its health benefits.

Place a few ripe tomatoes in your juicer and extract their juice. Then, take both the juice and the residual pulp and heat them up in a pan. Add in some onions, jalapeno, and lime or cilantro to taste, and there you have it!


  1. Almond Milk

According to several sources, almond milk is a much healthier alternative to other forms of dairy products because it’s packed with healthy fats and it contains much less calories than other types of milk.

You can make your own homemade almond milk by soaking almonds in water overnight. Place the almonds in your juicer and juice away to extract the infused liquid and eliminate the preservatives and additives that commercially sold almond milk incorporates. For some extra flavor, you can add a touch of vanilla, brown sugar, or cinnamon.


  1. Fruit Sorbet

Are you a big fan of the sweet, cold delight found in a serving of fruit sorbet? Now that summers at its height, it’s nice to cool down with a delicious serving of frozen fruity goodness. Thanks to your juicer, you won’t have to take a risk with overly sweetened store-bought options.

Now, how exactly do you make fruit sorbet with a juicer? Simple. Freeze your chosen fruits for up to a day and make sure they’re as solid as possible. Pass them through your juicer straight from the freezer, and enjoy ready-to-eat sorbet as soon as it comes out of the juicer. You can also freeze it up for later to get a firmer texture.


  1. Vegetable Soup

Powdered soup mix? Easy but packed with all the preservatives and additives your grandma warned you about! Instead of faking soup with a powdered mix, get yourself a hearty serving of real natural vegetable soup by using your juicer for the job.


Take your favorite vegetables and pass them through your juicer. Whatever comes out can be used as a vegetable soup base that you can prepare by adding water and upping the heat for a natural and healthy serving of all-natural deliciousness.


Your juice maker might have been a dream come true the first time you tried it, but it can do so much more than what it says in the manual. Get creative with your juicer and try out these 4 smart healthy recipes to bump up your healthy lifestyle and to get the most of your kitchen counter appliance.

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Job Vacancies In Shah Alam: Find Your Passion

Shah Alam

Shah Alam has a rich history as the first planned city in Malaysia after gaining independence from Britain in 1957. Shah Alam has a growing economy with many industries growing and investment coming. Local and foreigners come to Shah Alam to enjoy the beautiful city, with entertainment, food, and recreation draws. Because of this, a lot of people move to Shah Alam to find jobs they are passionate about. The problem is a lot don’t know where to start their search for job vacancies in Shah Alam. To aid in your job hunt, check out this list of five industries in which you can begin your career in Shah Alam.


  1. Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry in Shah Alam covers a wide scope. International beverage companies like Carlsberg, all the way to restaurant groups, are in need of skilled employees passionate about food and beverages. Positions needed skilled workers ranging from restaurant managers to marketing executives.

  1. Transportation and Logistics

Shah Alam has a strong network of major highways connecting it to many cities and even the Kuala Lumpur airport. Because of this, tons of logistics and transportation companies are located in Shah Alam like FedEx and DHL. Jobs available vary from account executives to operations specialists.

  1. Technology

The technology and IT industry are making waves in Shah Alam with everything from e-commerce sites to IT developers opening up in Shah Alam. Aside from having an interest in the tech industry, companies are seeking proactive workers in marketing, operations, and website development.

  1. Tourism

Shah Alam is home to many beautiful locations like the Garden of Islamic Arts and recreational areas like Wet World. Aside from this, airlines and online booking sites have offices here as well. Companies are seeking experts in customer service and associates.

  1. Banking and Finance

With companies being set up and more people moving to Shah Alam, local and international banks like Standard Chartered are opening up branches and back offices to support the growing need. Companies are seeking employees skilled in client servicing and financial analysis.


Shah Alam is an exciting and bustling city to move to with tons of opportunities to work in a job you are passionate about. Check out these five industries to get started on your job hunt.

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Malaysia Credit Cards: The Importance Of Owning One


Introduction – A Highly Advanced Economy

The Malaysian economy is an open market economy. Malaysia also has a highly industrialized economy, the fourth largest in the Southeast Asian region, and the third richest. Needless to say, not only is its economy growing rapidly but is also industrializing just as proportionately.

Because of this industrialization, its economy is also technologically advanced to a very great degree. Much of its currency has become digitized. And core to this digital financial integration is the credit card. As a means of storing, using, and exchanging money digitally, credit cards are essential to the financial digitization of society.

It is very important for Malaysians to understand the importance of the credit card and its ubiquitous influence to properly become a part of the society in which they live. And here are 2 very good reasons why owning a credit card is important to Malaysians and Malaysian society.1

  1. Credit card plays a major role in modern society

The invention of digital credit, and thus of the credit card, is innovative. So innovative and so convenient, in fact, that much of modern society is built around its existence. Many major financial decisions, transactions, measurements, and purchases revolve around digital credit.

People don’t make mortgage payments, car purchases, bill and utility payments, and rent payments with cash. That would simply be way too impractical and slow. They instead make swift and manageable credit payments set up on affordable plans that they slowly pay off.

Malaysians need a credit card due to the complexity of the modern world, with its numerous and complicated transactions, installment plans, and advanced financial situations and the need for credit history. It is inescapable to use a credit card by any member of such a financially advanced nation.

As such, it is in the best interest of Malaysians to situate themselves with a suitable and reliable credit card to fully integrate into society. Otherwise, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make many of the important and critical financial decisions and purchases.

  1. Malaysia credit cards help Malaysians save money and track expenses easier

As mentioned earlier in the article, Malaysians will inevitably have to make complicated financial decisions in their lives. Many of these decisions will be stressful ordeals to track, pay off, and participate in – such as paying off student loan, for example.

One of the reasons why digital credit was developed is because it is easy to track and use. You will never have to worry about lost or damaged currency, or forgetting to carry it with you. You can get bank statements and figures showing you exactly where and how your cash is used.

This makes life immensely less stressful and easier when you don’t have to worry about how to spend your money or where it goes. This also makes it much easier for Malaysians to save money since they can track every cent of their money, and thus decide what each and every cent is spent towards. And there are also the cashback bonuses many Malaysia credit cards offer that can earn you cash or credit rebate on eligible goods and services.2


Credit cards are so vital and so integrated into modern society that it’s nearly impossible to live without one. They are needed for Malaysians to make important financial purchases, such as a car loan, or down payment on a house. They make life much easier, because credit is much easier to keep track of than cash is.

And lastly, many credit cards have bonuses that can help you earn rebate back on eligible goods and services. Based on these facts, it is essential for Malaysians, and for anyone living in the modern world, to own and use a credit card.

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