Job Vacancies In Shah Alam: Find Your Passion

Shah Alam

Shah Alam has a rich history as the first planned city in Malaysia after gaining independence from Britain in 1957. Shah Alam has a growing economy with many industries growing and investment coming. Local and foreigners come to Shah Alam to enjoy the beautiful city, with entertainment, food, and recreation draws. Because of this, a lot of people move to Shah Alam to find jobs they are passionate about. The problem is a lot don’t know where to start their search for job vacancies in Shah Alam. To aid in your job hunt, check out this list of five industries in which you can begin your career in Shah Alam.


  1. Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry in Shah Alam covers a wide scope. International beverage companies like Carlsberg, all the way to restaurant groups, are in need of skilled employees passionate about food and beverages. Positions needed skilled workers ranging from restaurant managers to marketing executives.

  1. Transportation and Logistics

Shah Alam has a strong network of major highways connecting it to many cities and even the Kuala Lumpur airport. Because of this, tons of logistics and transportation companies are located in Shah Alam like FedEx and DHL. Jobs available vary from account executives to operations specialists.

  1. Technology

The technology and IT industry are making waves in Shah Alam with everything from e-commerce sites to IT developers opening up in Shah Alam. Aside from having an interest in the tech industry, companies are seeking proactive workers in marketing, operations, and website development.

  1. Tourism

Shah Alam is home to many beautiful locations like the Garden of Islamic Arts and recreational areas like Wet World. Aside from this, airlines and online booking sites have offices here as well. Companies are seeking experts in customer service and associates.

  1. Banking and Finance

With companies being set up and more people moving to Shah Alam, local and international banks like Standard Chartered are opening up branches and back offices to support the growing need. Companies are seeking employees skilled in client servicing and financial analysis.


Shah Alam is an exciting and bustling city to move to with tons of opportunities to work in a job you are passionate about. Check out these five industries to get started on your job hunt.