4 Reasons Why Accurate Air Flow Measurement is Important

Related imageAirflow is very critical to the optimum and efficient functioning of any residential, commercial, or industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. An HVAC system is a system by which heat is transferred and delivered to improve comfort in your living spaces.

Accurate air flow measurement is extremely important to avoid HVAC system complications that can prove costly to run or fix. This is elaborated on below:

  1.  HVAC equipment sensitivity to abnormal air flow

Combustion equipment and air conditioners are specifically sensitive to any abnormal volumes in air flow. Therefore, it is important to get accurate air flow measurements for your equipment to detect when there is a potentially serious functionality issue.

  1.  Fixing Reduced Capacity

The optimal condition and functionality of an air conditioner are guaranteed only when it’s operating in line with its published specification and efficiency (400 cfm for each ton of cooling). Thus, measuring air flow can help tell when such a problem exists. When there is insufficient air flow across an AC’s indoor coil the equipment’s capacity declines. It starts to remove more moisture and is less effective in removing heat from a space. But while excessive air flow boosts an AC’s capability, it makes it eliminate more sensible heat and less latent heat from the air.

There’s a direct relationship between inadequate air flow and refrigerant flood-back to the compressor, as well as corrupted feedback to the server from the refrigerant system. The outcome is a loss of reliability, meaning that the equipment cannot guarantee cool, comfortable living spaces.

  1.  Reduced Efficiency

When your HVAC is performing below its published efficiency rating due to air flow problems, it’s consuming more energy than needed to cool or warm your living environment. Reduced HVAC efficiency can only mean one thing at the end of the month: higher energy bills.

  1.  Air Flow Control

The ability to measure the air volume entering any space can help regulate flow to suit the needs of a building. Since the air has to be conditioned once it’s entered a room, regulating its flow can save energy and costs.

Efficiency, reliability, and costs for your HVAC equipment are sufficient reasons why air flow measurement is important. Plus when you’re able to measure the volume of air entering a room, you are able to control its flow to suit specific needs for your environment