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4 Reasons Why Accurate Air Flow Measurement is Important

Related imageAirflow is very critical to the optimum and efficient functioning of any residential, commercial, or industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. An HVAC system is a system by which heat is transferred and delivered to improve comfort in your living spaces.

Accurate air flow measurement is extremely important to avoid HVAC system complications that can prove costly to run or fix. This is elaborated on below:

  1.  HVAC equipment sensitivity to abnormal air flow

Combustion equipment and air conditioners are specifically sensitive to any abnormal volumes in air flow. Therefore, it is important to get accurate air flow measurements for your equipment to detect when there is a potentially serious functionality issue.

  1.  Fixing Reduced Capacity

The optimal condition and functionality of an air conditioner are guaranteed only when it’s operating in line with its published specification and efficiency (400 cfm for each ton of cooling). Thus, measuring air flow can help tell when such a problem exists. When there is insufficient air flow across an AC’s indoor coil the equipment’s capacity declines. It starts to remove more moisture and is less effective in removing heat from a space. But while excessive air flow boosts an AC’s capability, it makes it eliminate more sensible heat and less latent heat from the air.

There’s a direct relationship between inadequate air flow and refrigerant flood-back to the compressor, as well as corrupted feedback to the server from the refrigerant system. The outcome is a loss of reliability, meaning that the equipment cannot guarantee cool, comfortable living spaces.

  1.  Reduced Efficiency

When your HVAC is performing below its published efficiency rating due to air flow problems, it’s consuming more energy than needed to cool or warm your living environment. Reduced HVAC efficiency can only mean one thing at the end of the month: higher energy bills.

  1.  Air Flow Control

The ability to measure the air volume entering any space can help regulate flow to suit the needs of a building. Since the air has to be conditioned once it’s entered a room, regulating its flow can save energy and costs.

Efficiency, reliability, and costs for your HVAC equipment are sufficient reasons why air flow measurement is important. Plus when you’re able to measure the volume of air entering a room, you are able to control its flow to suit specific needs for your environment

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Follow These 5 Recommendations From Robert Kiyosaki to Make Your Money Work for You

The success of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” transformed the landscape of personal finance and wealth management into a necessity. If you get to read this paperback, author Robert Kiyosaki presented basic strategies to make your money work for you.     Prestigious banking institutions offer wealth management products today precisely because they are aligned with the successful concepts of the popular book. You too can make your money work for you if you follow Mr. Kiyosaki’s simple approaches.



5 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Us About Making Our Money Work for Us


  1. The first lesson to any fruitful personal finance strategy is to take control of your finances. Saving up is the first course of action if you intend to grow your money in preparation for the future. Looking ahead is the most intelligent thing to do. That is taking control of yourself and not merely relying on someone else.


  1. Once you are on a roll and your savings are growing, be resourceful to look for financial products that will earn more than your regular savings account. There are available financial instruments that can bring you handsome returns for the money you save today. Learn and evaluate your options.


  1. You money will not work for you if you remain contented with your current financial status. Opportunities abound, however, you might miss the ride unless you act swiftly. If you have investible funds, go ahead and invest them. You can measure your financial acumen by how fast you can churn your investible funds and grow it exponentially.


  1. Buying hard assets like real estate or properties will always be to your advantage. Do a business out of your properties for rentals and other business endeavors. You can’t go wrong with this strategy.


  1. Borrowing is essential at given times, and therefore it is not necessarily a negative approach. Borrowing is a good step if it would serve your particular purpose. However, it becomes evil when you over-borrow for no justifiable reason. Your financial standing will be in disarray the moment your debt balloons to unmanageable proportion.


According to Robert Kiyosaki, making your money work for you is not about the daily grind at work nor being prudent. It’s all about investing wisely and taking calculated risks. Chart your financial destiny consistent with the modern day setting. The traditional saving strategy no longer works for your money.

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Startup Entrepreneurs Advice/Tips


Start-up Advice Every Entrepreneur Should Know

A lot of people have great business ideas, but very few people follow through and actually act on it. The following tips will help anybody who’s thinking about launching a start-up. From Malaysia business registration to scaling slowly, this start-up advice is irreplaceable.

1. Form Your Company

With the advent of technology, setting up company is no longer as much a hassle as before. You can refer here for Malaysia company formation.


2. Perform Market Research 

Before you can successfully launch a start-up, you need to do some market research. While starting with your friends and family is a good idea, you need to look beyond that. According to Entrepreneur, [ ] you should visit different neighbourhoods (or different online communities) to ask for feedback. Show people a prototype or sample of your product or service and ask them to fill out a questionnaire. It’s possible to do this even if you have a virtual address and a virtual office.

3. Self-Fund as Long as Possible 

According to Forbes, [ ] it’s a good idea to self-fund your start-up for as long as possible. The hope is that the money will end up coming and you’ll never have to look for outside funding. When you borrow from the very beginning, it’s extremely difficult to get out of the loop of borrowing and repaying debt.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Start Small 

Even if you want to grow into one of the big businesses you admire, you still should start small, according to Inc. [ ] The most successful companies started out small and even a little bit scrappy. If you truly want to scale, you need to scale from something small at first. This will also prevent you from using money you don’t have just for the sake of making a big splash.

5. Create a Prototype 

You can talk as much as you want about your product, but unless you have a prototype to show people, it’s all just talk. According to Entrepreneur, [ ] you should get a prototype out there and let people start using it. This is where you can separate hearsay from reality.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy. Start-ups are exciting, but they’re also extremely difficult to navigate. By avoiding common mistakes and staying focused, you have the best chance of creating a business you can be proud of.

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Your Get Started Guide to Online Entrepreneurship

Running your own business is easier than ever with the advent of the internet; more and more entrepreneurs are exploiting untapped potential and making tons of money from the comfort of their own home. That said, it can be very difficult to do so when the tasks get overwhelming. And if you’re an entrepreneur with a family, the distractions start to pile up. Here are a few tips to follow to make running an online business easier.


1. Rent somewhere away from home.

Find an office for rent somewhere away from your home. While working from home can be great, it requires an enormous amount of self-discipline –something most people lack. Having an office set up that you can go to at the same time each day creates a sort of artificial discipline and makes it easy to stick to your schedule.


office space


2. Consider hiring a VA.

When the tasks begin to pile up, it can be tough to find enough hours in a day to take care of everything you need to do while still spending time with those important to you. You have to take breaks or you’ll burn out. When you discover certain activities that you can do in your sleep, it’s better to delegate them to someone else.


virtual assistance


You don’t have to hire a real assistant, though; a virtual assistant in a virtual office in Malaysia can be your best bet. Just communicate with them through email and Skype and let them take care of the easy tasks that are necessary for running your business.


3. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day.

After every few hours of work, take fifteen minutes to yourself to just think, clear your head, and take a walk. Maybe get a cup of coffee and some fresh air. It may seem minor, but doing this can help you stay focused all through the day and avoid burnout when you’re doubling down on your workload.


relax in office


4. Use plug-ins to avoid distractions.

There are countless plug-ins for your browser that disable social media and other websites during set periods. Use these to your advantage. If you find yourself wasting time on Facebook, Reddit, or other social media platforms, these tools can be a great way to harness your productivity and time more efficiently. However, some of these sites are necessary for marketing, so make sure to set aside time during your day to use them.


5. Break down big tasks into smaller pieces.

break into piecesIt can be tempting to dive in and work non-stop on a project, but that’s an easy way to lose momentum. Instead, break up bigger projects into smaller sections that you can handle more easily. Doing so will allow you to measure your progress and keep your initial momentum flowing.

Following these five tips is essential for any entrepreneur. It’s not all about passion; after a while, physical endurance and mental stamina play a huge part in success. These tips can help maintain those two finite resources.

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Tips for Incentivizing Your Office to Increase Productivity

A challenge that office managers have to face is keeping a workforce motivated and driven to succeed even in the face of adversity. It can be tough to maintain a happy office when work volumes are unexpectedly high and people are fighting. You need to take action as quickly as possible to preserve productivity. Here are a few tips for incentivizing your office to increase productivity any time of the year.


Defuse Office Conflicts Immediately


office conflicts


The first tip is to defuse office conflicts immediately. Nothing can drive your office into a state of low morale and disenfranchisement faster than a workplace filled with arguing and hostility. You want to stay informed about conflicts in the office and do everything possible to ensure coworkers are getting along. This might even mean enacting new policies or separating teams to maintain order.


Communicate Frequently With Everyone

You want every employee in the office to take ownership of his or her job. The way to do this is through frequent communication with everyone. Keep the office workers informed about the state of the company and upcoming plans for changes. Ask for feedback so that employees feel like part of the decision making process. Having your employees as active participants in the larger business can improve productivity.


employee communicate


Ensure the Office Has All Modern Conveniences

officeFrustration and apathy can become real problems if employees are working in a space that does not have the tools needed to do the job. You want to combat this by ensuring the office has all modern conveniences. An easy way to achieve this goal is by renting serviced offices that already have everything in place. Your employees will be more productive and happier in that type of office. You can learn more at renting a serviced office for your business.


Run Contests and Games

Giving your employees larger goals in the office can work to promote better productivity. Running contests and games is one way to do this. You can encourage friendly competition between coworkers. Offer rewards for people who are doing an exceptional job. Provide awards to people who are making a positive difference. Contests and games will keep employees in the office engaged with the job and business.


Divide Workloads Realistically

Every employee in the office has limits when it comes to how much work can be done in a day. Being constantly overwhelmed can lead to low productivity, high error rates and stressed workers.


low productivity


The key is to divide workloads realistically. Make certain that large workloads are spread across many employees. Have overflow plans in place just in case work volumes spike. This will allow each employee to be as productive as possible without feeling overwhelmed and disheartened.

Good office productivity is an important element when it comes to the success of any business. You need to effectively manage individual employees and the office as a whole to achieve this level of success. You can use these tips to improve the overall morale, productivity and mood in any office setting.

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Malaysia Company Formation: Can You Get Someone To Do It For You

company formation thumb

When you want to create a company in Malaysia, you will have a lot of research and hard work to do. If you do not do this, you are likely to make a mistake or two. While it is not easy to register a company, one can get help from a third-party source. When doing so, an entrepreneur will avoid serious and costly problems. You can, in fact, pay someone to do it for you and you should follow these five tips when doing so.

 [ Use a quality company ] First and foremost, when you want to find out more about Malaysian company formation, you should click here for more info. When doing so, you can find out the truth behind all the questions you may have. Think about it, when you go out of your way to start a company, you must use a quality provider that will do the job right the first time. Without a doubt, when you do this early in the process, you are likely to find the best bang for your buck. Otherwise, when choosing the wrong company, you will have to deal with serious issues.


Servcorp - Malaysia Company Formation and Business Registration

Servcorp – Malaysia Company Formation and Business Registration


Registration Fees of Business and Companies

Registration Fees of Business and Companies in Malaysia


SSM - Companies Commission of Malaysia

SSM – Companies Commission of Malaysia –


[ Organized ] At the same time, when you want to have help with this delicate issue, you should try to organize your paperwork before getting started. With this, you can save time and money. Remember, one mistake will leave you in serious troubles, and you can avoid this problem by getting organized and keeping everything in order from day one.

[ Know what you want ] Of course, you talk to an organization that can help you get everything in order for your business. Ideally, you should choose the corporate structure based on your wants and needs. While this is true, if you have any questions, you should have no fear in asking for help as most businesses will help you find the best solution for your unique needs.

[ Consult multiple people ] While it is extremely wise to use the right company offering the best company formation services, you should make sure to consult various people. For starters, you should talk to an accountant and lawyer who can help you figure out what kind of corporation in Malaysia you must form. This is crucial to do right the first time as you will want to take advantage of legal loopholes that will make it easier to run a profitable business.

[ Think of the long-term ] Without a doubt, when you incorporate in Malaysia, you will do wonders for your corporation. At the same time, while this is beneficial, you must choose the best long-term solution. Remember, the pace of business changes and you will need to think of the future. This is easy to forget and you will experience serious troubles if you do not think about your business down the road.

If you run a company and decide to incorporate in Malaysia, you should hire a professional who can get the best results. Simply put, you must not leave this to chance.



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Four Key Principles to Trading Forex


The Forex market is attracting waves of new investors who are looking for a more level playing field than the traditional securities market. Forex is also open 24 hours a day, which is much more convenient for the modern day trader.

Although the Forex market contains many opportunities for the savvy and lucky trader, there are some things that everyone should know before beginning to trade on the highly volatile market. Below are four of the major tips to keep in mind when trading the Forex market.


1 – Limit your trading to the currencies and the countries that you know.

The way to succeed in the Forex market is to cut down on the amount and the types of trades that you do, not increase them. The best traders focus their efforts on the types of trades in which they have a knowledge, either from previous trades, holding employment that tipped them to cues within that industry or a great deal of independent study. That knowledge gives them the competitive advantage that they need in order to execute with slightly more precision and profit where others might miss the opportunity.


keep-calm-and-trade-forex-362 – Only trade in the markets in which you have a legitimate interest.

The amount of research that is necessary to accurately begin to predict the Forex market is immense. There is little chance that you will be able to complete the research for topics in which you have no interest. Do yourself a favor and limit your research to topics that interest you!


3 – Going for the next “hot tip” is usually suicide.

Once you start trading on the Forex market, you will notice that there will be no shortage of people who will attempt to sell you information about the next hot thing to hit the market. Most of these people have a hidden agenda or a complete conflict of interest. You must be incredibly tight about the sources you accept information from.


4 – Get a good execution strategy.

Even if you have the right instincts and the right research, Forex trading requires a very precise execution in order to work. Make sure that you trade through a reputable firm that gets your orders out when you want them. You are competing against computers that trade in the milliseconds with no loss in accuracy. You need similar accuracy in order to have a chance at success.

Some of the best Forex methodology by Online Guru Trader is available by newsletter or message board. Be sure to keep an eye out for true professionals that provide you with legitimate information!

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Online Buying Trends: Why You Should Look Into Mobile Commerce Now

Shopping Cart icon

In this contemporary era, internet use is increasing more rapidly than ever. Additionally, there has been an increase in use of mobile devices to access the internet and make purchases. This information seems unsurprising in light of the fact that sales of mobile devices have begun exceeding those of laptops and personal computers. In light of the fact that many people are making use of mobile devices to access the internet, business owners who want to increase their conversion rates should view mobile commerce as a viable medium through which to generate sales. By gaining more information regarding what mobile commerce is and how it works, business owners can make prudent decisions that will help entail financial success for their companies.


Mobile Commerce: The Basics

Although broadly defined, mobile commerce is basically a term that references the process of providing consumers with electronic commerce capabilities at any location through wireless technology. In many cases, mobile commerce is thought about in terms of a shopping mall in the customer’s pocket.


mobile commerce



The Importance of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is important as a result of the fact that use of electronic devices for shopping and buying purchases is widespread. In fact, research studies find that 29% of individuals who use mobile devices have already purchased something through their phones. At this time, Wal-Mart estimates that 40% of the visits to its online shopping center from December 2012 were made via mobile devices. Additionally, Bank of America has predicted that $67.1 billion of purchases are going to be made via mobile devices by American and European shoppers in the year 2015. And from 2013-2014, mobile retailers from the United Kingdom are expecting to increase their revenues by up to 31%.





Maximizing Your Mobile Commerce Efforts

In recognizing all of the financial and professional benefits that your business can gain through the use of mobile commerce, it is important that you gain an understanding of strategies and techniques that will help you attain the success you want. These techniques and strategies will make it simple, informative, and/or entertaining for your customers to make purchases from you online. There are a plethora of mobile commerce solutions that you can implement to accomplish this purpose, and some of them include:

1. Moving Beyond The Transaction. As many mobile experts know, consumers are not inspired to pull out their phones at the thought of making a payment. Instead, they are looking for mobile experiences that are somehow fun, engaging, and rewarding.

2. Apps. Applications are a great way to improve the mobile users’ shopping experience. When you offer consumers a seamless shopping experience through a functional app, they are much more likely to shop with you again.

3. Optimize. In order to ensure that your mobile consumer can access your site and shop easily, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile use. Once this is done, your consumers will not grow frustrated when attempting to use a non-functional site.

4. Shopping Carts. Easy mobile shopping carts are an incredibly effective way to help your consumers maximize their shopping experience. With the cart, the items your consumer plans to purchase are placed in a virtual cart until they are ready to make their final purchases.



As the 21st century gains momentum, mobile commerce is expected to rise. As a result of this forthcoming reality, business owners who want to increase their conversion rates should do so by learning as much about the world of mobile commerce as possible. In so doing, they can ensure that they attain the increased sales and loyal customer base that they desire.

Must Learn 4 Common Mistakes to Selling Online

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6 Ways to Advertise Your New Online Shop

Having an online store is a great opportunity. If you opened your online shop instead of an actual retail store, you are going to save a ton of money on overhead that can instead be considered money earned. That said, having an online shop isn’t all glamour. Instead, you have to find a way to market yourself and stand out from the other online stores that are available for customers to choose from. In order to stand out from your competition and start earning the customers you deserve, here are some tips and hints for advertising your new online shop.


Paid Advertising ✔

One popular option for many companies who can afford it is to pay for their advertising. There are many companies out there who will put your add as a pop-up or cookie for people when they are searching a specific website. These ads are often directly marketed, making sure that your target market people who are, at least a little bit, possible interested in your product. The more you are willing to spend for pay-per-click  (PPC ) advertising, the better sites you can find your ads on and the more exposure you are likely to get.


 Paid Advertising Infographic




Blog ✍

If you consider your business to be a niche or something specific, then it would be a good idea to create a blog for your online company. Part of this blog can be you informing followers about information in a particular industry. Or, you can blog about your company, deals or promotions that you might be having, or anything else that may interest your followers. A blog is a great way to get personal with your customers and let them see a side of your business they may be unfamiliar with.


Forums ✪

While a blog is great, an online forum is a place where you are likely to meet many more prospective people. Find a website or place where people may be interested in your company and talk about the topics available. Be careful though, as forums don’t want to become a place for people to simply advertise their products. However, if you are a respected member for the community, you are much more likely to be able to build your company with the help of the form network.


Social Media ✿

If you aren’t using social media for your online business, you are missing out big time. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter allows you to get in contact with your friends, but also share your company with tons of potential customers. Facebook commerce can provide massive income potential if you implement it into your marketing strategy.


Online Reward Program $

People love to save money and be rewarded for their habits. Therefore, make sure that part of your online shop is giving back to your customers. Have something like a digital punch card or other online reward program, and you can turn first-time browsers into repeat customers.

Starting an online shop can be a great business. It provides you the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world under your own conditions. However, if you plan to survive, you have to market yourself. Consider the tips and hints here to help your online shop succeed.


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Why You Shouldn’t Manage Adwords Campaigns Yourself

Any business person who has tried to manage an AdWords account without professional assistance may have come to understand why the pros recoil in horror at the thought. It’s true that Google makes AdWords management look like a walk in the park, encouraging the practice with constant and omnipresent offers for AdWords Express. To make matters worse, numerous look-alikes from faraway lands often pop up in competition at rates that are seriously attractive but possibly less reliable than they look.

Is Managing AdWords As Easy As They Say?

The answer is yes and no. Creating the account is easy. So is setting up the first advertisement. Once the ad is out there, people across the country can become aware of the site that has placed it. Unfortunately, unless special care is taken, results may not be quite what the user expected.

Location, Location

Neglecting to restrict the setting in which the ad should appear is a major mistake. It is also money down the drain when a resident of Kenya clicks on the ad for a lawn service in Kalamazoo.

Even the specification of a particular location may not be enough to prevent the AdWords display from appearing in unlikely places. When impressions count, it is vital to choose the keywords with care. Otherwise, the ad could turn up among the search results for photos, bad jokes, job searches or, at worst, businesses known for their questionable ethics.

Beware the Breadth of Google

Google’s keyword searches are notoriously broad. One reason is the company’s desire to provide the public with the greatest number of possibilities for each keyword entered. Therefore, it will dynamically expand the search parameters to include the keyword’s variant spellings, synonyms and plural forms along with entire phrases, positive or not, in which it may appear.

Without explicitly stated limitations, a search on “Peoria Plumbers” could cause the ad to pop up in the search results for “Plumbers’ Tools,” “Peoria Plums” or “Illinois Plumbers Who Are Wanted by the FBI.”

Killing an Ad Campaign Before It Starts

In the worst-case scenario, the appearance of ineligible keywords can sound the death knell of any ad. Google considers certain words unfit for display in any location. The use of these bad actors can polish off an advertising campaign before it has drawn a sustaining breath. Unfortunately, the average webmaster or business owner is often the last to know what these ad-killing keywords might be.

Irrelevant and Damaging Search Results Can Hurt

Thanks to the wide reach of Google’s search algorithms, a business that runs a poorly targeted AdWords campaign can easily squander up to 30 percent of its advertising budget. A company investing in these advertisements will be paying for every click. This fact alone should lend importance to their proper placement.

Internet Damage Is Lasting

Once Google has penalized a website for questionable advertising practices or inglorious SEO, the damage will not fade overnight. The Internet may not be forever, but when time is money, it can seem that way. A billion-dollar corporation might weather the storm, but the corner mom-and-pop could have a more troubling time of it.

Let the Pros Do It

The good news is that many companies today specialize in AdWords management. They know the ins and outs of Google’s particular quirks and make a habit of keeping on top of every algorithm change. It’s their job to do this, and a good organization does it well.

No business should take chances with its AdWords campaign. The marketing team that leaves this job to the pros can rest assured that it’s being done right. They can then sit back and watch their ad shine as it hits the intended target.


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