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Bank Loans in Malaysia: It’s a Need More than a Want

One of the countries in the ASEAN region that enjoy a dynamic economy is Malaysia. The banking sector played an important role in lifting the nation to its current middle-income status. It can’t be denied that the general populace has been benefiting from the presence of the largest banks in Southeast Asia. The wide range of financial services available in the market is what makes economic and social progress possible.

If you are in the productive years of your life and looking to enjoy a prosperous future, then you should be setting up a financial goal. Bank loans in Malaysia are financial tools that can help you achieve your short-term and long-term financial objectives.

Bank Loans in MalaysiaBank loans in Malaysia are financial tools that can help you achieve your short-term and long-term financial objective

Many individuals have succeeded in raising their standards of living because they utilized the loans for their intended purposes. You can prosper too if you apply the same strategy.

Here are the bank loans that can help you achieve your financial goals:

  • Car loans – for mobility, a necessity but not a luxury
  • Education loans – for your children’s better future
  • Housing & property loans – for the family’s own residence
  • Business loans – for scaling or growing your own business
  • Personal loans – for medical expenses and emergency needs, paying off existing loans

As you grow your assets, you can build or manage your wealth by going into other investment opportunities. The key is to choose an established banking institution that offers the best service, affordable rates, and reliable financial advice.

A New Perspective on Bank LoansAssuming you qualify for a bank loan, keep in mind that the financial product is not intended to bury you in debt

Assuming you qualify for a bank loan, keep in mind that the financial product is not intended to bury you in debt. You should be borrowing for the right reasons and because there is a real need.

Today, it’s all about building wealth. Gone are the days that ‘wants’ precede ‘needs’. Some have fallen into the trap of accumulating debt that you end working just to pay off your debts. You can’t kick start your financial goals if you do not have the correct perspective. Make these bank loans work for you and be off to a better tomorrow.

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Malaysia Credit Cards: The Importance Of Owning One


Introduction – A Highly Advanced Economy

The Malaysian economy is an open market economy. Malaysia also has a highly industrialized economy, the fourth largest in the Southeast Asian region, and the third richest. Needless to say, not only is its economy growing rapidly but is also industrializing just as proportionately.

Because of this industrialization, its economy is also technologically advanced to a very great degree. Much of its currency has become digitized. And core to this digital financial integration is the credit card. As a means of storing, using, and exchanging money digitally, credit cards are essential to the financial digitization of society.

It is very important for Malaysians to understand the importance of the credit card and its ubiquitous influence to properly become a part of the society in which they live. And here are 2 very good reasons why owning a credit card is important to Malaysians and Malaysian society.1

  1. Credit card plays a major role in modern society

The invention of digital credit, and thus of the credit card, is innovative. So innovative and so convenient, in fact, that much of modern society is built around its existence. Many major financial decisions, transactions, measurements, and purchases revolve around digital credit.

People don’t make mortgage payments, car purchases, bill and utility payments, and rent payments with cash. That would simply be way too impractical and slow. They instead make swift and manageable credit payments set up on affordable plans that they slowly pay off.

Malaysians need a credit card due to the complexity of the modern world, with its numerous and complicated transactions, installment plans, and advanced financial situations and the need for credit history. It is inescapable to use a credit card by any member of such a financially advanced nation.

As such, it is in the best interest of Malaysians to situate themselves with a suitable and reliable credit card to fully integrate into society. Otherwise, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make many of the important and critical financial decisions and purchases.

  1. Malaysia credit cards help Malaysians save money and track expenses easier

As mentioned earlier in the article, Malaysians will inevitably have to make complicated financial decisions in their lives. Many of these decisions will be stressful ordeals to track, pay off, and participate in – such as paying off student loan, for example.

One of the reasons why digital credit was developed is because it is easy to track and use. You will never have to worry about lost or damaged currency, or forgetting to carry it with you. You can get bank statements and figures showing you exactly where and how your cash is used.

This makes life immensely less stressful and easier when you don’t have to worry about how to spend your money or where it goes. This also makes it much easier for Malaysians to save money since they can track every cent of their money, and thus decide what each and every cent is spent towards. And there are also the cashback bonuses many Malaysia credit cards offer that can earn you cash or credit rebate on eligible goods and services.2


Credit cards are so vital and so integrated into modern society that it’s nearly impossible to live without one. They are needed for Malaysians to make important financial purchases, such as a car loan, or down payment on a house. They make life much easier, because credit is much easier to keep track of than cash is.

And lastly, many credit cards have bonuses that can help you earn rebate back on eligible goods and services. Based on these facts, it is essential for Malaysians, and for anyone living in the modern world, to own and use a credit card.

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Everything You Know About Credit Cards Are Wrong: 3 Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

As the use of credit cards in Malaysia increases year after year, you may have heard warning testimonials about credit cards, e.g., how easy it is to fall into debts when owning one (or several). Yes, these stories could be true, but you shouldn’t be put off by them. Credit cards are tools: they can’t make you go bankrupt if you don’t allow it to happen.

As a rule of thumb, you need to be savvy about your money to avoid debts. Being aware of where your money comes from and where it goes, will help a lot in planning your financial stability. Also, you will need to manage your financial tools, including your credit cards. So here we share some simple and practical tips to help your first steps to being a credit card-savvy person.


  1. Remember that a credit card can be an excellent tool.

Yes, a credit card can actually be a helpful and beneficial tool. And it does not have to be a curse to you if the credit card is managed properly and used responsibly. The reason is that it can help you to build good credit for when you need it in the future.

However, a credit card can also get a lot of people into trouble. This is especially true when young adults have not taken the time to be informed about credit cards properly. A credit card should not be used as a way of life for every purchase you make. Doing this in the long term will hurt your finances deeply, due to the fact of having to pay substantial interests. Financial expert Dave Ramsey says that when it comes to credit card spending: if you cannot pay a purchase in cash, don’t put it on your card.

Remember that a credit card can be an excellent tool.


  1. You should not choose just any card that is on the market.

Your primary objective is to be informed about various cards that are available in Malaysia today. You need to carefully consider the perks, the cautions, the benefits, the interest rates on purchases, cash withdrawals, and other related things. You need to decide if you want cash back or prefer to receive air miles as incentives when you make purchases.

Consider if the purpose of your credit card will be for the possibility of being able to provide financing for an expensive yet needful purchase. Taking all of these essential elements into careful consideration will lead you into making a wise and informed decision about which card is right for your situation. You can also contact a financial advisor if you need help in choosing the best credit cards in Malaysia that are suitable for your needs.


  1. Be aware of your credit history.

It really is no surprise that those credit cards that seem to offer the best terms and most awesome rewards are highly targeted to those who possess excellent credit scores. Therefore a great credit card is really based on your credit score. If your credit score is not so great, your application to a great credit card could be turned down. So you should find out what your credit score is. If you’re not sure how to do this correctly, contact a financial expert.

Be aware of your credit history.


Credit cards are not evil; they’re tools that can work for your financial health. Before anything else, know how to manage your money. Then, learn how to use your credit card(s) to your advantage. Careful planning will help you from getting into credit card hassles that you don’t want or need. 

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