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7 Features to Look for When Buying a Slow Juicer in Malaysia


Are you planning to switch to healthier eating? One of the best products to help you with your goal is the slow juicer. What is a slow juicer and how does it differ from the traditional juicer?

As the name suggests, a slow juicer uses slow speed in extracting juices from fruits and vegetables. The slow process helps in preserving the natural taste and color of food along with the nutrients. The more conventional type of juicer, the centrifugal type, extracts the juice faster but the heat from it destroys and oxidizes the nutrients of food. The juice from the slow juicer also tends to last longer than that of a centrifugal juicer. That means you can keep it in the refrigerator longer!

If you are planning to buy a slow juicer machine in Malaysia, here are factors to help you find the best one:

  1. Ease of Use

The machine should not give you a hard time making your fresh juice. Unlike the conventional fruit juicer, there is no need to push hard on the food to shove them into the spinning blade. All you have to do is let the food fall into the auger and wait for your juice. It should come with a manual as well as online support.

  1. Price

A brand new high-quality slow juicer in Malaysia ranges from RM800-RM3,000. There are juicers that are offered at a retail price lower than RM500 but they have lesser juice capacity. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

  1. Energy Usage

Juicers have different electric consumption. A safe number should not be more than 150W for a juicer with half a liter capacity.


  1. Performance

The juicer should extract softer fruits like berries and at the same time, it should be durable enough to extract juice from harder fruits and veggies like carrots and apple. Find a machine that keeps noise to a minimum while doing its job efficiently. Buy a machine that features an innovative technology in extracting juice. You can find slow juicers with a double blade that squeezes the ingredient more thoroughly than the standard juicer.

  1. Built

Juicers come in various styles. But the more important thing to consider is the built of the machine. Is it durable enough to last for years? To ensure that your machine is perfectly safe and hygienic for regular use, invest in a juicer that is made up of BPA-free materials.  It would also help if the juicer has a large inlet massage so you will not have to spend much time cutting your fruits and veggies.

  1. Easy to Clean

One of the issues of owning a slow juicer is the fact that they can be complicated to wash. But if you prefer juicing daily, you can still get machines that are easy to clean. As much as possible, choose a device with a simple built. A simplified design makes cleaning easier.

  1. Accessories

Aside from the machine itself, check if the accessories that come with it are also easy to clean. A slow juicer usually consists of the pulp container, chamber, strainer, and feeding tube. Of course, it would be much better if the unit comes with a free brush for the blade and other parts. There are units that even come with a recipe book.


Juicing is the easiest way to get the nutrients that you need on a daily basis. It comes with so many health benefits! It can help you lose weight, it boosts your immunity, and improves your digestion, among other advantages.

In conclusion, take note that a slow juicer is an investment. Because it is not as economical as the traditional centrifugal juicer, it is only normal that you are extra meticulous when buying one. Choose a brand that you trust or read reviews from fellow consumers.

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Says London Weight Management – Healthy Snacks are One of the Keys to Weight Loss

Healthy Food Sampler

People may find that they have put on weight for a wide variety of reasons. This includes issues resulting from weight gain as a result of pregnancy or illness or because of problems as they age when one’s metabolism tends to slow down. “Those who want to lose weight will find that they have many ways of doing so,” says specialists from London Weight Management.
In most cases, the key to weight loss is careful control of caloric intake. Calories are the amount of energy in food. When someone consumes too many calories, they will often gain weight over a period of time.




Careful attention to detail is important during this process. One of the things that people must pay attention to is the kind of foods that they are consuming each day. The trick is to often make sure that someone does not feel too hungry. Having the right snacks can help aid this process and provide a burst of energy at the same time. Shopping carefully for snacks is a must in order to have them on hand when necessary. This will provide the dieter with easy access to snacks when they need them during the day.




A healthy diet is one that is composed of various kinds of nutrients. Such vitamins and minerals can come from various sources. One of the best of such sources are nuts. Nuts of all kinds are filling and full of nutrition. Studies have shown that those who consume a small amount of nuts each week are healthier than those who don’t. Cashew, walnuts, pecans and many other kinds of nuts can be eaten straight from the box. Keep servings to no greater than twenty-five nuts for optimum weight loss.




Another good snack to help feel full and lose weight are beans. Chick peas, for example, can be roasted for ten minutes, sprinkled with spices and then kept in air tight containers for healthy snacking plans. The same is true of certain other items that can also be easily prepared. A serving of five prunes contains a lot of fiber. Other dried fruits can be be substituted instead such as dried apricots or dried pineapple in order to help provide the dieter with menus variety.

The use of such snacks can be helpful to avoid overeating at meals. Someone who feels full during the day will also be more likely to stick to their diet and lose weight.

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6 Superfoods to Slim You Down Fast

Superfoods are special foods that pack a powerful nutritional punch. There are superfoods that boost energy, improve eyesight, enhance brain function and prevent or cure a wide variety of chronic health conditions. One health condition that many of us struggle with is excess body weight. There are superweightloss foods that can help you slim down while improving your overall health.


1. Black beans

Black beans are packed with fiber and protein that make you feel full. At the same time, they are very low in calories. Black beans are also a highly versatile food- they can be added to salads and soups. They can be served with rice or pasta. They can even be turned into delicious meat-like burger patties that satisfy, fill you up and don’t add very many calories to your day.


2. Avocados

Many dieters try to avoid all fat and they end up ravenous and cheat on their diet. Some studies have shown that dieters who actively try to eat healthy fats lose on average 2 kilograms more than dieters who try to avoid eating all fats. Avocados are a wonderful source of healthy fats. Adding avocado to a salad or sandwich will fill you up and make you feel full for hours. Avocados are also a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, don’t eat an entire avocado at one sitting- eat a half or a quarter. These creamy little fruits pack a lot of calories into each serving.


3. Salmon

Salmon is another good source of healthy fats. This delicious fish also provides plenty of protein to keep your muscles strong while you shed body fat. Salmon is another versatile food- it can be prepared in endless numbers of ways. You’ll never get tired of eating salmon.


4. Almonds

Like salmon, almonds are an excellent source of healthy fats and protein. Almonds are excellent for dieters because they are highly portable. Pack a small bag of almonds to consume as a snack or meal substitute when on the go. Eating a healthy snack can help dieters resist the temptation to grab a bag of crisps or stop in at the fish n chips shop.


5. Red wine

In addition to its beneficial effect on cardiovascular health, red wine boosts the metabolism. Individuals who down a glass or two each day burn off more calories per day than teetotalers. An interesting aspect of red wine is that it targets belly fat. People who drink red wine tend to have slimmer waists than beer or hard liquor drinkers.


6. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But grapefruit can do more than that- it can block insulin production. Insulin is released by the body in response to eating carbohydrates, and it acts to pack away the recently consumed meal as body fat. Eating half a grapefruit before each meal reduces the amount of insulin the body releases, which means less of the meal ends up being stored as body fat. Of course, eating a grapefruit before each meal also helps reduce the amount calories consumed at the meal. A double assist to weight loss.
Add these six superweightloss foods to your diet and watch the weight effortless drop away while you enjoy improved health and increased energy.

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An Alternative Iced Tea: Why We Love Pokka Oolong Tea

So you love tea, but you don’t always have time to brew your own cup during a busy day. You also forgot to ice your last batch and put it in the fridge for later. The obvious option is to purchase some canned or bottled tea to make things a little easier, but which one would be able to come closest to the taste you’re used to having?

Most of the well-known brands have added sugar, or become watery and thin compared to proper tea bags and loose leaf blends. The variety also changes from store to store. To top it off, most mainstream brands only deal in green or black tea. Where are you supposed to go when you want to have a different flavor on stock?

Well, there’s good news. Iced oolong tea exists. Enjoy the fact for a second. Okay, now you know another pre-blended flavor exists. I know you’ll be asking, so let’s go ahead and list out the next questions: Where can you find it? Do the same issues with other canned/bottled teas apply?

The basics first: while there are a few brands that feature iced oolong tea, one of the easiest to find is named Pokka oolong tea. You can purchase individual cans for a taste test, or you can buy in bulk at most Asian food markets and specialty grocery stores. It seems impossible, but it’s true!

As for the tea blend itself: Pokka oolong tea is unsweetened, and will be sure to say so on every can, right where you can see it. Other cans that deal in unsweetened tea will be marked the same way, if you happen to see more in your search for an easy drink. That just leaves the most important factor in purchasing store-made teas.
Taste: Sometimes store-bought teas will have a chemical after-taste, even with good ingredients. It’s also possible to have bitter or watery tea. Not to worry with this kind—this canned oolong tea tastes just right. There’s no aftertaste or bitterness in this particular canned brand, and the dual layers that make oolong a nice balance between the more common green and black comes out in full earthiness here.

Buying canned tea during a busy week doesn’t mean you have to settle on flavor. Just remember to search markets that know their stuff. Your taste buds will be grateful!

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Calming Benefits of Drinking Tea

Long revered as a drink associated with a number of physical benefits, such as weight loss, cancer prevention, and reduced cholesterol, tea is universally adored by dieticians and health enthusiasts alike. Tea bears a cargo of healthful antioxidants, along with caffeine and theanine, which are able to contribute to concentration, mental alertness, and the bettered state of your mood. As such, settling down to a freshly brewed cup of green or black tea is considered a ritual that will reduce stress and improve productivity, effective as a jump-start to an early morning as much as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Much in the way that different types of vegetables each carry their unique contribution to one’s wellbeing, the variety of tea you favor will come with its personalized strata of benefits. Redmart Japanese green tea  is not only apt at minimizing the risk of a slew of cancers, but it contains L-theanine, an amino acid which combats anxiety and works with caffeine to improve general brain function. Green tea’s moderate level of caffeine results in a boost of energy without the overwhelming jitters produced by coffee, leaving the drinker with a balanced sense of focus and improved creativity.

Pokka oolong tea is reputed as a contributor to a healthy bone structure, while also harboring healthful polyphenols which ease the mind and reduce stress. The brew itself is especially fragrant, providing for the sensual relaxation which is often sought through aromatherapy. Oolong tea is a feel-good drink which mediates between green and black tea; it can improve skin complexion and dental health, which in turn can serve as a boost to self-esteem.

The most highly caffeinated of teas, black tea is best brewed for an increase in energy and an elevated mood. Unlike coffee, black tea is not harmful to oral health, and its stimulation of the heart and respiratory system heightens cardiovascular wellness. Not to mention, it is capable of significantly strengthening the immune system, which reduces the risk of viral diseases and overall leaves the body feeling more vigorous.

Whatever the tea, there is an indisputable pleasure connected with establishing its presence within your daily regimen. Experts agree that in order to truly benefit from tea consumption, drinkers should set aside time to enjoy three to five cups a day. Each cup of tea provides for a brief respite from laborious, stressful situations, as well as something pleasant to be anticipated throughout each day. Tea breaks enable you to slow down, gather your thoughts, and breathe while indulging in something that is proven to be good for your health, both mentally and physically.


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Unique Recipes For Sparkling Orange Summer Drinks Using Basil, Sherbet and Yogurt!

Are you looking for a few sparkling orange drink recipes that will cool you off during a hot summer day? For decades, adding citrus flavor to carbonated beverages has been an ongoing trend. However, if you want to get a break from the same old sodas and Mimosas, you will not regret these unique nonalcoholic drinks.
A citrus drink with basil?

In case you have not noticed, one of the biggest new trends is to add basil and orange flavor to tequila. Several celebrity chefs have come up with their own gourmet recipes for this combination, but anyone can try it at home. The basics you will need to make this recipe are equal parts juice, sparkling water, sugar and basil.

To make the drink, add one teaspoon of sugar and a few leaves of fresh basil to a glass. Use a spoon to crush the basil into the sugar. Top it off with the juice and sparkling water. If you do not like the bits of basil, use a wire mesh tea strainer to remove the particles. For keeping the pulp in your drink, wait to add the juice after the drink has been strained.




Sparkling sherbet punch

One of the easiest ways to create a party punch is to add sherbet to certain types of soda. Instead of making this on a grand scale, consider adding a dollop of your favorite orange sorbet or sherbet to a glass of plain carbonated water. You will get a little bit of sweetness from this drink and creaminess as well. A tablespoon of ice cream in a glass of carbonated water is also a great way enjoy the taste of your favorite dessert with fewer fat and calories. Before you add a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten the drink, squeeze some lemon or lime juice into it and see if it adjusts the taste.


Citrus energy drink with a zip

There are several products on the market today that allow you to add fizz to your water along with several vitamins or electrolytes. While some people enjoy the taste, others find that it is medicinal. If this is an ongoing problem, you might avoid this problem by not drinking it at all. Regardless, some people find success when they drink it with a splash of fruit juice. The end result of this recipe is a sparkly drink with citrus flavor, and the extra benefits of electrolytes or vitamins.


Citrus Iranian iced yogurt soda

Do you love Italian sodas? These days, everyone is excited about yogurt. If you are looking for an additional way to expand on your passion, consider making a popular beverage from the Middle East that will remind you of an Italian soda with cream. In the country of Iran, people regularly enjoy a cold beverage that is made from carbonated water and yogurt. In Iran, this drink is usually manufactured in mint or plain flavor. Many Persian people will add black pepper to the plain yogurt drink after opening it.

On the other hand, most Americans do not appreciate this beverage because it has a somewhat bitter taste in either flavor. Nevertheless, Americans do appreciate the drink if it has any other kind of fruit flavor added to it. For this reason, do not be afraid to explore this recipe to give a new spin to your favorite sparkling drink. To make this recipe, combine two teaspoons of sweetened fruit flavored syrup, carbonated water and two teaspoons of your preferred brand of yogurt.

Info source: How Is Sparkling Water Made and What Is It For?

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