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Cycling Safety: 3 Tips To Staying Safe On The Roads


Riding a bicycle for fun or even for basic transportation is something some of us do once in a while or every day. It is important therefore that we learn a few cycling tips to ensure safety that go beyond the basics such as you, the bike and the helmet. There is the need to go that extra mile to be able to say you are completely able to practice safety on the roads while riding a bike.

Things To Do Before You Ride

It’s all about safety today, so let’s try and get to the things you should do before riding that bike.



A key to staying safe is preparing for the ride. As part of the preparation, it would be important to know your city and its rules and the recommendations for riding a bike. This will save you lots of time and money, and you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the traffic laws. Knowing where you are planning to go is very essential when you get ready for riding as it will help keep you out of dangerous situations.


For New Cyclists

If you have just taken up cycling, plan to use a route with little traffic and preferably one that has bike lanes. Busy intersections are something you should also consider avoiding.



Considering that many people turn to bicycle riding for health benefits as this activity can help you shed excess weight, you will probably want to cycle at a high speed, and this is fine, but make sure you are in an area where you can do this without literally riding into trouble or something or someone else harming you.


Working On Your Mindset

To start with, it is important that you as a rider be predictable just like a driver. You should wear bright clothes, be aware of your surroundings, anticipate driver behavior, have your hands ready on the brakes, watch for car doors opening, and then ultimately, you should follow bike traffic rules and be aware of the traffic rules for cars. Also, keeping in your lane will prove very helpful for your safety.


Changing A Flat

One piece of cycling advice is that you practice changing a flat at home and make sure you have the process down pat before you are out in the middle of a ride and a flat springs up on you.


Parts And Accessories

Just like the driver’s seat of a car, the bike seat needs to be comfortable for you, and this means that your body fits well on the seat and you feel comfortable. Since a lot of bikes come with generic unisex saddles that are often uncomfortable, you can try upgrading to one that has gel padding or on the other hand try one that is gender specific;go to bike/ for various bike parts, cycling guides and installation help and tips. They can even have the parts you need for your bike delivered to you.

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Says London Weight Management – Healthy Snacks are One of the Keys to Weight Loss

Healthy Food Sampler

People may find that they have put on weight for a wide variety of reasons. This includes issues resulting from weight gain as a result of pregnancy or illness or because of problems as they age when one’s metabolism tends to slow down. “Those who want to lose weight will find that they have many ways of doing so,” says specialists from London Weight Management.
In most cases, the key to weight loss is careful control of caloric intake. Calories are the amount of energy in food. When someone consumes too many calories, they will often gain weight over a period of time.




Careful attention to detail is important during this process. One of the things that people must pay attention to is the kind of foods that they are consuming each day. The trick is to often make sure that someone does not feel too hungry. Having the right snacks can help aid this process and provide a burst of energy at the same time. Shopping carefully for snacks is a must in order to have them on hand when necessary. This will provide the dieter with easy access to snacks when they need them during the day.




A healthy diet is one that is composed of various kinds of nutrients. Such vitamins and minerals can come from various sources. One of the best of such sources are nuts. Nuts of all kinds are filling and full of nutrition. Studies have shown that those who consume a small amount of nuts each week are healthier than those who don’t. Cashew, walnuts, pecans and many other kinds of nuts can be eaten straight from the box. Keep servings to no greater than twenty-five nuts for optimum weight loss.




Another good snack to help feel full and lose weight are beans. Chick peas, for example, can be roasted for ten minutes, sprinkled with spices and then kept in air tight containers for healthy snacking plans. The same is true of certain other items that can also be easily prepared. A serving of five prunes contains a lot of fiber. Other dried fruits can be be substituted instead such as dried apricots or dried pineapple in order to help provide the dieter with menus variety.

The use of such snacks can be helpful to avoid overeating at meals. Someone who feels full during the day will also be more likely to stick to their diet and lose weight.

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Can You Treat Dark Eye Circles With Creams?


You do not have to search hard to find someone who has tried the wealth of home remedies for treating dark circles under the eyes only to achieve underwhelming results. Cucumbers, fruit masks, teas, and other homeopathic solutions can make a dent over time. However, it is rare that these kinds of solutions for dark circles under the eyes are offering a lasting remedy. People are often pleasantly surprised to find out that creams can actually make a huge difference for dark circles. The creams on today’s market are considerably more advanced than they have been in the past. The key to success is knowing what to look for in a cream when sorting through the wealth of miracle cures that are advertised. When dark circles under the eyes present a real obstacle for the beauty of your appearance, tackle the problem using a cream that has real potential for success.


Concerned Shoppers

When shopping for eye creams, the important details are the ingredients rather than the advertising. Many of today’s over-the-counter products use lower grades of the same ingredients as those prescribed by dermatologists. Progress that is similar to that made possible using a dark eye circle treatment from doctors is possible when the right ingredients are in play.


The creams that will give you the best chance for success should contain ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin K. These two nutrients serve to lessen the visibility of blood vessels under the eyes that cause dark circles. You should also take note of protection from Ultraviolet light. UV rays can lead to the formation of free radicals that cause sun damage and increased pigmentation. Increased pigmentation contributes to the bruised characteristic that comes with dark circles.


Levels of Treatment

Like almost all medications and health products, you will get what you pay for. Quality ingredients are expensive to include and manufacture. Avoid bargain bins and less-expensive products that promise extraordinary results due to hidden formulas.

FaceMask Stick with spa-quality serums and creams that comes from dedicated cosmetic companies in order to receive a quality product. Less-expensive products also tend to get results using harsh chemicals. Quality products rely on natural ingredients and safe compounds to reduce circles under the eyes. It is also important to take note of the expiration date of the product. Ingredients may no longer be potent or active, resulting in a discount price for the consumer.


Keep Goals in Mind

It is also wise to consult a doctor or dermatologist about the kinds of results that you want and the types of products that you should use. They can start you out on prescription-level creams that are highly effective based on the characteristics of your skin. Over time, you can move to conventional products that use many of the same active ingredients in order to maintain your results for long periods of time.


It is also important to be aware that there is no product on the market that will work overnight. When you are using products that promise to provide results, you must exercise patience. Products that offer long-term solutions rarely begin to show results right away. Conversely, products that conceal and offer quick fixes are not likely to give you results over a period of months or years. Have clear expectations about the results that you want to see going into the store so that you can make the wisest choice in products. People often experience the best results by combining creams with a healthy diet and other skin-care and lifestyle habits that will address their health as a whole.

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Perfect Your Pout: 4 Tips for Amazing-Looking Kissers!


Eyeshadow, foundation, mascara and bronzer are all tools that you apply with little fuss. However, when it comes down to your pout, you run into a bit of a problem. So many different products exist, and each of them seems to exude a different vibe. Starting with a smooth base allows your lips to shine whether you choose a gloss or something more mature.



Prepare Your Pout

Before you apply any sort of makeup to your lips, you should make sure they are ready. By taking a toothbrush with warm water on the bristle and gentle rubbing your lips, you can exfoliate dead skin cells. This action helps to prevent cracking, and it can make your color application go more smoothly. Add some lip moisturizer on afterwards and let it dry before you move to the next step.


Rest Your Lips

Constantly putting on lipstick or lipgloss can dry your lips out, especially if you consistently use formulas that are meant to plump up your kisser. On days when you are going to the beach with the girls or don’t have any important meetings lined up for work, apply a light gloss or moisturizer throughout the day.











Then, your lips will be all ready for clubbing with the ladies on Friday night or heading to a wedding with your beau on Saturday.

Gloss or Lipstick

When you were a teenager, you always turned to lipgloss, and now, you still have a tendency to do so. Plenty of glosses provide you with a mature and sophisticated look, but some can be a bit too poppy for a sophisticated event. For those extra special nights where you need to look a bit more formal, choose a lipstick. You can also use a lipgloss over a lipstick to make the look less dry and to help your lips feel better.


Selecting Colors

If you are wearing a lipstick, you’re going to have a much bolder color than with a lipgloss. Make sure the color works with the rest of your makeup. For example, pairing a bright pink lipstick with bright blue eyeshadow is not considered fashion-forward right now, and you might look a bit immature. Instead, let the colors balance one another out. Random guest review on the web: Shakura Review

Starting with the basics as well as choosing the right colors and techniques will help to give you lips that match the rest of your beauty.

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Diet Tips that Models Do not Want to Disclose


The weight loss merry-go-round is a ride that virtually every person who has every want to lose weight has experienced, at one point in time. Even though there is a group of people that tend to stay thin wherever you see them. Many of them are featured in magazines, commercials and they may even have a leading role on popular television shows and movies. Better known as super models, their claim to fame is sporting the perfect body. So, what is it that distinguishes this group from you and me? While there is a sector that may never disclose their secrets, others are genuinely happy to help others with their battle. In fact, here’s a few basic tips(provide by London Weight Management) from the super model community that you can benefit from when seeking to drop those extra pounds.





You Should Eat, Don’t Starve

In the past, many celebrities had major battles with keeping the weight off since past practices in many Hollywood settings advocated cutting the calories to minimum to keep the weight off. Today, the health and diet industry has changed dramatically since the key to losing weight today is eating more instead of starving. Based on recent creditable scientific resources, one of the best ways to lose weight is keeping the metabolism moving throughout the day. In order to do this effectively, the dieter will need to make sure that they are eating a certain amount of food on daily basis. In fact, based on the latest findings, people who do not eat will stop their metabolism in its tracks.




Eat Small but Frequent Meals

Some of the big names in the super model industry are sharing their top secrets with you. So, it is up to you and others to follow suit. By eating small healthy servings every three hours, you can boost your metabolism and keep it moving so that you can lose weight and become healthier too.

Carbs are Legal for Energy Instead of Lethal

Even though some diet programs will only allow you to eat a certain amount of carbs per day, this is not the case on many of the popular diet programs that the supermodels follow. Instead, some carbs are being used to maintain their energy level throughout their day in order to support their busy lives. So, they may be seen eating a wide variety of different healthy nutritious carbohydrates on their shoots for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks too.


Healthy Diet Tips for Models

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Platelet Rich Plasma: Skin Treatment Using Natural Elements For Beauty



Today, a natural appearance is important for professional and social life. A young rejuvenated look exudes a sense of youthful energy and accomplishment. To look younger, skin treatments have been an important part of the solution for many people. The two types of skin treatments are natural based and artificial based. The artificial treatments are costly for the short time they last.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is for treating sports injuries suffered by professional athletes. It is works as a clinical tool to provide medical treatments for nerve injury, tendinitis, muscle repair, and more. It is also a form of tried and tested aesthetic clinic treatment. The Platelet Rich Plasma is a natural product from the body. It is the portion of the blood separated from the red and white blood cells. The remaining plasma is the clear fluid. These platelets rejuvenate skin at a beauty clinic specializing in skin care and beautification. PRP serves as an element used by an aesthetic treatment clinician.




Platelet Rich Plasma beauty treatment requires to be carried out by certified professionals who are licensed to conduct procedures to enhance skin rejuvenation. PRP skin rejuvenation works to reduce dark circles and puffiness under the yes. It soothes out the fine lines around the eyes. The procedure works to firm the skin to melt away the look of sagging aging skin around the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. A PRP skin rejuvenation professional makes skin tone healthy and firm.



Before and after PRP treatment.



The way PRP works is it helps tissue heal and grow new cells resulting in new rejuvenated skin. The PRP substance injected in the skin promotes a person’s own collagen to grow and regenerate new tissues. Naturally smooth tightened skin forms with this natural occurring process. The skin has reduced wrinkles and has a smoother texture and tone. The skin therapy is complex and performed by a dermatological professional knowledgeable about Platelet Rich Plasma beauty treatments for the skin.


Rejuvenate your skin with Platelet Rich Plasma


The use of PRP is a more advanced aesthetic clinical procedure. It works by stimulating a person’s collagen to grow tissue rather than traditional artificial wrinkle improvement methods. Traditional methods are the injections used to numb and puff facial features that temporarily reduce wrinkles. PRP is a natural biological element to enhance the natural growing process of the skin. This more natural procedure has a more natural looking result. It is longer lasting and more effective than artificial methods.

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Six Habits That Will Make a World of a Difference to Your Makeup


A woman’s makeup can transform her into a goddess if she puts it on correctly. On the other hand, women who apply their makeup too thickly or with incorrect techniques can give themselves a clownish or even scary appearance. If you want to look your best, learning the proper way to apply your makeup is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. If you want to become a makeup expert, start by following these six smart tips to improve your makeup.


My BEST new concealer lesson is to do the "V" under the eye down to the upper cheek and blend. Right before I learned it, I went through a BAD bumbed makeup stage. Not knowing how to get rid of "white' racoon Thank GOD for Pinterest:)

Learn How to Apply Concealer

One of the most common mistakes women make with their makeup is to apply their concealer incorrectly. Proper concealer use is the foundation of good makeup technique. One of the keys to applying concealer is to first apply a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. Using moisturizer will help the concealer to glide on smoothly.

After you have applied the moisturizer, use make up brushes to apply the concealer. Do not fall for the mistaken advice that you should use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Use a concealer that is the same shade as your skin tone. Only use your concealer where you need it. Concealer should go on blemishes and under your eyes. Judicious use of concealer is a skill that all women need to perfect.


The perfect products for amazingly flawless skin, longest lashes, and poutiest pouts.

Perfect Base

After you apply your concealer, you must lay a foundation of base before you start applying the rest of your makeup. If you want to get the perfect base, they key is to apply it in the right places. Using a foundation stick, apply thick lines of base above your brows, down your nose and on each cheek bone. Once you have made these lines, you can then blend the base into your skin with the brushes you use for your makeup. This will help to give it an even, beautiful tone.

Survey Your Face

Once you applied your foundation, it is important to assess your face before moving on. Make sure that none of your blemishes are still showing through. If you do have a pimple that is showing through both your concealer and base, then you need to use a little more concealer to cover it up. 3CE Cosmetics makes a number of concealers that are great for these touch-up concealing jobs.


Applying blush correctly can make all the difference in how that lovely face of yours appears.  Check out this useful advice, to make sure you're doing it right!

Cream Blush is the Secret to a Healthy Glow

If you are still using powder blush, then you need to jump into the 21st century. Forget the powder and switch to cream blush. When you use cream blush to redden your cheeks, it gives you a much more natural appearance. Cream blush is perfect for creating the appearance of a glow that is generated from within.

Cream Shadow


As well as being better for blush, creams are better for eye makeup as well. If you want to create a lovely, natural look for your eyes, use a cream shadow on your eyes. They come in a wide range of shades. These cream shadows also do a great job of covering up any stray eyebrow hairs.

Two Coats of Mascara

One of the most common mistakes that women make when applying their makeup is to put on only one coat of mascara. One coat is never enough to coat your eyelashes fully. Two coats will give you the perfect depth of mascara to look great and last for the day.

Follow these six makeup tips if you want to look your best. Applying your makeup is not a mystery that only artists can do right. Simply following these easy steps will give you a lovely appearance that will get your noticed.

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6 Superfoods to Slim You Down Fast

Superfoods are special foods that pack a powerful nutritional punch. There are superfoods that boost energy, improve eyesight, enhance brain function and prevent or cure a wide variety of chronic health conditions. One health condition that many of us struggle with is excess body weight. There are superweightloss foods that can help you slim down while improving your overall health.


1. Black beans

Black beans are packed with fiber and protein that make you feel full. At the same time, they are very low in calories. Black beans are also a highly versatile food- they can be added to salads and soups. They can be served with rice or pasta. They can even be turned into delicious meat-like burger patties that satisfy, fill you up and don’t add very many calories to your day.


2. Avocados

Many dieters try to avoid all fat and they end up ravenous and cheat on their diet. Some studies have shown that dieters who actively try to eat healthy fats lose on average 2 kilograms more than dieters who try to avoid eating all fats. Avocados are a wonderful source of healthy fats. Adding avocado to a salad or sandwich will fill you up and make you feel full for hours. Avocados are also a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. However, don’t eat an entire avocado at one sitting- eat a half or a quarter. These creamy little fruits pack a lot of calories into each serving.


3. Salmon

Salmon is another good source of healthy fats. This delicious fish also provides plenty of protein to keep your muscles strong while you shed body fat. Salmon is another versatile food- it can be prepared in endless numbers of ways. You’ll never get tired of eating salmon.


4. Almonds

Like salmon, almonds are an excellent source of healthy fats and protein. Almonds are excellent for dieters because they are highly portable. Pack a small bag of almonds to consume as a snack or meal substitute when on the go. Eating a healthy snack can help dieters resist the temptation to grab a bag of crisps or stop in at the fish n chips shop.


5. Red wine

In addition to its beneficial effect on cardiovascular health, red wine boosts the metabolism. Individuals who down a glass or two each day burn off more calories per day than teetotalers. An interesting aspect of red wine is that it targets belly fat. People who drink red wine tend to have slimmer waists than beer or hard liquor drinkers.


6. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But grapefruit can do more than that- it can block insulin production. Insulin is released by the body in response to eating carbohydrates, and it acts to pack away the recently consumed meal as body fat. Eating half a grapefruit before each meal reduces the amount of insulin the body releases, which means less of the meal ends up being stored as body fat. Of course, eating a grapefruit before each meal also helps reduce the amount calories consumed at the meal. A double assist to weight loss.
Add these six superweightloss foods to your diet and watch the weight effortless drop away while you enjoy improved health and increased energy.

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An Alternative Iced Tea: Why We Love Pokka Oolong Tea

So you love tea, but you don’t always have time to brew your own cup during a busy day. You also forgot to ice your last batch and put it in the fridge for later. The obvious option is to purchase some canned or bottled tea to make things a little easier, but which one would be able to come closest to the taste you’re used to having?

Most of the well-known brands have added sugar, or become watery and thin compared to proper tea bags and loose leaf blends. The variety also changes from store to store. To top it off, most mainstream brands only deal in green or black tea. Where are you supposed to go when you want to have a different flavor on stock?

Well, there’s good news. Iced oolong tea exists. Enjoy the fact for a second. Okay, now you know another pre-blended flavor exists. I know you’ll be asking, so let’s go ahead and list out the next questions: Where can you find it? Do the same issues with other canned/bottled teas apply?

The basics first: while there are a few brands that feature iced oolong tea, one of the easiest to find is named Pokka oolong tea. You can purchase individual cans for a taste test, or you can buy in bulk at most Asian food markets and specialty grocery stores. It seems impossible, but it’s true!

As for the tea blend itself: Pokka oolong tea is unsweetened, and will be sure to say so on every can, right where you can see it. Other cans that deal in unsweetened tea will be marked the same way, if you happen to see more in your search for an easy drink. That just leaves the most important factor in purchasing store-made teas.
Taste: Sometimes store-bought teas will have a chemical after-taste, even with good ingredients. It’s also possible to have bitter or watery tea. Not to worry with this kind—this canned oolong tea tastes just right. There’s no aftertaste or bitterness in this particular canned brand, and the dual layers that make oolong a nice balance between the more common green and black comes out in full earthiness here.

Buying canned tea during a busy week doesn’t mean you have to settle on flavor. Just remember to search markets that know their stuff. Your taste buds will be grateful!

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3 Ways To Treat Chronic Aches


Chronic pain affects more than 75% of Americans. Whether it is a nagging back ache or throbbing knee, continuous agony can be both debilitating and frustrating. Even in unmentionable pain there are steps that you can take to improve your health. Here are a few ways you can avoid further suffering and avert surgery.


Find Comfort in Sleep

Most pain comes from poor back support. Many leg and upper body injuries arise because the back, particularly the lower back, does not have reinforcements at night that allow the muscles to relax and recuperate. It is for this reason that you should sleep on a mattress that is both comfortable and firm. You should also have pillows that promote healthy posture.





Consider Exercise and Good Nutrition

While not all persistent pain is due to poor nutrition some nagging aches can be avoided with a little more fruits and vegetables being added to your diet. Consider snacking on an apple or having salad instead of a sandwich for lunch. You should also take part in physical activities such as walking or bicycling at least three times per week. Practicing good nutrition while leading an active lifestyle strengthens muscles and bones.


Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Their advice may not always be warranted but it is typically correct when it comes to chronic pain. Although doctors usually suggest natural remedies before recommending professional treatment, there are times when at-home solutions are not enough. When you and your doctor have exhausted all measures of potential resolutions to the problem, you should probably consider undergoing the surgery that your physician mentioned when you first made your complaint. It is difficult to admit but sometimes treating shoulder pain (see advise from Bone Doctor) involves more than just applying ice.

Chronic pain may be frustrating but it doesn’t have to be a weakening experience. There are several steps that you can take to ensure that you still enjoy life in spite of persistent aches.



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