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Five Tips For Any Malaysian Cycling Trip

A bicycle is a great way to travel. Traveling by bicycle means the opportunity to see spaces firsthand and yet still have the means to move quickly. A biking road trip allows any traveler to modify their plans as necessary in order to see sights that look appealing along the way. This is particularly in countries such as Malaysia. The nation of Malaysia is one that is highly welcoming to all those using a road bike. Taking a road bike in Malaysia is one of the region’s best ways to travel.
Get The Right Equipment

Use of the right equipment is vital when traveling here. Specialized road bikes are available in many parts of the county. Such bikes can help make any trip here flow more smoothly. The changing terrain makes it imperative to make use of such specialized road bikes, allowing riders to proceed from the shore to the interior quite easily.

Make An Advanced Itinerary

Advanced planning is a crucial part of any trip here. In addition to a GPS, have detailed maps on hand at all times. The maps should indicate the approximate distance from one destination to the next. A map should also indicate any notable landmarks along the way. Making reservations is even easier today as the internet is widely in use all over Malaysia.

Hire a Guide

While traveling with a road bike in Malaysia on one’s own can be fun and exciting, it is often best to have at least one guide. Hire a guide who has experience working with travelers. Many companies will offer organized tours complete with guides, making it easier than ever to road bike here. However, an independent guide can be just as useful. Working with an independent guide allows any traveler to have more flexible plans that may not be possible when traveling with a large group of people.

Bring a Change of Clothing

Taking a bike trip can be hard on the body. Wear comfortable clothing at all times. The hot Malaysian climate is one is often subject to sudden downpours. Bring extra clothing of all kinds when taking a bike trip. This should include shoes as well. A thin change of items are easy to carry along on a trip and can come in very handy once heading out back on the road after a taking a break at a rest stop or after lunch.


Keep a Cellphone on Hand

Communicating while on the road is vitally important. Expect service to be reasonably okay when cycling from one part of Malaysia to the next. Keep a cellphone in some place safe and secure during any road trip. If traveling with a large party, this allows the person to make sure that they are in sync as they travel between places. A cellphone also allows travelers to contact others and call for help in the event of an emergency of some kind such as sudden accident or if they should get lost in the lush Malaysian countryside.

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Cycling Safety: 3 Tips To Staying Safe On The Roads


Riding a bicycle for fun or even for basic transportation is something some of us do once in a while or every day. It is important therefore that we learn a few cycling tips to ensure safety that go beyond the basics such as you, the bike and the helmet. There is the need to go that extra mile to be able to say you are completely able to practice safety on the roads while riding a bike.

Things To Do Before You Ride

It’s all about safety today, so let’s try and get to the things you should do before riding that bike.



A key to staying safe is preparing for the ride. As part of the preparation, it would be important to know your city and its rules and the recommendations for riding a bike. This will save you lots of time and money, and you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the traffic laws. Knowing where you are planning to go is very essential when you get ready for riding as it will help keep you out of dangerous situations.


For New Cyclists

If you have just taken up cycling, plan to use a route with little traffic and preferably one that has bike lanes. Busy intersections are something you should also consider avoiding.



Considering that many people turn to bicycle riding for health benefits as this activity can help you shed excess weight, you will probably want to cycle at a high speed, and this is fine, but make sure you are in an area where you can do this without literally riding into trouble or something or someone else harming you.


Working On Your Mindset

To start with, it is important that you as a rider be predictable just like a driver. You should wear bright clothes, be aware of your surroundings, anticipate driver behavior, have your hands ready on the brakes, watch for car doors opening, and then ultimately, you should follow bike traffic rules and be aware of the traffic rules for cars. Also, keeping in your lane will prove very helpful for your safety.


Changing A Flat

One piece of cycling advice is that you practice changing a flat at home and make sure you have the process down pat before you are out in the middle of a ride and a flat springs up on you.


Parts And Accessories

Just like the driver’s seat of a car, the bike seat needs to be comfortable for you, and this means that your body fits well on the seat and you feel comfortable. Since a lot of bikes come with generic unisex saddles that are often uncomfortable, you can try upgrading to one that has gel padding or on the other hand try one that is gender specific;go to bike/ for various bike parts, cycling guides and installation help and tips. They can even have the parts you need for your bike delivered to you.

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Guide To Bicycle Helmets: Read Before You Buy

Bike Helmet tb

There are many qualities to consider when you start thinking about buying a new bicycle helmet. The first priority should always be safety and the protection provided by the new helmet. One of the first things to consider is the road conditions you’re most likely to use the helmet on. People usually have three different types of styles to choose from: sport, mountain bike or road bike helmets.


Helmet Styles

Sport helmets are designed for multi-purpose use and are generally the least expensive purchase. Road bike helmets are often the most expensive because they feature aerodynamic designs and sophisticated ventilation. Aside from picking the right style, it’s equally important you find the best size as well. You can use a string to measure the circumference of your head, an inch above the eyebrows, in order to figure what size helmet you need. Most helmets are available in one-size fits-all as well.


Carrera Foldable Helmet 1

Carrera Foldable Helmet


Carrera Foldable Helmet

Carrera Foldable Helmet


Carrera Foldable Helmet

Carrera Foldable Helmet



Regardless of the size, it’s typically best to choose a helmet that comes equipped with adjustable straps. Any good helmet typically comes equipped with an adjustable chinstrap. Aside from adjustable straps and adequate ventilation, good helmets are often constructed with safety features as a top priority. Look for helmets that have a comfortable liner on the inside. This material is designed to absorb the impact in the event of a collision. Some helmet designs fuse the outer shell and the inner liner without the use of glue, these products are typically lighter and stronger.


Bike Helmet Make Sure Fit


Helmet Features

According to Barang Bike helmet expert, helmets are usually more expensive when they weigh less. There are also helmets designed with sun-visors or special ports for ponytails. Adequate ventilation is important in a good helmet because as the bodily activity increases rises, the head needs to be able to regulate the temperature. Some of the most sophisticated helmets on the planet, often used in the Tour de France, incorporate inserts of carbon fiber to increase protection and strength in the outer shell.


2012 Tour de France

2012 Tour de France



Helmet Advice

Helmets should be replaced every 5 years or sooner if recommended by the manufacturer. A helmet should also be replaced anytime it’s involved in a collision. A few different helmet designs include the flip up, ½, ¾ and full face. The helmet designs with full face and head protection provide you with the most safety while riding your bike. Studies indicate that helmets reduce the risk of head or brain injury by 65 to 88 percent. A cyclist wearing an inadequate safety helmet may be 2.5 times more likely to suffer a brain injury that someone wearing a good helmet.

Some of the materials the best helmets are made of include Kevlar, carbon fiber, ABS plastic or fiberglass. The liner inside these helmets is composed of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam that fractures upon impact in order to protect the brain from any potential trauma. There are also a few helmets available that feature accessories like removal-washable liners or Bluetooth/GPS enabled headsets. Just make sure that nothing on the helmet impairs your vision when you are out riding the bicycle around town.

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How To Buy The Right Bicycle for Kids

kid bike tb

Just like clothes, beds, car seats and shoes, kids need to have the right size bicycles to ride safely and comfortably. The first self-propelled vehicle children often have are walkers that help babies develop leg strength and mobility. The next is likely to be a pedal car, a three-wheeled pedal vehicle or a standard tricycle. It is the bicycle-using years where more attention to size and features must be given in order to promote safety and permit children to enjoy the freedom that cycling allows.


Choosing the Size of the Bicycle

Bicycles are most commonly sized by the diameter of their wheels. Adult bicycle choices additionally have frame types and size to consider. Where adults may be more comfortable pedaling bicycles where they have to stand on tiptoes to straddle the seats, bicycles for kids should permit them to straddle the seats with their feet flat on the ground. This is due to the issues of developing balance as beginner riders.


Choosing the Correct Type of Brakes

Bicycles with hand brakes should only be operated by children with enough hand strength to use the brakes. Hand brakes, especially for the front rims of bicycles, requires skill development to prevent accidents that can send children tumbling over the handlebars. Coaster brakes that work by rearward pressure on the pedals are usually the best choice for bicycles for beginner riders.


Kid Bicycle Training Wheels

Training wheels add stability to the rear wheel of standard bicycles for children. As children are learning how to balance on two-wheeled bicycles, training wheels help to prevent tip-over accidents. However, they are not as stable as a tricycle. The benefits of training wheels are that they can be removed, making the purchase of another bicycle once balance skills are acquired unnecessary.


Multi-Speed Bicycles

Bicycles with multiple sprockets to switch gears should be introduced to children who have good balance and experience with hand brakes. The concept of how the gears work may be difficult for younger children to understand. This may cause unsafe riding conditions with the chain not fully engaging sprockets correctly. A broken or slipped chain can lead to an accident. Also, many multi-speed bikes do not have extensive chain guards like single speed and some three-speed bikes have.


Children Outgrowing Bicycles

A circus clown riding a tiny bicycle is humorous, but it can be dangerous for children. Bicycles should fit the current physical development and riding skills of the children riding them. Just as you would not expect children to wear shoes that are too small or too big, the same goes for bicycles and the safety gear used for riding. This does mean you must be willing to replace equipment your children may outgrow in a single season, but it is the safest thing to do.


Safety Equipment

All bicycles should have approved front, rear and side reflectors. Adding a flexible fiberglass pole and warning flag is a good idea too. The florescent orange flags and poles are unobtrusive yet serve as a visual warning to help motorists see cyclists of all ages. They typically are higher than the tops of many vehicles, allowing a motorist to see movement before an actual bicycle is seen. Proper fitting helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and even gloves should be mandatory even though most states only have helmet laws for minor children. Also, a headlight is also required in most states for riding a bicycle at dusk or night.

You do not need to fret over which brand of bike to get as long as it is well made and assembled correctly. However, it is necessary to regularly inspect components for excessive wear or damage, and it is necessary to follow the routine maintenance requirements recommended in the owner’s manuals of bicycles. Those desiring more information on choosing the right bikes for kids can learn more at


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Is Shooting Steel Targets Safe?

Many marksmen prefer steel shooting targets to traditional paper targets as the use of a steel target gives instant feedback. However, due to the hardness of steel there is a greater danger of ricochet than with the typical B27 target. With steel targets, bullet fragments spread out after impact in a potentially dangerous splatter pattern. If the proper precautions are taken, shooting with steel targets can be a safe and fun experience.



The most important way to ensure safety while using steel shooting targets is positioning the target properly. Targets should never be angled straight ahead, but should be pointed slightly downward. This will ensure that the fragments do not spread towards the shooter. They should not be placed on a hard material as a downward angled steel target will cause the ammunition to simply bounce off hard surfaces like concrete. Multiple targets should be arranged so the fragments that ricochet off of one target are not able to bounce off an adjoining target. Targets should be placed at least 10 yards away from the shooter.

Safety gear is vital when shooting at steel targets. Safety goggles are a must as stray bullet fragments can potentially blind the unwary shooter. Short-sleeved shirts and shorts do not provide enough protection from ricochets. Long sleeved shirts and pants with closed toed shoes are a much safer option. As with any target practice, earplugs or earmuffs should also be worn. Also, hats can be worn to protect the head.



Good equipment is a key component in ensuring a positive shooting experience. Low quality steel targets will be more likely to bend and chip than harder steel (see more steel shooting boards). If a target is already damaged in some way, it is best to use a new one rather than risk injury. Steel clad and steel core ammunition are too dangerous to use with a steel target. Never use armor-piercing rounds with a steel target.

For careless marksmen, it’s better to stay home and browse than risk injury. Neglecting to take proper safety precautions is foolhardy, while responsible practice with steel targets can lead to hours of fun.

Popular How-To Guide: Reuse Packaging Foams

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Catering Ideas for Sports Events

With each season there are catering ideas for sports events food and beverages must be prepared for. Luckily there are loads of ideas to enhance the festivities of every activity; large or small. Serve delicious dishes of spinach dip, chipped beef, chicken and stuffed hot poppers. Guest will love the food and the host ability to create a theme for real party lovers. Spit Roast Catering offers the total package with great food and a staff to go along with it. Have a party inside or out. On the beach or on the patio, wonderful food and great service are great toppings after a great sporting event.

Food is universal and can create an array of moods. Decide what party style would best suit an event and go for it with Catering Companies that really know how to cook for and serve guest. These events can go from the super extravagant to costing barely nothing. Everything depends upon what kind of Catering Services event the gathering calls for. Adelaide Catering makes scrumptious trays filled with delectable foods to soothe the taste buds of event guest. When having a party the fantastic Brisbane catering scene is filled with ingenious ideas for sports events. Guest will look forward to an invitation when there is a reputation for the best party ideas. With the right catering services parties can be legendary.

Sydney catering ideas offers delicious finger foods. This makes any sports event a fun, light-hearted and easy to clean up gathering. There are few ways better than food to stir up any event. Caterers in the area create quite a sporting event frenzy with some of the most enticing dishes anyone can eat. This is done with great presentation and spectacular service. Decide on the menu the crowd loves most. Should the planner mix the menu along cultural lines, or simply should borders merge; chicken or fish, steaks or lobster or all of the above. How many rivalries need to be catered to with great ideas for sports events or is everyone in the group routing for the same team.

The buffet idea with a Luau setting is fun and a favorite, but it can be one of the most expensive unless there is a garage filled with decorations. Set your décor around a favorite team and design all of the food to fit the occasion. With today’s catering specialties any event can be copied in food very easily. Create cracker trays that spell out the teams name and do the other team’s logo in cheese.

There are always foods more fun to eat than others and the loser can always take, well what is less agreeable at least for a minute. All of the food and décor should be fun but creativity is a great addition to a fun event. Set up separate ends of the room for the group with two different buffets and find out how many will desert their favorite team for great cuisine. There are many catering ideas for sports events that are tremendously fun.

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