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Top 7 Compelling Reasons To Study Computer Science In Malaysia


Computer science courses are starting to gain popularity in Malaysia thanks to the thriving tech scene in the country. New startups and tech ventures keep popping up, leading to more opportunities for Malaysians to reap. Check out the top seven compelling reasons to study computer science in Malaysia:computer_programming

  1. Guaranteed high pay The number one reason to enter the tech field is the guaranteed high pay that you’ll get once you’ve been working for a few years. Tech jobs in Malaysia offer some of the most competitive starting salary, compared to jobs in other field for the same entry-level positions. For example, you can expect to earn between RM50,000 to RM120,000 and above per annum as a software engineer in Malaysia. The better you are at what you do and the more skills you have, the more you can earn.
  2. You’ll have mad skills in logic and problem solving Any computer science subject requires logic and problem solving, and you’ll be doing this basically for the rest of your working life, as well as your everyday life. You’ll have an edge over other people if you have mad skills in logic and problem solving, which are two of the most important life skills to have.
  3. You’ll always be in high demand We’re living in the Digital Age, and Malaysia is seeing hundreds of new startups popping up and requiring tech magicians who could solve all of their problems and meet their needs. As technology is a field that will never die, you’ll always be in high demand if you have a computer science background, whether you plan to work in telecommunications or e-commerce.
  4. You can start earning money while studying Unlike a doctor or lawyer who requires years of training and attaining plenty of medical or law certifications before he or she can start practicing, you don’t have to wait until you graduate to start earning money. If you’re good at coding or whatever tech skills you have, you can start freelancing and earning mad money, be it online or offline.

There’s no limit to how much money you can earn! The better project and client you can score, the more you’ll be able to increase your income. Always update your skills and portfolio to lure in more clients or projects, which can be found online at sites like or Upwork.

  1. The job market is constantly growing About a decade ago jobs like UI developers were pretty much unheard of, at least in Malaysia, but now many Malaysia-based companies and startups are in need of them. The tech field is constantly growing and progressing, along with many opportunities found in the field, where new inventions are abound. You’ll never have to deal with job scarcity if you’re in this field.
  2. People look up to you Just like in the good old days where most Malaysians would look up to doctors, lawyers, and engineers; modern day parents, relatives, and basically everyone else in the country would now be looking up to you if you work in the tech field and have a high-paying tech job.
  3. Tech jobs can be perfect for introverts or extroverts Regardless of your personality, there are plenty of tech jobs that would be perfect for introverts and extroverts. You can choose what type of work you want based on your personal needs and working style. If you’d rather not work around people, you have the option to work with a remote team, whether as a software developer or UI designer. If you’re a people person, you can choose to be a product manager or any other jobs that require plenty of in-person interaction.Computer-Science2-1024x768

If you’re thinking of what to study, computer science is a very lucrative course that is worth pursuing. If you’re considering taking up the course, find out more about the computer science course in Malaysia. You need to be very good at Maths, Science, and other similar subjects to enrol in the course.

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Follow These 5 Recommendations From Robert Kiyosaki to Make Your Money Work for You

The success of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” transformed the landscape of personal finance and wealth management into a necessity. If you get to read this paperback, author Robert Kiyosaki presented basic strategies to make your money work for you.     Prestigious banking institutions offer wealth management products today precisely because they are aligned with the successful concepts of the popular book. You too can make your money work for you if you follow Mr. Kiyosaki’s simple approaches.



5 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Us About Making Our Money Work for Us


  1. The first lesson to any fruitful personal finance strategy is to take control of your finances. Saving up is the first course of action if you intend to grow your money in preparation for the future. Looking ahead is the most intelligent thing to do. That is taking control of yourself and not merely relying on someone else.


  1. Once you are on a roll and your savings are growing, be resourceful to look for financial products that will earn more than your regular savings account. There are available financial instruments that can bring you handsome returns for the money you save today. Learn and evaluate your options.


  1. You money will not work for you if you remain contented with your current financial status. Opportunities abound, however, you might miss the ride unless you act swiftly. If you have investible funds, go ahead and invest them. You can measure your financial acumen by how fast you can churn your investible funds and grow it exponentially.


  1. Buying hard assets like real estate or properties will always be to your advantage. Do a business out of your properties for rentals and other business endeavors. You can’t go wrong with this strategy.


  1. Borrowing is essential at given times, and therefore it is not necessarily a negative approach. Borrowing is a good step if it would serve your particular purpose. However, it becomes evil when you over-borrow for no justifiable reason. Your financial standing will be in disarray the moment your debt balloons to unmanageable proportion.


According to Robert Kiyosaki, making your money work for you is not about the daily grind at work nor being prudent. It’s all about investing wisely and taking calculated risks. Chart your financial destiny consistent with the modern day setting. The traditional saving strategy no longer works for your money.

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How To Optimize Your Education in Business and Excel at Life

what to do


More students are going to university than ever before thanks to an improving quality of life and emphasis on education as a whole. One of the most popular university courses that students take is in business. Many students mistakenly believe that a degree in business is the key to a happy life full of riches and wealth. However, upon graduating from university many students find out the hard way that this is not the case. Students can take action today to have a better overall education while in university, and to optimize their university education overall.


What Is A Degree Worth

Many university students believe that a degree is the key to a successful life. While it is true that on average students who have a university degree earn more money over the course of a life time than those who do not, a degree is not a quick track to success. To make matters worse, many students are graduating at a time where companies are seeking out more experienced workers for their teams. In fact, there was a study conducted that said of the companies looking to hire workers this year, over half would not look at candidates who just had a university degree.


student loan

When student can’t find after graduate, they can’t make monthly payments on their university debt.


Student Loans

To make matters worse for students, many people are graduating with record levels of student loan debt. Many times, these students have hundreds of dollars a month in payments that must be made every month. When students cannot find a job and have to make monthly payments on their university debt, it results in a downward spiral that is hard to come out of. The good news is that if you are reading this, you are not a normal college student and action can be taken today to not follow the herd.


choosing a major

Choose your university major seriously because you don know how much it will effect your’s life.


Selecting A University Major

When students select a university major, many do not realize how much this decision will affect their lives. There is a vast difference in earning potential based on the major that a student decides to study while at university. Business courses are one of the leading ways in which to optimize earnings, but it must be remembered that there are more steps to be taken than simply graduating. Excelling in business courses while at university is not something that comes without hard work. However, business courses offer practical education for those that want it, and with the knowledge gained students can in fact excel at life after university.


work experience

Work experience is important it could effect the chances you get the job, inter-ship is available for a better future purpose for students now.


Work Experience

It is vitally important for students to gain real work experience while taking business courses at university. When students graduate without any real work experience, students have a harder time finding a job. The good news is that with many business courses internships are offered as part of a curriculum for students, and at some universities it is actually required that students complete an internship before graduating. It cannot be emphasized enough that to optimize good employment chances after college, graduating with an internship will go a long way. In addition to being able to put this experience on a resume, valuable experience will be gained that can be used to excel at the first job after business courses are completed at university.



Overall, this is not an easy time to be graduating or going to university as a university student. However, there are steps that can be taken to optimize the chances of success after university and in life as a whole. Selecting a good university major with high earning potential with business courses is one of these choices. In addition, working an internship while in school will provide both valuable experience and help reduce school loan debt upon university graduation. Overall, by taking action on these steps, you can excel and live a wonderful life after graduation frombusiness courses.

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How Law Studies Can Prepare You for a Long and Successful Career




The legal profession has become one of the most lucrative career paths in modern times. Nearly everyone from individuals accused of a crime to large corporations making important deals will require a lawyer at some point. You need to know how law studies can prepare you for a long and successful career.




Demand for Legal Professionals Increases Every Year

Some professions today are in decline. These careers are slowly starting to fade because of technology, consumer changes or a lack of need for those services. This is not true for people who have legal training. The demand for legal professionals is increasing every year. This is partly due to the increasing complexity of the laws in the world governing everything from trade and corporations to technology and liability. If you complete your law studies, then you will always be able to find work.





Move Easily Between Fields or Jobs

Something that can become frustrating is if you are trapped in a single narrow niche within a profession. This can leave you feeling bored and discouraged. Law studies are very different because they allow you to move easily between fields or jobs within the legal profession. You can specialise in one or more areas of the law. You can take on a variety of cases over your career. You can see more about the law studies classes available when you visit


Advance over Time

There are many jobs available today that simply have no room for advancement. You can become trapped in a job where your prospects of earning significantly more or moving into a higher position are impossible after a point. This is not the case when you become a legal professional. Law studies allow you to advance individually or within a firm over time. You can rise to the highest levels of any company with persistence, skill and the right law studies programs.


Coaching chalkboard

Flexibility and free time to develop own self even when you are not longer in the industry.


Start Your Own Practice

A final benefit that you receive from law studies is the ability to start your own practice. If you no longer want to work for a larger firm, then you will have the knowledge and training to begin a business of your own. This gives you the ability to shape your career and your life in any way you want as you become more experienced. The option to start your own practice allows you to have freedom that is not available in other professions.

Law studies allow you to focus on the legal areas that interest you the most. You can choose to go into many different areas of law or to take multiple classes to learn everything. If you want a stable and long-term career, then you should seriously consider taking up law studies.


Law studies prepared me for a successful career

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English Learning Tips for the International Student


There are many reasons International students want to learn how to speak English fluently. If you are an International student, then there are a few tips you can use to make studying English easier. Beginners should first learn how to listen to English. Then, you can move on to learning how to speak English. The last phase is about learning how to read and write English words and understand their meaning. Watch television every day to get used to the English language.English courses for International students are easily found online.

Learning Styles Infographic Repinned by  SOS Inc. Resources


Study Tips for Improvement

Practice English dialogues with friends or family members. Read children’s storybooks that are published in English. This is a great way to get used to the English Language. If you come across new English words, then write them down immediately. Look up the new words in a dictionary or thesaurus. Look for magazines, journals and newspapers that have more difficult words in them.

Learn the meaning of each new word you come across. Keep yourself surrounded by native English speakers for rapid improvement. Goal setting is a great way to keep yourself on track when learning how to speak English. Setting goals will give you a road map to prevent you from procrastination. If you are experiencing problems with specific words, then set up an appointment with your English teacher. Don’t fall too far behind in your studies. Tracking and setting goals will help you avoid failure. Learn the basic grammar rules by taking tests.

Record and listen to the way you sound and it will give you great feedback on your progress.


Record yourself on a recording device, and listen to the way you sound. This will give you great feedback on your progress. Music is a great way to learn English. Listen to your favorite song, and write down the lyrics. Online English exercises is a great way to practice your skills. Write down the benefits of learning English for more motivation. Once you have mastered the English language, then you can learn another language. English is not the easiest language to learn but it’s spoken around the world. Turn on the subtitles when watching your favorite English shows. This will help you understand the meaning behind the words.


Intensive English Program


Most television sets have the capacity to turn on subtitles. Audio books found at the library will also help improve your skills. Keep an English course on CD in your vehicle. This is a great way to practice while driving. It is important that you learn how to speak English fluently for the most success. Broken English is much harder to understand than speaking fluently.

Writing the English Language

There are a number of tips that will help you improve your English writing skills. Learn how to choose the correct words and the parts of speech that build complete sentences. There are common words in the English language that sound the same but have different meanings. Study adverbs, pronouns and verbs to discover why they are important in sentence structuring. Build simple sentences that don’t have extra words with no meaning. Writing the English language will also help you learn English, because you will start to make sense of the language. It’s also important that you learn correct punctuation and capitalization for sentences.

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Top 4 Tips To Prepare For the IELTS Exam

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an important exam. The IELTS is also a test that causes many people stress because of the multiple sections and wide range of questions. If you prepare correctly, then the test is not difficult to pass. Several tips will help when preparing for the IELTS.

Take As Many Practice Tests as Possible

The first tip is to take as many practice test as possible. Practice tests are important because they allow you to become familiar with the overall format of the test. This is invaluable since the test format is relatively unique. You also want to get used to how the different questions are normally phrased. They might be slightly different from what you were expecting. Take the practice tests seriously and do the speaking portions out loud. It will help greatly to enroll in an IELTS course where practice tests are given on a regular basis.


Read Everything You Can

The next tip is to read everything you can in English. This could be anything from fiction and textbooks to magazines and newspapers. English is not always easy to learn. Many words have multiple meanings based on the context of a sentence. You will soon be able to learn how to detect this context after reading a good deal of English. It might even become possible to determine the meaning of a word you do not know based on the meaning of other words in a sentence or the context of a phrase.


The Speaking Portion Is About Clarity Not Content

Many people get nervous about the speaking portion of the test. Something that can make it much easier is to realize the instructor is not testing your knowledge of facts. The only thing the instructor is looking for is your ability to communicate an answer clearly. Whether the answer is correct or not in relation to the question is irrelevant. Listen to the question and formulate an answer. Be certain not to have an answer that is only a few words long. You want a well-formulated answer. Focus on communicating and not on trying to find the right answer.


Read Questions in the Listening Section First

A final tip is to read the questions in the listening section first. You are going to have a moment before you start hearing the speaker. Use this time to read the question. If you know the question, then you know what to listen for. Most of the answers are going to be something simple and factual in the recording. Knowing what to listen for will make this section easier.

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TOEFL Preparation Guide: What You Need to Know

The initials TOEFL stand for Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test, given by the Educational Testing Service, is taken by hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year. TOEFL is a highly important test that is accepted by many places. If one is to do well on the test, proper preparation is essential. TOEFL preparation is important to help pass all aspects of the test.

Part of doing well on the test is to understand the basic parts of the test. The test typically consists of two parts: a writing test and a listening section. Test takers may also opt to take only one part of the test if they so choose. The writing section calls for the test taker to write two effective and coherent essay, each of approximately three hundred words each. The listening section consists of multiple efforts to test the speaker’s ability to speak English fluently. The aim of the listening section is for the person taking it to demonstrate native-like fluency.

People who want to take the test must often sign up in advance. The test is given at testing centers around the world. Test takers are allowed to take the test via a computer system. This system allows the test taker to type their answers rather than write them down. Many test takers are urged to get familiar with a computer keyboard and learn to type rapidly if possible.

Another important tip for all those planning to take the test is to practice. The test is a timed one. The person taking it only gets a certain time to complete their answers. This means they must finish each section of the test within a given time frame.

Test takers will find that the Educational Testing Service provides many forms of assistance for those taking the test. One of the best methods is using old tests as a means of practice. Sample TOEFL tests are available in many places including via books published by the Educational Testing Service. Test takers should ideally spend time taking at least one test and multiple tests if possible. This will give them the chance to see how well they have mastered the required material so far. Each test should be taken under timed conditions to mimic the conditions of the actual test that is given by ETS.

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Online Resources to Learn to Invest for Free

Invest book

Younger and older adults alike are actively making investment decisions that will play a considerable role in their financial security and in their lifestyle in the coming years. The effects of their decisions now will have a considerable impact on their lives for years to come, and because of this, many are actively trying to learn more about investment strategies and tips. With education and guidance from experts, there is an improved likelihood of generating a better return on your investment. There are a few different methods that you can use to find the best investment tips, and self-education through reading is among the best options.

warrenbuffetwayRead the Words of Experts 
One option is to invest in investment and business books that have been written by some of the most reputable experts. There are several financially savvy individuals who have taken time to share their insight into the world of economics, business and investing. When you read through the words of experts, you can get into their minds. Many have penned books that are hundreds of pages in length, and these lengthy books have considerable detail about the logic and strategy that goes into investment decisions. Some feature case studies that show how individuals made their decisions, the amount of financial gain or loss they experienced and why they decided to sell or switch investments.

Smaller Articles and Blogs 
While reading investment books is one option, you can also find valuable and helpful tips by reading educational articles and investor blogs. These may provide you with more current and timely advice, and they can be used in conjunction with the insight you gain from investment books. Some may include stock or mutual fund investment tips. Others may provide rule of thumb guidance and insight in a format that requires less time than a book. This means that you can regularly read investment books, and you can supplement the information that you glean from the books with advice from articles and blogs.

Learning more about investing is important if you want to maximize your return on investments, and one of the best methods that you can use is to educate yourself by reading books, articles and blogs from leading experts and authorities in the field. Take time today to begin researching great online sources for investment information, and also purchase a few books so that you can begin learning from them in your free time.



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Find a Room for Rent: Tips for Foreign Students in Malaysia


Leaving the cozy and familiar environment of home when it comes to studies or pleasure trips can be a little daunting and a stressful task in itself. It is very essential that you find just the right accommodation that suits your budget and taste in order to have a comfortable stay. Malaysia has a lot to offer foreign students who wish to pursue further studies in this scenic country.

When it comes to accommodation, people are always on the lookout for a place which is right for them in terms of ambience and cost of living; depending upon their duration of stay. There are options such as these student homestays which are like a home away from home. There, you have the privacy of having your own separate room. You only join the host family during mealtimes and take part in their normal daily chores. This is the best option for you if you are considering travelling to Malaysia just for a short or long holiday stay.

Other choices that are available for international students in Malaysia are plenty and varied. Most Malaysian universities provide on-campus accommodations and help students find a place to stay. Apart from this option, you have places like residence halls which offer students a place to stay in the heart of the university campus. Just in case you plan to stay in a residence hall, it is advisable to weigh your options before travelling.

To be more prepared, you should enroll yourself on your host’s website and confirm all the details about yourself. When it comes to staying in Malaysia, there are so many options to choose from if you are a student visiting their country. Another type of the most commonly offered student housing in Malaysia are student hostels. In a hostel, you have the option of having individual or shared rooms; depending on your preference. Rent is paid on a semester basis and you must book your room in advance to secure a place for yourself. Rooms are divided into blocks and each block has its own provisions like Wi-Fi, 24-hour security guard, bathroom, and a toilet.



Surviving College


It is common for students to live in off-campus accommodations. These types of living arrangements are generally located close to universities and may be three or four bedroom flats. Just like on-campus housing facilities, you must register for off-campus housing directly through your host university.

The facilities available in off-campus arrangements include beds, desks, wardrobes, and Wi-Fi. There is also something called managed apartments which include studio flats or a condominium. These types of living arrangements allow students to live independently, have a lot of privacy, and come serviced or even non-serviced. There are also a large number of housing agencies. You can easily get in touch with these agencies with the help of your host university admissions office.

In order to ensure a comfortable stay in Malaysia, you need to look for the best rooms for students in Malaysia that suits your needs based on the options stated above. A lot depends on your budget. As a result, it is important to make a wise choice to avoid burning a hole in your pocket so you can experience the many wonderful experiences this country has to offer.



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The US vs UK English Debate: Which Should You Learn?


Deciding whether to learn British or American English is a purely personal decision. There are a number of factors to consider. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

Are you looking to learn English for work or for pleasure?

Will you be speaking English with Americans, Britons, or native speakers of another language?

Which will be easier for you to learn?

Which accent is easier for you to pronounce?

Which version of English does your teacher speak?

Do you simply like one version of English better than the other?

If you ask yourself these questions and still don´t have a clear idea of whether American or British English would be a better choice for you, there are pros and cons to each that are also worth taking into account.



The media industry is dominated by American English. If you like learning English by watching television shows, movies, videos on YouTube, and listening to podcasts, you will find more material available if you are studying American English. Nevertheless, there are also plenty of movies, television shows and other media available in British English.


Science and Computing

American English also dominates science and computing. If you are interested in these fields, you may find American English to be more useful and relevant.


Which is the authority?

Both American and British English are well documented and there is a wealth of dictionaries out there focusing on each. It is universally thought, however, that the top English language dictionaries are made in the UK and focus on British English. There is also a contingent of people who believe that British English is the “correct” form of English. While no version of English is correct or incorrect, Modern English does have its origins in the English of Britain. Others believe that the authority lies with usage by the strongest party, which could be used to argue that American English is the “correct” version.





When Americans think of the British accent, they are generally thinking of Received Pronunciation (RP), which is the accent used by the British upper class. It is also referred to as the Queen´s English. American English speakers stereotypically perceive the British accent to be snobbish and pretentious or intelligent and sexy. On the other hand, the American accent and vocabulary may be perceived by Britons as evidence of low class.



American English is ten times more prevalent than British English. Instead of comparing prevalence in general, it may be more instructive to consider the prevalence of different accents within the two versions of English. In most language schools that teach British English, RP is used. RP is, however, spoken in the UK by only a small percentage of Britons. Local accents vary widely and can be difficult for the untrained ear to understand. In the United States and Canada, there are fewer local differences with the exception of the American south which has a distinct accent, especially in rural regions.

Fortunately, speakers of American and British English are familiar with each other´s version of English thanks to our global world. Americans watch Harry Potter and Britons enjoy Hollywood blockbusters. There are pros and cons to each version of English, though ultimately if your goal is to communicate with others in English, they are both viable options. Both American and British English are well-understood by most English speakers, so no matter your decision, you will find that you are able to use your English universally.

This English language guide is proudly presented by ELEC Language Center – Study English in Malaysia


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