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Tips for TOEFL Prompt Writing Task: Start with a Great Outline

You’ve been caged inside the TOEFL iBT testing room for the past few hours with only a few minutes of break for reprieve.  Just when you finished what you thought was the toughest section of the TOEFL yet (integrated writing), the computer screen flashes:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is more beneficial for students to go to college straight from high school than to take a gap year.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

You now have 30 minutes of intense outlining, drafting, and editing to look forward to. You realize that as with most writing assignments, your score on the TOEFL prompt writing task will depend heavily on the quality of brainstorming and outlining you do before you even type one word. The first few minutes of the half-hour you’re given might just be the most important;

Fear not! We’re giving you a step-by-step guide on how to tackle this seemingly daunting task.

Step 1:
Fold a blank sheet of scrap paper into half (or simply draw a line down the middle). At the top of one side, write “Take a gap year.” At the top of the other side, write “Go straight to college.”

Step 2:
Now, you’re going to quickly jot down what is beneficial about each path choice. To potentially save yourself some time in the brainstorming process, start with the option that you are more inclined toward. Take “Go straight to college,” for example.

What might be the benefits of not taking a gap year? Many argue that going straight to university allows students to not waste time and get to a career quicker. Certainly, some feel that students may fare better academically if there is no break in their studies. If most college-bound students in your home country do not take gap years, following the flock would allow you to “keep up” with your peers.

If you’re satisfied with the benefits you came up with, STOP. There’s no need to waste time thinking about the other point of view. Instead, note down an example or further details under each benefit.

For the sake of illustrating effectively the brainstorming process involved in the TOEFL prompt writing task, say you’re dissatisfied with the benefits you came up with of continuing with no break to university.

In this case, utilize the other column to jot down the benefits of taking a gap year. Taking a year away from school wouldn’t be wasting time if you take on a full-time fashion internship, complete a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate, volunteer in China for a wildlife conservation organization, or learn Spanish and travel independently throughout Central and South America. If you use your gap year constructively, then you can gain important skills you might not otherwise gain. At the end of the year, you might find that you have matured greatly and are more ready to get as much possible out of your university experience. You might even have discovered more about your career interests, allowing you select a more appropriate university course.

Step 3:
Now that you’ve determined on which side of the original statement you stand, you’re ready to note down examples and details supporting your reasons for your stance. Perhaps you are currently a university student, are acquainted with somebody who took a gap year, or know some general facts about the gap year or university students. Dig through your experiences and knowledge for examples and details that support your stance.

Here’s an example of what one side of your scrap paper should now look like:

Taking a gap year

Reason 1: Gain skills
Example (or detail) 1: My cousin’s research internship experience

Reason 2: Gain maturity
Example (or detail) 2: My university experience without having taken a gap year

Reason 3: Gain stronger career direction
Detail (or example) 3: American college students change majors 2 or 3 times. Time exploring career interests = less vacillation.

Congratulations! You now have an essay outline. Of course, you’ll need to begin your essay with an introduction and end it with a conclusion, but your outline should guide you through the writing process.

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Why Private Schools Continue to Compete with Public Schools

The debate has been ongoing year after year – what school will be a better fit for my child, a private or public school? Despite the ability to send your child to a public school for free, which the majority of parents decide to do, private schools are still continuing to compete with the public schools. 

The biggest difference between a private school and a public school is simply money. Whether the money comes from the government (in the case of public schools) or from the parent of a child in the form of tuition. Many people will say that the perks to public schools are the more “real life” experiences that their child will get when it comes to student diversity. The availability of extra-curricular activities such as athletic clubs also tend to be a driving force that public school proponents like to use.

The biggest issue many have with private schools is also the reason why a lot of people like them – tuition. If you are paying for your child’s education, you can feel as if you have a say in their experience at that school. As our global population continues to become more and more competitive, you want to set your child up for the best option for success, even if that means paying for it. One of the best aspects of private schools is that they, unlike public schools, are uncomplicated and usually well funded. This characteristic allows these private schools to avoid being influenced politically, something that is constant with public schools.

Private schools in Malaysia are starting to be significantly more successful than the public schools that are in the area. One of the top English schools, which can be found at, has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its successful scores students have been posting.

Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS)

Whether you are a proponent of public schools of private schools, the private schools are showing continuous success rather than having the ups and downs that public schools tend to see.

Explore Why Private Schools Have Advantages Over Conventional Schools.

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Who Should Get an Electrical Engineering Degree?

The field of electronic engineering is rapidly growing with the vast advances in technology. More and more electrical engineers are required to keep up with the growth. So, who should get a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering? It is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys working with their hands and is looking to be a part of a popular field.

A bachelor’s degree in this field will teach students the basics they need in order to be an electrical engineer. The degree programs are generally four years but some of them can be completed in two to three years depending upon the course requirements. They prepare students to work in the field or go on to further their education and begin to actually build technological products. The degree is a good choice for anyone interested in the electronic field.

Classes tend to focus on the hands-on aspect of electronic engineering which includes things like circuits and logic controls. This knowledge allows students to repair or build electric circuits, conduct research about electricity, and solve any electric based problems that many companies encounter. Specific types of currents that may be studied include AC and DC electricity. This provides students with a broad based knowledge of the field.

The field of electrical engineering is not as narrow as some people think. It allows students to work in many different areas. Energy and electricity are the obvious fields that engineers work in but they may also work in the field of research. In addition, many with this degree choose to work in education, manufacturing, or even the automotive field. This is a degree that is a good choice for those who do not want to be “boxed in” with a very specific specialization.

An electrical engineering bachelor’s degree program is a great choice for a variety of students. Anyone who enjoys hands-on work and would like to devote their time to working in any of the aforementioned diverse fields would benefit from this degree program. It prepares those who lack credentials to work in the constantly changing and growing field of electronic engineering.

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Choice of British International Schools In Malaysia

The country of Malaysia has had an increase of British International School programs in the past few years. These schools attract international elementary students who wish to learn a full British curriculum in an environment that can stimulate academic and real world learning and is focused on nurturing students as individuals. Each school is designed around a fun loving environment, where the student is encouraged to challenge themselves with current events each day. Most British International schools in Malaysia will follow the successes of some of the top English schools, such as the Prince of Wales at, where they reinforce the British curriculum and students have a passion for challenging themselves in an international environment.

Garden International State
Garden International State is a British International school, with three campuses located in Kuala Lumpur. The curriculum is based on the British national standard and is therefore designed to meet the general academic needs of international and native students. Once students graduate from Garden International State, they are fully prepared to communicate very well with any English speaking native internationally. Garden International State primarily runs on a holistic education model beginning with the nursery school to preschoolers. This holistic education approach is what Garden International State believes that students need more than just academic learning to succeed, years after they graduate. The concept of real world, hands on learning.

Dalat International School
The Dalat International school is a unique private school in Penang, Malaysia where the curriculum ranges from preschoolers to high school. Dalat has established itself as
one of the leader of international schools in Malaysia with hundreds of students from over 25 nations enrolled. The school operates fundamentally on a very welcoming environment that is grounded in biblical studies, preparation for college along with the standard curriculum.

The Alice Smith School
Alice Smith School located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia welcomes international students with it’s highly dedicated professional faculty and staff. Most of the staff are very familiar with the British curriculum from their years of experience teaching in the UK. Alice Smith holds two classes for preschoolers, five classes for ages 1 through 6, with each of these classes holding a capacity of 22 children. The curriculum consists of children learning art, music, extracurricular activities and bilingual skills. The staff is fully dedicated to assisting both parent and child with any additional classes or after school help that is needed.

Do You Know The Advantages of International Schools Overseas? Click here to learn more.

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Courses in Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is an area of academic study designed to prepare students for a career in the hospitality industry, in areas including hotel management, gaming, tourism and event management. Students enrolling in a hotel management course can expect a business focused course in a higher education environment that will result in a BA, BA or advanced qualification.

The job of a hotel management course graduate is to create a positive experience for guests in the hotel and tourism industry; in most cases a hospitality manager is responsible for making sure their department of responsibility is fully equipped and coordinated correctly. As an example the graduate managing a restaurant or food and beverage department ensures all the staff in their department are coordinated correctly and have the correct equipment to provide the guest with a quality experience.

Hospitality – How to Deal with Rude Customers

In U.S. states like California, where the economy relies heavily on tourism for survival the number of qualified applicants for positions within the hotel and tourism industry does not reach demand for the available positions. Tourism and hospitality management is the world’s largest industry and the available courses of study have developed in recent years to bring more highly qualified applicants to available positions. Most colleges and universities providing four-year courses attempt to assist their students and graduates in finding internships through links with hotel and tourism chains of large and small sizes.

A hospitality management course follows closely the core curriculum of a business degree with the focus shifting slightly towards a focus in the hospitality industry. Areas of study include accounting, finance, human resources, information systems and public relations. Once completed, a student entering the job market in the hotel and tourism industry with a four year degree, whether taken online or at a college campus is better prepared for their career than unqualified job applicants. As the tourism industry continues to grow the academic courses available will also continue to develop and become more focused on specific areas of the industry.

Read more about Delving into Automotive Engineering Studies, or for more details, please visit

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Medical Courses for a Bright Career in Medicine

Medical courses for a bright career in medicine are available when you study medicine in Russia. Many young adults begin to think about a medical degree when they are in high school. Some want to go to school to be a nurse, some therapists, some doctors, and some psychiatry. A medical education can begin in high school with courses that encourage a student to participate in things such as nursing assistance or medical office courses.

A medical education such as pharmacy course can be expensive if attending a University in the United States. Russia educational costs are low because of the Russian government’s subsidy. An individual can go to Russia and have very low living expenses as well. The best thing about an education in medicine is the ability to enter into the program without passing special exams for entrance. The process to acquire admittance into the medical programs is less harsh than the United States therefore; the enrollment is very high in Russia as compared to US. To become eligible to study medicine in Russia a student will apply and meet requirements for previous studies. The potential student will request enrollment permission in Russia. If granted permission, the student will receive a student visa.

Any Individuals in the United States that wish to pursue a career in medicine will attend a medical university. These teaching programs are strict and have a high success rate due to the pre-requisites they require. Medical courses for doctors will take up to 12 years or more depending on the individual. Pre-med will be the course of study for these students wishing to attend a Medical University. Students will take fundamentals courses such as English, Math, Science, History and electives. They will also be taking electives such as sports. After completion of these courses, they will begin with courses such as Anatomy, Physiology, Sociology, Psychology, Pharmacy, chemistry etc.

Nursing programs in the United States consists of Licensed practical nursing, and Registered nursing. Nursing programs are one year, two years, and four years. To receive a Master’s degree the nurse will attend more years. Instructors in the medical universities have Masters and Doctorates in education. Some of the nurses can also choose to become Physician Assistants or Nurse Practitioners. These require more medical courses and longer time before graduation. On graduation, the medical student will receive a degree in their choice of study.

A medical education is different depending on where you go to school and what you are going to school to be. An education in medicine is very rewarding and can lead to great financial success. Competence and compassion are very important when attending a medical college. The degree you earn will be substantial and rewarding. To complete your educational experience the medical student will need to take the final examination for certification or license to work in their chosen area. Each area has a different requirement so make sure to inquire on the requirements for your area.

Studying medicine abroad can be fulfilling and exciting. Living abroad will give new cultural experiences. Students wishing to study medicine in places such as Russia will need to learn what the pre-qualification’s are to study medicine in Russia. College years are supposed to be the highlight of a young person’s life because of the knowledge and new experiences they can expect.

Learn About The State of Medical Studies in Higher Education.

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Courses, Degrees and Certificates Offered at Law School

Law School
Going to law school is important because it gives students experience on knowing the law. Students need to study for an entrance exam before enrolling in the school. They need to choose a certain school and then apply for the program. After they apply, they can take the test on the first week of school. They have to get good grades in order to take the higher level courses first. Many law schools teach the kids right from wrong and who to judge people on their actions. Students need to know about legal situations such as divorce, child support, lawsuit, breach of contract, and criminal cases. School is supposed to get students prepared for the justice system in the real world. Without law school, people wouldn’t be able to work on legal jobs because they need to know the law and deal with criminals and con artists.

Law Degree
Obtaining a law degree is the goal for all of the students who are in law school. They have to get a certain number of credits in order to receive their degree. Unlike other college programs, law degrees require students to get a 3.5 or better on their t before moving forward with their school term. Also, students have to take certain exams to obtain other courses for the curriculum. Overall, a law degree is valuable when applying for a job because it is worth it.

Law Course
People will have to choose a law college that suits them best for great programs. There are certain law courses that will benefit students in the long run. There are particular law courses such as criminal studies, law studies, justice courses, and investigation courses. These courses teach people everything they need to know about what victims go through on a day to day basis. Students will be able to move up a level once they pass a certain course. Additionally, students will like these courses and they will put them on their resume someday. Moreover, putting some law courses on their resume will give them experience when they put their application in for legal positions.

Bachelor of Law
Graduates who usually earn a degree in law get a bachelor of law degree. This type of degree is for the law industry only. So, graduates can apply to jobs in the law field with a bachelor of law degree.

Certificate in Legal Practice
People can obtain a certificate in legal practice after they have graduated from law school. This can give them the credentials that will get them hired immediately. Additionally, people can go and practice law anywhere. They can start out small and make more money in the long run. In order to become qualified for a position, a graduate has to take a CLP examination and pass the test.

Hop over here to find out the 3 Levels of Law Degrees and Other Types of Law Courses.

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Considering Law Education as Career

Law education is one of the options that are considered these days by many graduates as career. Most of them opting for law education try to search for a reputed law school as a pass out from such a reputed school gets enabled to make better prospects than others. There are number of such law schools available within the country and abroad that deliver good attorneys and lawyers for the society and the development of law. Thus one should choose a suitable law college to get a proper degree in law after completing the law courses. Certain steps are to be followed for getting admission for law degree in a reputed school of law.

Steps to take admission for law education

First step of getting law education is to take admission in some good law college and for that you will have to fill up applications for law courses during your third year or at the most fourth year of your under-graduation course to get the Aptitude test LSAT or SAT cleared. These tests are the basic step to judge the aptitude of the candidate through his general knowledge and awareness so that his eligibility for law courses could be established.

A recommendation letter is also required from the family, faculty from under graduate school, friends or employer in favor of the applicant to get admission for degree in law, which can be written by the candidate himself but it must be signed by the above entities as authority.

The candidate for law education should provide to the examiners of aptitude tests a record for their ethical as well as educational aptitude that was applied by him during his under-graduate course. A candidate who had passed his professional undergraduate course with A level is obviously eligible for admission in law degree course as he is expected to get high grades in his law education which may add to the reputation of the college of law. Some of the colleges for law opt for an essay writing test for the Bachelor of Law courses as he is expected to have outstanding skills in writing. It is just like an aptitude test for witting practice for the law graduation course candidate.

The candidates for bachelor of law having A level certification at under graduate level ensure good and flourishing career for the successful ones from them. Several law institutes also demand a resume of the candidate alongwith the application. So you should check whether the school you are applying with requires any such formalities to be completed before starting of the courses for law education.

After completing the law graduation course you are required to apply for certificate in legal practice which will enable you to practice as lawyer or attorney in the courts of law anywhere in the country. Some of the law graduates having law graduate degree opt to serve as assistants to the reputed and leading lawyers to get practical knowledge of fighting legal cases for the sake of justice for their clients. This practical knowledge is very necessary in favor of judicial ethics too.

Thus, the certificate in legal practice authorizes you to consider law education as your career and fight for you client for any type of legal cases, especially in the field of your specialization, for sake of justice. Do you know how choose the most suitable law education? Find out here

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