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Follow These 5 Recommendations From Robert Kiyosaki to Make Your Money Work for You

The success of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” transformed the landscape of personal finance and wealth management into a necessity. If you get to read this paperback, author Robert Kiyosaki presented basic strategies to make your money work for you.     Prestigious banking institutions offer wealth management products today precisely because they are aligned with the successful concepts of the popular book. You too can make your money work for you if you follow Mr. Kiyosaki’s simple approaches.



5 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Us About Making Our Money Work for Us


  1. The first lesson to any fruitful personal finance strategy is to take control of your finances. Saving up is the first course of action if you intend to grow your money in preparation for the future. Looking ahead is the most intelligent thing to do. That is taking control of yourself and not merely relying on someone else.


  1. Once you are on a roll and your savings are growing, be resourceful to look for financial products that will earn more than your regular savings account. There are available financial instruments that can bring you handsome returns for the money you save today. Learn and evaluate your options.


  1. You money will not work for you if you remain contented with your current financial status. Opportunities abound, however, you might miss the ride unless you act swiftly. If you have investible funds, go ahead and invest them. You can measure your financial acumen by how fast you can churn your investible funds and grow it exponentially.


  1. Buying hard assets like real estate or properties will always be to your advantage. Do a business out of your properties for rentals and other business endeavors. You can’t go wrong with this strategy.


  1. Borrowing is essential at given times, and therefore it is not necessarily a negative approach. Borrowing is a good step if it would serve your particular purpose. However, it becomes evil when you over-borrow for no justifiable reason. Your financial standing will be in disarray the moment your debt balloons to unmanageable proportion.


According to Robert Kiyosaki, making your money work for you is not about the daily grind at work nor being prudent. It’s all about investing wisely and taking calculated risks. Chart your financial destiny consistent with the modern day setting. The traditional saving strategy no longer works for your money.

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Online Resources to Learn to Invest for Free

Invest book

Younger and older adults alike are actively making investment decisions that will play a considerable role in their financial security and in their lifestyle in the coming years. The effects of their decisions now will have a considerable impact on their lives for years to come, and because of this, many are actively trying to learn more about investment strategies and tips. With education and guidance from experts, there is an improved likelihood of generating a better return on your investment. There are a few different methods that you can use to find the best investment tips, and self-education through reading is among the best options.

warrenbuffetwayRead the Words of Experts 
One option is to invest in investment and business books that have been written by some of the most reputable experts. There are several financially savvy individuals who have taken time to share their insight into the world of economics, business and investing. When you read through the words of experts, you can get into their minds. Many have penned books that are hundreds of pages in length, and these lengthy books have considerable detail about the logic and strategy that goes into investment decisions. Some feature case studies that show how individuals made their decisions, the amount of financial gain or loss they experienced and why they decided to sell or switch investments.

Smaller Articles and Blogs 
While reading investment books is one option, you can also find valuable and helpful tips by reading educational articles and investor blogs. These may provide you with more current and timely advice, and they can be used in conjunction with the insight you gain from investment books. Some may include stock or mutual fund investment tips. Others may provide rule of thumb guidance and insight in a format that requires less time than a book. This means that you can regularly read investment books, and you can supplement the information that you glean from the books with advice from articles and blogs.

Learning more about investing is important if you want to maximize your return on investments, and one of the best methods that you can use is to educate yourself by reading books, articles and blogs from leading experts and authorities in the field. Take time today to begin researching great online sources for investment information, and also purchase a few books so that you can begin learning from them in your free time.



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How to Choose The Best Credit Cards for Students

Student Card

Whether you are a first-year student of college or if you are thinking of attending college in the upcoming year, taking out a credit card is one option for you to ensure financial stability while you are attending the school of your choice. Seeking out the best credit cards in Malaysia and finding the best options for students located anywhere is possible by putting the right resources to use before submitting an application for any card you desire.


Check Your Current Credit Score

Before you can begin searching for a new credit card as a student, it is highly advisable to request a free credit report for yourself to ensure you have a positive credit score to apply for a card. If you are not qualified to apply for a credit card, doing so can ultimately have a negative impact on your overall credit score over time.


Credit Score Basic


Calculating Your Needs

Calculating your needs in terms of living expenses, schooling, food and other necessities can help you to find a credit card that is most suitable for you. Whether you plan to use the card only in emergencies, for gas or even to cover living expenses for a set period of time, having a plan in place can assist you in locating the perfect card for you.


Visit Local Financial Institutions

Stop at local financial institutions and various banks to compare different credit cards that are currently being offered for students that you qualify for personally. Speaking with a representative at a local bank is a way to find out more information about the top credit card companies with cards available specifically for individuals who are enrolled currently as a part or full-time student.


Citi Bank Credit Card For Students -

Citi Bank Credit Card For Students –


Bank Of America Credit Card for Students -

Bank Of America Credit Card for Students –



Research What You Qualify For Personally

Knowing your credit score and understanding the type of card you need to help you financially while you are attending school is the first step to finding the best card for you are your living expenses. Researching what you qualify for personally can be done by first determining your credit score followed by reading terms, conditions and application requirements on all credit card applications before completing them and submitting them for approval or denial.


Compare Credit Card Options Online

One of the best methods of finding credit cards that are best for any college or university students is to do so online. Comparing different credit card options that you are qualified for online is a way to save time from visiting different banks and loan offices in addition to giving you more information and detail regarding each credit card you are interested in individually.

Knowing how to go about seeking out and applying for the very best credit cards in Malaysia and around the world can ultimately help you to save time while ensuring you are getting the best deal possible with any card you have in your name. Taking the time to research different credit cards available for students today can help you to guarantee you are getting the best card with the lowest interest rate, regardless of your limit and your current credit score.


College Student Credit Card

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