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Korean Trendy Clothes: Dressing up Korean Style

Korea is deemed as one of the fashion capitals of Asia. Their unique pieces of clothing coupled with clean sleek, oftentimes quirky styles made them become one of the most highly regarded fashion icons in the world. So if you want to dress up Korean style, know that their fashion evolves as their season changes. Most Koreans go shopping for new clothes when a season is about to end or right before it starts.

To get to know some Korean trendy clothes, the following are information on the latest clothes men and women wear in Korea these days. Here, you will get to know that looks, and their manner of presenting themselves to people, matter a great deal.

Korean Trendy Clothes for Men

  1. The Classic Suit – Men in Korea are identified with their suits. They wear this on a daily basis, whether heading to their workplace or going on an evening date. Their suits are mostly done by famous designers in the world. They often match it with a tie, bow or scarf to complete the look.
  2. The Trendy Jackets – Winter season is the best time for these trendy jackets to come out. Korean men are very stylish and fashionable by nature so jackets come in different styles. Such styles include high collar jackets, those with trendy buttons and the bomber ones which are suitable for winter season.
  3. The Cardigan King – Chunky knits in vibrant shades – these are what the newest trends in cardigans today. Gone were the days when men have to put on three layers of clothing to keep themselves warm especially during cold months. Now, cardigans can be used to top off suits or long sleeves for a stylish look.

Korean Trendy Clothes for Women

  1. The Romantic Minimalist – Korean women are known for their classy, simple and neat outfits. They never run out of dresses and blouses in white and cream shades. Simple silhouettes make up for an everyday get up. Indeed, less is more – and beautiful.
  2. Dreamy Laces and Ruffles – Laces and ruffles seem not to go out of style as women in Korea continue to embrace this style in fashion. It’s a combination of feminine and youthful vibrancy as cuts are made to cater to women who wanted to exude both traits (feminine and youthful) in their outfits.
  3. The avant-garde style – This style is a fusion of silhouettes coupled with some modern and futuristic details. The outcome: a feminist avant-garde look. It has a balance concept of feminism yet edgy designs with drape styles mixed with ultramodern details.

These are just some of the trendy clothes Korean men and women wear. Notice that their fashion also evolves over a period of time, or sometimes, every season; yet, still they continue to keep their styles simple and comfortable. They also adore patterns of different forms; yet, the secret lies on how they carry themselves. You too, can dress up like them provided that your style complements the event, season and your pocket. is a Malaysia online shopping store that provide online fashion resources.

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