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How to Warm Your Home Decor Up This Winter

It has now hit winter and baby, it’s cold outside. As the chill air and frost starts to settle, it’s time to make your home a refuge. Create a comfortable space where you can escape from the chill. Add some warmth with these simple steps.

Vary Textiles

Now is the time to bring out the blankets. Add some colorful throws to the back of your couches, foot of the beds and folded up neatly in baskets in the corner. Knits are especially in this season so the chunkier the blanket the better. Nothing tells your guests to warm up faster then a cozy blanket nearby.


Focus on the Wood

The all-natural, log cabin feel is perfect for winter. Look for rich colors of wood living room furniture and dining room tables. A nice end table with winter-themed decorations atop is a great addition to your winter look.


Plants and Foliage

Springtime plants are not around this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore nature altogether. Use fake red and orange leaves to create a garland on your mantle or in your centerpiece. Shop around for a real evergreen wreath and decorate it with ribbon and holly berries. Some greenhouses may sell red and orange flowers to help you warm up the space.


Open Fire

Candles are perfect this time of year. Since the days are shorter, you want to get as much light as you can. Scented candles are a great way to add some light and warmth in your home. Add some on end tables, dining tables, and mantelpieces. Groups of three candlesticks make a centerpiece look complete.


Focus on the Hearth

The hearth is the heart of the home, so if you have one, flaunt it. Decorate your mantelpiece to frame the fireplace. Put real or fake logs in to give it a homey feel. Add a wreath stand or tall candles to the side of the fire. Framing your fireplace is a great way to bring in the warmth.

It may be winter, but it doesn’t have to be cold. Use one or all of these ideas to warm up your home. You can even mix and match with a candle centerpiece, wrapped with fall foliage, atop a wood side table. Use these ideas to inspire you and help you bring the warmth into your home.

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How to Care for Teak Furniture

Teak is known for its beauty, durability, and versatility. In the tropical regions it grows, teak is used for everything from bridges to serving utensils. However, this hardwood also makes stunning outdoor and indoor furniture.

Whether you’ve found your new teak furniture at a yard sale or a high end store, you should care for it well to make it last. After all, even the best teak furniture in Singapore needs some TLC every once in a while.


– Indoor Use

Teak is known for being low maintenance. You can help it last even longer with just a few simple steps, namely, don’t fuss with it. Unlike other woods, teak does not need to be oiled or sealed. In fact, teak is just best left alone with its natural oils. Too many products designed for wood care will discolor the teak pieces or cause them to mold.

As life moves on, however, your furniture is sure to become scratched and stained. Thankfully, teak is easy to clean up. When necessary, just wash the piece with water and mild soap. Treatment for stains and scratches are the same: lightly sand the wood with the grain until the blemish is gone. If you have oiled or sealed the teak, then you will need to repeat the process on the sanded area.


– Outdoor Use

Teak is frequently used in the production of patio and outdoor furniture. Because of the conditions it’s grown in, teak is perfectly suited to this. However, teak will turn gray when left in the sun. This graying process isn’t a problem and it doesn’t change how long the furniture will last. However, if you’d prefer that your teak furniture keep it’s color, you can seal it with a teak sealer. When the wood eventually starts to turn color again, just wash it with a warm soapy water, clean it with a soft brush, and seal it again.

During harsh winters or prolonged periods it won’t be used, it’s a good idea to cover teak furniture to protect it from the elements. However, only use breathable covers or mold can grow on the furniture.

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For Fresh Flowers That Last Longer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Rose in vase

Fresh flowers bring life to a room and lift your spirits every time you pass by. However, wilted or dying flowers can have the opposite effect. Learn how to make your fresh flowers last longer with this step-by-step guide.




1 Choose Young Blooms

It’s always tempting to buy or pick the beautiful wide-open roses, but a wide open bloom is a bloom that’s about to wilt. Even if it is still on the plant, it will wilt after being open for a while and cutting it only accelerates that process. You have no way of knowing how long it has been open like that. It could begin to drop petals in a week or only a day. Choose blossoms that are half-open or even mostly closed. If you can’t wait for your flowers to open, choose a mixture of open and closed. That way, as some begin to wilt, others will open in their place. Remember to choose young blooms carnation for Mother’s Day


2 Re-House Quickly

Do not cut the flowers and then do other yard work for the next few hours as they bake in the sun. Do not go running more errands after you buy them at the store. Once the flowers are taken from their water supply, the clock is ticking. Any damage done by leaving them without water will show itself in their lifespan. The faster you get flowers into their new water and vase, the longer they will last.


3 Do Not Expose To Air

Everyone knows that you should re-cut store-bought flowers and put them in water, but did you know that they should be cut underwater? Even a brief exposure to air shocks the cells and starts the “repair” process, meaning the exposed ends try to close themselves off to the air. If they close off, they will not uptake water later and the flower will die. Submerge your flower stems in a bowl of water while cutting the ends, then quickly transfer the wet stems to your vase.


4 Cut Often And At An Angle

Trimming the stems at an angle creates a greater surface area for water uptake. Trim a little less than one inch, and trim them once every 2-3 days. This is because, despite best efforts, the cut cells on the end will close off to water within a few days. Make sure to use a sharp knife or special gardeners’ tools. The stem should never be crushed by the cutting tools, but sliced cleanly.


Flower in vase 5 Change Their Water

Whenever you cut the stems, take a minute and change the water. Bacteria is the number one cause of cell death and wilting in flowers. The easiest way to keep bacteria down is to keep the water fresh. Make sure your water is cool, but not freezing. Warm water is not good for flowers.


6 Feed Your Flowers

Special “flower food” additives will give your flowers something to eat once they are out of the ground. These are sold in powder or pellet form. Simply drop one into the vase and add more each time you change the water. Each type is different, so make sure to follow the included directions. Additionally, many people make their own flower food. Recipes to do so can be found online.


7 Keep Them Cool

It seems common sense, but flowers wilt in extreme heat. A window with strong afternoon sun might seem like a good idea, but your flowers can bake in it. Sun also warms the water, which is bad for uptake. Think about how much heat they are likely to receive before placing them in your front windows.


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Cheap Platform Beds May Cause Backache and Injury

platform bed tb

Over the past several years, the common box spring bed frame has begun to decrease in popularity. Over time, a box spring can warp and sag, failing to provide you with the support that you need to get a good nights rest. This can be especially painful for those who commonly deal with back pain and other types of body injuries. It has been proven that sleeping on a firm and flat surface has many advantages including a decrease in the amount of pain that you may experience while sleeping. However, cheap platform beds can cause backaches and injury. Therefor, those who are opting to switch from a box spring to a platform bed should choose a high quality product that they know they can trust.


⌘ About Platform Beds ⌘

Platform beds are designed to mimic the structural benefits that sleeping on the floor offers, but without the risk of mildew developing on the mattress or the elevation concerns that you may have. While the platform bed frame is typically low to the ground, it is much easier to get in and out of than sleeping on the floor. This type of bed is constructed from a flat wooden slab that is raised up from the ground. It provides you with a stable base for your mattress to rest on without the risk of warping or sagging like box springs have.



 Platform bed is much easier to get in and out of than sleeping on the floor

Platform bed is much easier to get in and out of than sleeping on the floor




Platform bed provides you with a stable base for your mattress to rest on without the risk of warping or sagging like box springs have

Wooden Platform Bed




Platform bed’s firm and flat surface has many advantages including a decrease in the amount of pain that you may experience while sleeping

Platform Bed Wooden




⌘ Choosing a Platform Bed ⌘

High quality platform beds can be the solution to all of your backache problems, without causing any additional injuries. When shopping around for the perfect platform bed, it is ideal to choose a name brand that is reliable and made from only the best materials. A cheap and poorly made platform bed can increase your back pain overnight. Platform beds are relatively simple in design with some offering drawers and storage space underneath. Typically, you may find platform bed frames in the queen size for around $150. This price can vary depending on the quality of the bed and the different features that it offers. Before purchasing a bed, it is highly recommended to try it out in the store. Don’t be afraid to lay down on the bed just as you would at home to determine if it is firm enough and sturdy enough for everyday sleeping.



High quality platform beds can be the solution to all of your backache problems 





Platform bed – it is ideal to choose a name brand that is reliable and made from only the best materials

Platform Bed Style



In addition to choosing a high quality platform bed over a poorly made bed, it is also important to purchase a mattress that adds to your comfort level. Those with frequent back pain should select a firm mattress rather than a plush one. A platform bed along with a firm mattress are sure to help prevent backaches and injuries from occurring on a regular basis. Shop for elegant teakwood platform bed by ETHNICRAFT© provides high quality elegant platform bed provides high quality elegant platform bed



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