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How to Shop Smarter for Groceries: Save More Time And Money!

American families throw away an astonishing $1500 of food on average every single year. That’s a quarter of all grocery purchases ending up in the garbage! Groceries are the third largest annual household expense. By taking a few simple steps to shop smarter, you can prevent wasteful spending and even save yourself valuable time.


Plan Out Your Meals in Advance

It may seem like a daunting task at first, but a little organization goes a long way when planning out meals. Knowing exactly what ingredients you’ll need for the week will cut down on excess purchases and save you from repeat trips to the grocery store. Save your weekly meals in a spreadsheet or folder to have easy access for future planning.


Take Stock of What You Have

Is your pantry or refrigerator looking a little cluttered? Before compiling your grocery list spend some time reorganizing your shelves. You’ll be amazed by what you already have (and what needs to be tossed because it’s past the expiration date!) By taking an up to date inventory and staying organized, you’ll cut down on repeat purchases.


Make a List and Stick to it

A surefire way to waste time and money at a grocery store is to go in without a plan. With so many distractions in everyday life it’s easy to forget items you need (sending you on repeat trips to the store). Walking in without a plan will also lead to impulse purchases. In fact, grocery stores are designed to entice shoppers to leave with more than they may have intended on buying. If those delicious cookies that are beautifully displayed weren’t on your original grocery list, then in the display they remain. By having a list and a plan you’ll be less tempted to toss non-essentials into your cart.


Take it Online

Can you use an extra hour or two a week? Of course you can! Forget your weekly trip to the grocery store and head to your computer instead, where you can now purchase groceries online from the comfort of your home. Many grocery chains and independent retailers now offer grocery delivery right to your doorstep. Their easy to navigate online programs let you select exactly which items you’ll need and in what quantity, giving you a clear overview of what you’re spending. Your purchase history is saved online, so you can easily reorder items or alter future quantities to avoid wasteful spending.


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