Malaysia Credit Cards: The Importance Of Owning One


Introduction – A Highly Advanced Economy

The Malaysian economy is an open market economy. Malaysia also has a highly industrialized economy, the fourth largest in the Southeast Asian region, and the third richest. Needless to say, not only is its economy growing rapidly but is also industrializing just as proportionately.

Because of this industrialization, its economy is also technologically advanced to a very great degree. Much of its currency has become digitized. And core to this digital financial integration is the credit card. As a means of storing, using, and exchanging money digitally, credit cards are essential to the financial digitization of society.

It is very important for Malaysians to understand the importance of the credit card and its ubiquitous influence to properly become a part of the society in which they live. And here are 2 very good reasons why owning a credit card is important to Malaysians and Malaysian society.1

  1. Credit card plays a major role in modern society

The invention of digital credit, and thus of the credit card, is innovative. So innovative and so convenient, in fact, that much of modern society is built around its existence. Many major financial decisions, transactions, measurements, and purchases revolve around digital credit.

People don’t make mortgage payments, car purchases, bill and utility payments, and rent payments with cash. That would simply be way too impractical and slow. They instead make swift and manageable credit payments set up on affordable plans that they slowly pay off.

Malaysians need a credit card due to the complexity of the modern world, with its numerous and complicated transactions, installment plans, and advanced financial situations and the need for credit history. It is inescapable to use a credit card by any member of such a financially advanced nation.

As such, it is in the best interest of Malaysians to situate themselves with a suitable and reliable credit card to fully integrate into society. Otherwise, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to make many of the important and critical financial decisions and purchases.

  1. Malaysia credit cards help Malaysians save money and track expenses easier

As mentioned earlier in the article, Malaysians will inevitably have to make complicated financial decisions in their lives. Many of these decisions will be stressful ordeals to track, pay off, and participate in – such as paying off student loan, for example.

One of the reasons why digital credit was developed is because it is easy to track and use. You will never have to worry about lost or damaged currency, or forgetting to carry it with you. You can get bank statements and figures showing you exactly where and how your cash is used.

This makes life immensely less stressful and easier when you don’t have to worry about how to spend your money or where it goes. This also makes it much easier for Malaysians to save money since they can track every cent of their money, and thus decide what each and every cent is spent towards. And there are also the cashback bonuses many Malaysia credit cards offer that can earn you cash or credit rebate on eligible goods and services.2


Credit cards are so vital and so integrated into modern society that it’s nearly impossible to live without one. They are needed for Malaysians to make important financial purchases, such as a car loan, or down payment on a house. They make life much easier, because credit is much easier to keep track of than cash is.

And lastly, many credit cards have bonuses that can help you earn rebate back on eligible goods and services. Based on these facts, it is essential for Malaysians, and for anyone living in the modern world, to own and use a credit card.

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4 Essential Things You Must Do Before Starting A Food Business

Starting a food business in Malaysia is a good idea because Malaysians have a passion for dining out. However, building a restaurant from scratch is easier said than done. There are a lot of things that you have to do to ensure that people will patronize the food you serve. The success of your business largely depends on how well you plan everything before the launch. If it’s your first time to start a restaurant, below are some of the most important things you need to do to increase your chances of success:


  1. Research and understand your target market. This is imperative if you are going to open the restaurant in an area with diverse populations and ethnicities. Try to observe the restaurants in the area and identify which ones are getting the most number of customers. If you have time, you can do surveys and directly ask people what cuisine they would like to have in the neighborhood.


  1. Plan your menu well. The general rule is that you shouldn’t make the menu too similar with other restaurants in your location. You should offer dishes that can’t be found anywhere else.


  1. Get a reliable accountant. A lot of new business owners take this for granted and end up going bankrupt. Needless to say, you need an accountant who can efficiently track your cash inflows and outflows. You should be acutely aware of your expenses and profits.


  1. Identify all the tools and equipment you are going to need. A large chunk of your initial capital will be spent on these tools and equipment. These include all the furniture and appliances in the kitchen and the dining area. Aside from the standard cooking utensils and appliances, you also need equipment for pressure measurement, temperature tracking, and thermal imaging.


In following these practical tips, you will significantly increase the odds that the business will thrive. Being successful in the food business isn’t solely about serving excellent cuisine. You also have to be fully aware of the needs and wants of your prospective customers. And of course, you must always track your finances to ensure that the cash inflow is higher than the outflow.

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4 Strategies To Land a Job In Shah Alam, Malaysia


There are certain things that you need to understand before you start searching for job vacancies in Shah Alam. First of all, it’s a huge city, but its economy is not as diverse compared to the other main Malaysian cities like Kuala Lumpur. With that said, the number of industries you can enter may be limited depending on your educational background, experience, and skill set. However, it’s really not that difficult to land a job in the city if you know how and where to look. To help you get started, here are some practical strategies you should follow:

  1. Directly approach the firms or establishments that you want to work for. This is sometimes referred to as cold-calling. It’s a bit intrusive, but it’s very effective if you know how to talk and negotiate with prospective employers. You can inquire about job openings either via telephone or email. Whatever option you take, don’t forget to show or describe to them why you will be an asset to the company.
  1. Seek recommendations from people you know. If you have friends, family, or acquaintances who work in a company you are targeting, you should ask for a recommendation or a referral. A huge percentage of new employees, especially in administrative positions, are hired through recommendations and referrals.
  1. Get in touch with the local office of the Ministry of Human Resources. This is the ministry in Malaysia that deals with the labor market. They often organize job fairs and training workshops for people who are looking for work.
  1. Take advantage of online job boards and career websites. There are a lot of online job boards that cater to Malaysians looking for jobs. These include Refer Jobs, Jobstreet, Wobb, Scoot, Jobs Central, Career Jet, and Monster Jobs. It’s advisable that you create accounts on these sites.


The main takeaway from these strategies is that you should persistently market yourself to prospective employers. Don’t be afraid to contact the human resource managers of the companies you want to work for. Always feel free to seek help from government agencies who deal with labor resources. And last but not least, Google is your best friend. The search engine is the bridge that connects you with job listings and opportunities to any location in Malaysia.

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Everything You Know About Credit Cards Are Wrong: 3 Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

As the use of credit cards in Malaysia increases year after year, you may have heard warning testimonials about credit cards, e.g., how easy it is to fall into debts when owning one (or several). Yes, these stories could be true, but you shouldn’t be put off by them. Credit cards are tools: they can’t make you go bankrupt if you don’t allow it to happen.

As a rule of thumb, you need to be savvy about your money to avoid debts. Being aware of where your money comes from and where it goes, will help a lot in planning your financial stability. Also, you will need to manage your financial tools, including your credit cards. So here we share some simple and practical tips to help your first steps to being a credit card-savvy person.


  1. Remember that a credit card can be an excellent tool.

Yes, a credit card can actually be a helpful and beneficial tool. And it does not have to be a curse to you if the credit card is managed properly and used responsibly. The reason is that it can help you to build good credit for when you need it in the future.

However, a credit card can also get a lot of people into trouble. This is especially true when young adults have not taken the time to be informed about credit cards properly. A credit card should not be used as a way of life for every purchase you make. Doing this in the long term will hurt your finances deeply, due to the fact of having to pay substantial interests. Financial expert Dave Ramsey says that when it comes to credit card spending: if you cannot pay a purchase in cash, don’t put it on your card.

Remember that a credit card can be an excellent tool.


  1. You should not choose just any card that is on the market.

Your primary objective is to be informed about various cards that are available in Malaysia today. You need to carefully consider the perks, the cautions, the benefits, the interest rates on purchases, cash withdrawals, and other related things. You need to decide if you want cash back or prefer to receive air miles as incentives when you make purchases.

Consider if the purpose of your credit card will be for the possibility of being able to provide financing for an expensive yet needful purchase. Taking all of these essential elements into careful consideration will lead you into making a wise and informed decision about which card is right for your situation. You can also contact a financial advisor if you need help in choosing the best credit cards in Malaysia that are suitable for your needs.


  1. Be aware of your credit history.

It really is no surprise that those credit cards that seem to offer the best terms and most awesome rewards are highly targeted to those who possess excellent credit scores. Therefore a great credit card is really based on your credit score. If your credit score is not so great, your application to a great credit card could be turned down. So you should find out what your credit score is. If you’re not sure how to do this correctly, contact a financial expert.

Be aware of your credit history.


Credit cards are not evil; they’re tools that can work for your financial health. Before anything else, know how to manage your money. Then, learn how to use your credit card(s) to your advantage. Careful planning will help you from getting into credit card hassles that you don’t want or need. 

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Follow These 5 Recommendations From Robert Kiyosaki to Make Your Money Work for You

The success of the best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” transformed the landscape of personal finance and wealth management into a necessity. If you get to read this paperback, author Robert Kiyosaki presented basic strategies to make your money work for you.     Prestigious banking institutions offer wealth management products today precisely because they are aligned with the successful concepts of the popular book. You too can make your money work for you if you follow Mr. Kiyosaki’s simple approaches.



5 Things Robert Kiyosaki Taught Us About Making Our Money Work for Us


  1. The first lesson to any fruitful personal finance strategy is to take control of your finances. Saving up is the first course of action if you intend to grow your money in preparation for the future. Looking ahead is the most intelligent thing to do. That is taking control of yourself and not merely relying on someone else.


  1. Once you are on a roll and your savings are growing, be resourceful to look for financial products that will earn more than your regular savings account. There are available financial instruments that can bring you handsome returns for the money you save today. Learn and evaluate your options.


  1. You money will not work for you if you remain contented with your current financial status. Opportunities abound, however, you might miss the ride unless you act swiftly. If you have investible funds, go ahead and invest them. You can measure your financial acumen by how fast you can churn your investible funds and grow it exponentially.


  1. Buying hard assets like real estate or properties will always be to your advantage. Do a business out of your properties for rentals and other business endeavors. You can’t go wrong with this strategy.


  1. Borrowing is essential at given times, and therefore it is not necessarily a negative approach. Borrowing is a good step if it would serve your particular purpose. However, it becomes evil when you over-borrow for no justifiable reason. Your financial standing will be in disarray the moment your debt balloons to unmanageable proportion.


According to Robert Kiyosaki, making your money work for you is not about the daily grind at work nor being prudent. It’s all about investing wisely and taking calculated risks. Chart your financial destiny consistent with the modern day setting. The traditional saving strategy no longer works for your money.

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The Swipe Era: Top Credit Card Options for Students in the Year of 2017

We are living in a new era. One where science and technology thrive to make our lives easier and better. And so, gone are the days that only professionals and entrepreneurs use credit cards. It comes without a surprise that in a country with a currently healthy economy like Malaysia, even students use credit cards. Whether it is for paying your bills or settling loans, numerous options like the charge cards and cash back credit cards in Malaysia are now openly available to anyone who qualifies for it. Here are the top credit card options for the students of today.


  1. The Standard Credit Card

Also known as the “plain vanilla” credit card, this is probably the most user-friendly card on the list. It’s the most basic card of all. It offers no perks such as reward points and cash back opportunities, but it is easier to understand and use anytime you want. It is also a viable option for those who would want to carry balances for they usually do not charge as high interests. For a new card holder who seeks to learn the ropes first in using swipe cards, this is one way to go.


  1. The Student Credit Card

It is always a good idea to start young in managing your finances. One way to do this is to apply for a student credit card. Aside from its easy to use features, some companies also offer a variety of perks for students who would apply for such. Some of them offer fraud protection; others offer miles or store points, and most of all some provide services on how to track your spending to further help you in getting a good credit score, something that you could use after your school years.


  1. The Charge Card

Much like the plain vanilla credit card, it is also easy to use but quite harder to apply for. However, this card will offer you higher spending limits, sometimes even unlimited. It is usually a ‘no interest’ card, but every user is required to pay the billing when the statement arrives, usually by the end of the month.


  1. Prepaid Credit Cards

Probably one of the best cards for students, the prepaid credit card allows you to pay for things, but instead of charging them into debt, you are paying for the item with the money that you put into your account. Basically, it has to be loaded and reloaded for use. It gives you a space for money security while at the same time giving you a realistic check on the money you can or cannot spend. This way, you are only using the money you have, without the hassle of carrying around the cash with you.


So these are some of the best options for credit cards for students who are looking to start young. There are still others out there, and some companies still offer reliable services and perks like the various cash back credit cards in Malaysia. So now, choose and spend wisely with these card options.

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What Your Workforce Wants – 2 Accurate Employee Satisfaction Measurement Methods to Try

How happy are your employees? Keeping a satisfied workforce means a lot more than just being greeted by smiling faces when you walk into the office. Happy workers are happy to work. That means they can be more productive, efficient, and innovative, when they’re satisfied with the opportunities and responsibilities you provide. Employee engagement analysis is important because it doesn’t only show if you’re doing things right – it tells you if you’re doing something wrong that could potentially cause employees to flake and resign. If you’re wondering what you can do to measure your employees’ satisfaction, try these 2 effective and accurate measurement methods.


  1. Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey – A survey works well for employers who want to get a general idea on how all workers feel about their current job conditions. For this type of measure, it would be best to come up with different surveys for different levels of the organization. For instance, the questionnaire for rank and file employees should consist of questions different from those for the executive branch. Another thing to remember when formulating surveys would be to avoid asking just about benefits, rewards, and incentives. Getting into detail about potential problem areas will help you develop better strategies to optimize your workplace. For instance, asking about what they think about the daily workload, how they feel about the way teams are managed, and what they can suggest to improve certain functions are all good ways to figure out what could be affecting their level of satisfaction.


  1. Stay Interviews – Usually, the stay interview is conducted when a key employee is on the brink of serving resignation papers. Employers often catch wind of these instances and conduct the stay interview in an effort to turn things around. Aside from this purpose, the stay interview can also be conducted at any random time in order to get a better understanding of problems or gaps in the employee management strategy you’re putting into action. With this method, you can get a more specific idea as to what issues certain workers might be experiencing in the workplace, which also helps to develop more effective plans for optimal workforce management. Conducting stay interviews at random times of the fiscal year with random employees will work best to prevent rehearsed answers and encourage truthful conversation.


Are your workers satisfied? Find out how well you’re keeping up with your employees and what you can do to make your workplace a happy, healthy, and accommodating environment for all, by trying these two methods.

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The Truth About Weight Management

If you have decided to lose weight, the first step that you need to undertake is to accept that there are no shortcuts and no magic pills that can help you achieve your goal. Many people are deluded by the numerous weight loss product commercials in Singapore today and deceived by CGI effects, beautiful models, and its fantastic editing. This makes them lose focus on the real issue – how the body works.  Let us examine the secrets behind a person’s physiology and unlock the secrets that could lead to a successful weight management in Singapore.


So, What’s The Secret Then?


Almost all diet programs designed to lose weight fail because they were faulty in the first place. Most people think it’s their fault because they did not follow their diet plan strictly. Believe it or not, our actual weight is misleading and irrelevant. The real indicator of successful weight management is our own body composition.

Body composition is the percentage of body fat versus lean mass. Fitness professionals and athlete coaches consider this as the true measure of athletic performance, weight management, and overall fitness. Therefore, the key to successful weight management is learning the difference between weight loss and fat loss.



Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss


If you have lost 20 pounds through a low calorie diet, your weight loss is basically loss of lean mass. This is harmful because it restricts your calorie intake and it affects the healthy tissues inside your body. The following are the side effects of a low calorie diet:


  • it slows down metabolism
  • it creates stress
  • it throws the hormonal production out of balance
  • it upsets the nervous system
  • it weakens the immune system


You have to know that our body does not understand the concept of dieting; it only knows starvation. So when you commit to a low calorie diet, your body would just think that it is being starved. The next time you eat a little more than what is in your diet plan, your body stores it up for “future use”.


Fat loss on the other hand, is a concept that should be understood correctly. Fat is basically stored energy. Imagine that fat is our body’s extra fuel tank. When you are on a strict diet, your body does not convert fat into energy. What it does is it uses lean mass first. It converts lean mass into carbohydrates, which turns into energy in order to respond to a need. In simple terms, the body eats itself in order to generate energy.


Another thing about fat loss is that fat needs oxygen to burn. In order to get more oxygen, your body needs to be active. This is why exercise is the most efficient way to burn fat. Burned fats turn into sweat which is expelled through the pores of our skin. If you want to lose fat and build muscles, cardiovascular exercises and strength training will definitely help you sweat more.



Unique Physical Traits


Every person has a unique set of physical traits: we have different genetic makeups, we have diverse food preferences, and we live different lifestyles. Aside from this, our individual activity patterns determine how fast we lose weight. This is the reason why some diet programs work on other people and some don’t.


If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, you will have a very challenging weight control issue because you are gaining weight faster than you lose them. It is therefore very important for you to be more active, eat healthily and rest properly in order to succeed in weight management in Singapore.

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Five Tips For Any Malaysian Cycling Trip

A bicycle is a great way to travel. Traveling by bicycle means the opportunity to see spaces firsthand and yet still have the means to move quickly. A biking road trip allows any traveler to modify their plans as necessary in order to see sights that look appealing along the way. This is particularly in countries such as Malaysia. The nation of Malaysia is one that is highly welcoming to all those using a road bike. Taking a road bike in Malaysia is one of the region’s best ways to travel.
Get The Right Equipment

Use of the right equipment is vital when traveling here. Specialized road bikes are available in many parts of the county. Such bikes can help make any trip here flow more smoothly. The changing terrain makes it imperative to make use of such specialized road bikes, allowing riders to proceed from the shore to the interior quite easily.

Make An Advanced Itinerary

Advanced planning is a crucial part of any trip here. In addition to a GPS, have detailed maps on hand at all times. The maps should indicate the approximate distance from one destination to the next. A map should also indicate any notable landmarks along the way. Making reservations is even easier today as the internet is widely in use all over Malaysia.

Hire a Guide

While traveling with a road bike in Malaysia on one’s own can be fun and exciting, it is often best to have at least one guide. Hire a guide who has experience working with travelers. Many companies will offer organized tours complete with guides, making it easier than ever to road bike here. However, an independent guide can be just as useful. Working with an independent guide allows any traveler to have more flexible plans that may not be possible when traveling with a large group of people.

Bring a Change of Clothing

Taking a bike trip can be hard on the body. Wear comfortable clothing at all times. The hot Malaysian climate is one is often subject to sudden downpours. Bring extra clothing of all kinds when taking a bike trip. This should include shoes as well. A thin change of items are easy to carry along on a trip and can come in very handy once heading out back on the road after a taking a break at a rest stop or after lunch.


Keep a Cellphone on Hand

Communicating while on the road is vitally important. Expect service to be reasonably okay when cycling from one part of Malaysia to the next. Keep a cellphone in some place safe and secure during any road trip. If traveling with a large party, this allows the person to make sure that they are in sync as they travel between places. A cellphone also allows travelers to contact others and call for help in the event of an emergency of some kind such as sudden accident or if they should get lost in the lush Malaysian countryside.

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Tips For Effective and Productive Server Colocation

Small businesses often have the same robust IT needs that a large organization does, but they are operating on a fraction of the budget. This can become a limiting factor in many regards, but there are ways around this reality. Colocation has become a popular hosting option for many small businesses around the world. It enables use of the same Internet infrastructure that many large companies use to host their own private web servers. The same team of IT professionals that manage and design sites for large companies can also be utilized to provide a robust Web presence for small businesses as well.

The Benefits of Server Colocation

Small businesses can up using colocation to place their own server inside the rack of another. This effectively allows the small organization to then use the increased bandwidth as their own. While this will cost a bit more than standard Internet site hosting packages, it is still considerably less when taking into account the amount of bandwidth that would normally run into one particular location.

There is also the added benefit that is achieved through knowing that colocation facilities tend to have much better protections in the event of an outage. As Southeast Asia is prone to tropical storms, the potential for downtime can be great. Making use of server colocation in Malaysia set up, however, can eliminate the risk of being without critical server power for days at a time. Part of the fee you would pay for the colocation service itself is designed to ensure that there is almost no risk of downtime.

Security is also enhanced. Server colocation in Malaysia safely stores information and data in a secure and protected environment. In this era of hacking activity and cyber crime, it is vital that small businesses take the security of confidential data seriously.

The Process Involved

To begin using server colocation in Malaysia, one simply needs to get their machine set up. It can then be taken to a location where the colocation provider is located. They will then install it within their own rack. Alternatively, it is often possible to rent a server machine directly from the providers themselves. This company would then provide an IP address, allot a certain amount of bandwidth, and provide power to your own server. To access the server, the small business would simply navigate to a Web site that is provided by the host. It is important to remember that the small business actually owns the hardware, so this is an added advantage as well.

Server colocation can be a valuable addition to the IT repertoire of a small business. Making use of existing infrastructure already in place at many large organizations will enhance the Web presence and security features inherent to any operation. Consider this as a way to become more robust and proactive with providing a better overall customer satisfaction experience.


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