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Facelift Solutions For a Younger You

Finding a way to a younger you has become increasingly popular among many people these days. Cosmetic corrections are a normal everyday thing. People are more concerned about finding a reliable clinic to go too. One that they can trust with such a life changing experience. Now, when people think of cosmetic corrections they automatically think they are heading under the knife. Although that can be an option for some people it is not for everyone. Because of this technology has aloud technicians to come out with more machine based treatments.

Some of these new age machine based treatments are called Electroporation. This is basically a facelift without the use of knives or sharp objects. It is a non-evasive treatment that helps improve your skins texture, brightness, and enhances your collagen synthesis. The good thing about Electroporation is that there is no downtime for this procedure. It is a great age management treatment. Another type of treatment is called RF Treatment (ST and Triniti). RF Treatments ST is a skin tightening process. Another machine based facelift. This helps your skin from aging signs such as loss of elasticity and textural irregularities. Triniti on the other hand is a little more in depth. This procedure calls for three different treatments. Basically it involves the use of one machine with three different applicators. Each applicator does something different such as intense pulsed light, Refirme ST, and Matrix IR. The use of these causes bipolar radio-frequencies to penetrate the deep dermis layer of your skin.

There are many types of solutions to get that younger you available today. There is also Botox and Dermal fillers, which have been used among many people as a quick easy solution. Some people even do peels and lasers to get the skin they would like to achieve. Laser Revlite is used to help with skin pigment and can easily make those dark blotches go away. Treatments are done every four to six weeks. Others have used a procedure called Scarlet RF. What this procedure allows to happen is it has tiny micro-needles that deliver heat to stimulate the remodeling of your collagen. Doing so allows your skin to become more lifted and firm. Usually you do this once a month for three treatments.

Many people have turned to this type of procedure mainly because of how quick and effective it is shown to be. They also are satisfied that they can continue on with everyday life with minimal downtime of having to heal. If you are looking for a reliable clinic or more information on the above procedures visit

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