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5 Simple Real Ingenious Landscaping Tips For a Beautiful Lawn Sdn Bhd

When it comes time to work on landscaping many people are overwhelmed. Selecting the proper soil, the best rocks, and choosing from dozens of plants and flowers is only the beginning. A homeowner needs to understand the types of plants and grass that grow best together, and understand the climate in their area. There are a few basic things a homeowner can do to make their lawn and garden look fabulous this summer.

Plan Ahead
Before making a trip to the home and garden store a homeowner should plan out the entire yard and garden. The choices of soil, stone, flowers, and plants can be overwhelming. Simply buying what looks good or what is on sale at the time is not a smart way to landscape. Sketch out ideas on paper ahead of time and make a list of exactly what you will need to achieve your goals.

Keep it Simple
Choose native plants that grow easily in the area and require low maintenance. Substituting some flowers for vegetable plants is a way to provide color and beauty as well as supplementing a healthy diet. Tomato plants can grow on trellises, red and yellow peppers will add a splash of color, and cabbage or lettuce will make good edging. Those on a budget should remember that seeds are almost always cheaper than plants. If a person has the time to invest in starting much of their garden from seeds, this will save quite a bit of money. Gardening tools can sometimes be found at garage sales and flea markets.


Know the Measurements
Some materials are sold by weight, others by volume. A savvy buyer needs to know how much a cubic foot will cover or how much yard space a ton of dirt will cover. A ton sounds like quite a bit, but this amount often covers less area than people think.

Learn How to Accessorize
The most captivating landscape uses items other than plants and flowers. Fences, barrels, and colorful pottery can greatly enhance the appeal of any yard. The options are virtually endless. The key is to create a color scheme or a theme throughout the yard. Just putting out items that don’t go together will give the lawn a cluttered look, or worse, will look like a yard sale is in progress.


Quick Tips
The following are some basic guidelines for creating a low maintenance lawn. Don’t plant flowers close to full grown trees. Most plants and flowers can’t complete with large trees for water and other nutrients in the soil. Minimize planting on slopes. These areas have the potential for water runoff and erosion and it can be difficult to keep plants and flowers healthy. Finally, don’t be stingy with mulch. Mulch doesn’t just look good, it serves several practical purposes. It acts as a protecting layer over the soil, shielding it from intense heat. It also keeps the ground from drying out.

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