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How to Take Care of Nails at Home

Taking care of nails is important, but so many people do not do it properly. Instead of letting nails become brittle and tired, individuals can use these tips to look immaculate at all times.

Using The Proper Products 
Whether people are looking for best buy cosmetics or more expensive but effective products like ones from Butter London, they need to use what is right for them. Having a consultation at a nail salon is the best way to go so that people are able to determine the correct path for them. On top of that, individuals should consult with their doctors. Some people may have certain conditions that prevent them from using specific products.

Cleaning and Trimming 
Part of proper nail care is making sure that the nails always look neat and trimmed. When they are not, they can appear unruly, and they might even start to collect dirt and snag on strings or other pieces of fabric. Usually, nails do not need to be clipped more than once a week. However, some people might find that it needs to be done more often. Of course, scrubbing under the nails on a regular basis is a part of proper hygiene and maintenance as well.
Picking, Biting and the Like 
Plenty of people like to pull at their nails when a tiny piece is hanging off, and even more seem to be chewing them all of the time. These are not parts of proper nail care. Eventually, these problems can completely weaken the nail. On top of that, picking and biting take away from the appearance of the nail. Even if the nail has not yet been weakened, it might look unsightly from all of the abuse that it has been encountering.

Getting Manicures 
When getting a manicure and choosing that perfect shade of nail polish, ladies need to make sure that the nail salon is reputable. So many diseases can be transferred from the supplies that salons are using. As a result, making sure the salon is safe is a crucial part of nail salon. Assuming is never a good idea; it is better to just know for sure.

Taking care of nails might not seem like an important task. However, nails are always out there in the spotlight. Unless a person is wearing gloves or mittens, other people are going to see the nails. Individuals should also be conscious of their nail care decisions for their own health and hygiene.

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4 Simple Tips for Healthy Nails

Healthy, manicured nails always make you look more elegant. You may believe that it costs a lot of money to keep your nails looking good, but that is not true. These easy home care tips will start you on your way to strong, healthy nails.

1. Cut your nails after bathing

Nails are easier to cut after they are saturated with water. It reduces cracking and splitting and makes the whole process easier. But there is no need to waste precious time sitting and soaking your nails; just trim them after you have had your shower or your bath. Your nails will be soft, pliable, and easier to cut, with much less chance of tearing or breaking them.

2. Push your cuticles back

After you have finished trimming your nails, use a cuticle stick and push your cuticles back gently. Never cut your cuticles – that is an easy way to get an infection. After pushing them back, rub a drop of cuticle oil into them. If your cuticles are dry, repeat the cuticle oil treatment daily until they are healthy, soft, and pliant.

How to: Basic Nail & Cuticle Care Tutorial

3. Moisturize your nails

Your nails may become dry and brittle. They require a moisturizing regimen, just as your face and body does. This is especially true when you constantly wash your hands with harsh soaps, have them in water frequently, or regularly use this nail polish remover. Every time you use moisturizer on your face or body, rub some into your nails, too. Your nails will be supple and moisturized in no time.

Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer

Nailtiques Nail Moisturizer




4. Check your polish ingredients

Use nail polish without chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene. These chemicals can stain, damage, or dry out your nails. Butter London makes a great polish and they don’t use any of these chemicals in their product.


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