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Sensitive Skin Issues: Will Organic Skin Care Help?

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Look down any pharmacy aisle for skincare products. There will be a long row of several shelves with neatly aligned bottles of products, most of which contain the same ingredients. However, most of the ingredients in those products are synthetic chemicals. Most are benign with some actually being helpful. For those with sensitive skin though, they can be a problem.


The War on Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ your body has. It is also exposed to everything in your environment. Every day your skin is assaulted. The sun in the sky, the chemicals in the tap water at your shower or bath, and the solvents, preservatives, surfactants and colorants in personal hygiene products can be offensive to sensitive skin or actually cause skin to be sensitive. Even clothing has detergent residue, fabric dyes and chemical antimicrobial treatments. Plus it can cause a mechanical (rubbing and friction) irritation to skin. Parts of the skin that receive the severest abuse react the most violently. Typically, this is your hands or face.


❤ What Does Organic Mean?

Fundamentally, organic means it comes from living matter. A plant is organic, and most rocks are inorganic. Coal, since it is made from organic matter, is organic. However, in the food and personal care products industry, organic has a different meaning. The USDA has clear definitions as to what “organic” means when it comes to food, including everything from the soil it is grown in to any methods used to control pests. For personal care products, there are gray areas in how companies are defining the word. All of the ingredients in personal care products need to be considered safe for their intended use. Some synthetic chemicals as well as plant-derived ingredients can be irritating to skin regardless of whether they are certified organic or not.


USDA Organic Definition



❤ Will Organic Skin Care Help?

A company producing products intended for organic skin care for sensitive skin (see MyLifeInc) is hoping to earn your loyalty as a customer through products that do not contain any harsh and potentially irritating chemicals that would make your skin conditions worse instead of better. The goal is to produce ultra-high quality products that contain ingredients known to help your sensitive skin heal. Therefore, it is quite likely that a certified organic skin care product will produce better results, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Your sensitive skin is likely intolerant to many synthetic chemicals. In skin care products, synthetics are used in everything from the fragrance to the active ingredients intended to moisten, protect and heal your skin. An organic skin care product is likely not going to contain any harsh chemicals for fragrance, coloring or even as active ingredients. If your old products burn, cause any redness or make your skin worse, try an organic skin care product for a few weeks instead.


Intelligent Nutrients Organic Skin Care

Intelligent Nutrients Organic Skin Care


Dr Mercola Organic Skin Care

Dr Mercola Organic Skin Care



Niko Organic Skin Care

Niko Organic Skin Care



❤ Why Do Organic Skin Care Products Cost More?

Synthetic chemicals used in standard skin care products are produced in huge industrial batches and sold to manufacturers to be blended into products. Organically-sourced ingredients for products intended for use on sensitive skin cost more due to the requirements of how they are made, and the fact that they are most often made in much smaller batches than the industrially-derived synthetic ingredients.

In the manufacturing of products, the goal is to sell and make a profit. Consumers are brand and price oriented. Makers of skin care products earn more when industrially-derived synthetics are purchased in bulk to mix their product formulations. Organic skin care products are still a niche market yet may provide relief to sensitive skin that cannot be found in any of those other products lining the pharmacy shelves.

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