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Why Private Schools Continue to Compete with Public Schools

The debate has been ongoing year after year – what school will be a better fit for my child, a private or public school? Despite the ability to send your child to a public school for free, which the majority of parents decide to do, private schools are still continuing to compete with the public schools. 

The biggest difference between a private school and a public school is simply money. Whether the money comes from the government (in the case of public schools) or from the parent of a child in the form of tuition. Many people will say that the perks to public schools are the more “real life” experiences that their child will get when it comes to student diversity. The availability of extra-curricular activities such as athletic clubs also tend to be a driving force that public school proponents like to use.

The biggest issue many have with private schools is also the reason why a lot of people like them – tuition. If you are paying for your child’s education, you can feel as if you have a say in their experience at that school. As our global population continues to become more and more competitive, you want to set your child up for the best option for success, even if that means paying for it. One of the best aspects of private schools is that they, unlike public schools, are uncomplicated and usually well funded. This characteristic allows these private schools to avoid being influenced politically, something that is constant with public schools.

Private schools in Malaysia are starting to be significantly more successful than the public schools that are in the area. One of the top English schools, which can be found at, has been getting a lot of buzz lately for its successful scores students have been posting.

Prince of Wales Island International School (POWIIS)

Whether you are a proponent of public schools of private schools, the private schools are showing continuous success rather than having the ups and downs that public schools tend to see.

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